How I made 566% gains by investing in ICOs

in crypto •  2 years ago  (edited)

When I started my investment in cryptocurrency, mainly in ICO’s , I never imagined I could multiply my initial investment by 566% in just 5 months.

Decision to get into Crypto was the most remarkable decision in my life.

I have to mention something though, I lost 50% of my initial investment before I started making money. But those losses were the foundation of my gains. I learned a lot from my losses and reverse engineered the metrics.

I studied top 15 ICO’s ever and took down all the metrics and applied them into projects I want to invest. I came up with 25 data points to gauge a project before investing.

Some of my best gains are Wabi, DNT, 0X, EOS, SALT LINK and some more.

Some of my biggest losses are Ambrosses, SIA, DAO Casino, Propy etc.

One of my biggest miss was BQX, I had 120,000 BQX, sold it for 8 cents. Now its $1.50 USD when i checked last time.

This is my portfolio now. I need to add few ICO I invested like wanchain, ICON and storm.

Update on ICX

This was a huge win for me. Invested $5000 USD and got back $153,000 in profit as of now.


How to choose the winners and avoid the losers?

I will share some of my top parameters to pick a project to invest.

Tip 1 : Platform or a working product

All of my gains are from projects which are either a platform or have a working product.

Advantage of a platform is that the probability of all the companies using the platform to lose money is comparatively less. Examples are EOS, DNT, 0X etc.

This aspect makes Ether a very strong investment. Ether will fail only if all the companies using ether platform migrate away from it. This is highly unlikely.

A project without a working product is really precarious for obvious reasons. A tested product is essential to boost confidence in the project, which also shows the team is not greedy. Example is WABI.

Tip 2 : Do we really need blockchain for the project?

There are many projects which dont need blockchain to function. Every single one which I invested which dont need blockchain to function was a dud. A good example is DAO.

This is critical because big corporations who are the competitors, cant compete with the ICO project if blockchain is a necessary factor to implement the system.

Tip 3: Project actually solves a problem

Ask this question. Is it something broken with the legacy systems ICO project solves? Every single project I invested which addresses this factor has been fantastic. Examples are Wabi, 0X, SALT etc.

A dud was SIA, I bought it because I know SIA’s founder. SIA’s main competitor is Google. There is nothing broken with Google storage system. Google actually provide more features with Google Drive. For example Google Form is integrated with Drive. Its highly unlikely someone will migrate to SIA just because its a bit cheaper. I personally wont, but I completely overlooked this aspect when I bought SIA. It was an emotional decision but a very costly mistake and I learned a lot from it.

Tip 4 : Time of investment.

All the coins I invested when crypto market cap was down was a loss. There are few things we can control in terms of market cap, but whenever I invested when market is bullish I have made gains.

Tip 5 : Technology and competitive edge

A project with a competitive edge had been a winner twice in my case. Examples are EOS and 0X are good examples. EOS claims to be technologically advanced than Ethereum and they market it well.
Same with 0X, they are solving the problem of difficulty Ethereum encompasses for building more DAPS easily on Ethereum platform.

Tip 6 : Competitors

Who are the competitors? Lets be real, its not easy to beat Google, Apple or Amazon. These companies are not one product companies. SIA is a perfect example, they are competing with Amazon and Google for storage space. No one is going to migrate to SIA just for space because Google is not just a storage space company, same with Amazon.

Tip 7 : Team and advisers

Actually all the project I invested had a good team, but the projects I didnt invest because the team wasn't upto mark didn't fair well. I followed this aspect from the start because I am a engineer and I know to evaluate good team by looking at the experience and such.

Tip 8 : Hype

All projects which has launched with less hype but had legitimate business models and usage behind the project experienced a phenomenal growth.

I invested in wabi when no one was looking at it. I invested before they hit their minimum cap of 30,000 USD. I owned 1/6th of that company at that point :)

I made 850% gain from this project alone.

Same with SALT, I found a fantastic business model and necessity for that token and invested in it when it was $1.50 USD a token. It was $8.15 USD when I checked last time.

But projects with lot of hype also did good. But percentage gain was lacking in most cases.

Being said that accurately forecasting the future of a project with 100% accuracy is nearly impossible because it involves looking not just at the variables itself but the constantly shifting parameters which we cant control.

However, its extremely rare that all these tips and concepts converge on a token. I found a project which has all these elements present, its BOON Token at

BOON has a working product, it is a platform, project actually solves a problem which cant be solved without blockchain, cutting edge patent pending technology, manageable competitors, fantastic team and advisers and zero hype.

BOON is a Artificial Intelligence powered decentralized job platform on blockchain.

Not a lot of people know this, but Freelance economy annually is $1.4 trillion USD . Major companies are Upwork and Fiverr which has a combined market cap of 1.3 Billion USD. There are many other players with 50 to 200 million market cap.


According the the studies, by 2017 majority of workers will be freelancers. Millennials are leading the way.

If you are reading this, actually you probably want to be like a freelancer without a boss and manage your time and life at your own leisure. That was one reason I got into Crypto investment.

BOON actually goes one step further and address the most important barrier for any blockchain project to be adopted by mainstream.


For any blockchain project to be successful, it has to attract the mainstream users from legacy platforms. There is no other short cut to it.

One of the most prominent reason users hesitate to use a blockchain product or service is the volatility of cryptocurrency. No one like to lose money.

Boon address the volatility issue by a patent pending technology that solves the fluctuations of cryptocurrency in BOON platform. BOON solves this problem by introducing BOON dollars which is pegged to the most stable currency in the world, US dollars.

Mainstream Adaptability

Imagine you are a Android user, will you move to a blockchian phone if the new product allows you to keep your number and dont charge for the phone service?

I will move in a heartbeat.

This is exactly BOON has done to attract new mainstream users to BOON plaform. BOON allows users from Upwork, Fiverr etc to import their profile to BOON and charge no service fee to use BOON platform. For freelancers its their reviews and ratings.

BOON has a remarkable competitive advantage with zero service fee compared to 20% service fee at Upwork and Fiverr.
This reduces the friction of any Upwork or Fiverr users to try BOON platform.

Artificial Intelligence Integration

BOON has integrated Artificial Intelligence into BOON platform. If this is true and working condition I will be buying more BOON tokens.

I know from my freelance hiring experience, there is no intelligence in matching the perfect talent you are looking for in Upwork or Fiverr. Its a hit and miss to get the right person. There are many fake reviews or rather meaningless reviews in the platforms.

If BOON gets the match making aspect in AI right, that will be ground breaking. In the white paper its mentioned that IBM Watson Personal insights is used to rank and match the freelancers to the clients. I know a little bit of Personal Insights and its actually amazing. IBM PI reads a text and gives you a score based on the personal traits of the user who wrote the message. So Boon will be able to identity good apples from bad apples in the platform and can only promote good apple.

Artificial Intelligence for identity protection

Boon uses AI for identity protection. I looked at the white paper, this means there is no human interference in verifying the Identity of a user on the Boon platform. I think this feature will give lot of confidence for people who are worried about identity theft.

Artificial Intelligence for removing language barrier.

Boon uses artificial intelligence for reducing the language barrier in the platform. This is actually a good feature, I never hire any one who doesn't speak good English because it actually affect the project. So language translation is a great tool for eliminating the communication barrier.

I think these are well thought out features which is actually required on any platform.

If you use my referral link, we can split the referral bonus. and register if you like what you see. There is 20% bonus for next few days as per the website.

PS: This is not a financial advise and I am not a financial adviser.

References :

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What will be your next top ICO. I am afraid of ICO because it can really backfire if not worked and I am not that risk taker to put money in 15 ICO. So I prefer trading thing.

I invested in Boon now. I thought they have everything covered for what I am looking for. I am also not a huge risk taker, so I actually read white paper, look into the team, social media, etc.

I like boon because I have hired people on fiverr etc and its a huge hit and miss. You will know towards the end of the project after losing my time. So if Boon does marketing well , I think they will be a billion dollar company.

That is cool. Let me look into boon. I hope it will be worth investing some money. 2018 gonna be full of new ICO and it is going to be difficult to find the one that will give good returns.

If you are investing please use this link, we can split the referral bonus.

Great idea, I also am considering investing on Boon not because of the what I saw but what I dreamt, the future of hiring will definetly improve the economy and improving economy definetly enhance our world!

Yeah this vertical needs some upifting for sure.

Hello there! The post worked very motivatingly. It is clear to all of us that the future is in the intelligent implementation of new technologies in our everyday life. But the competition in innovation has become quite huge today. There are platforms that are similar to Boon, but the presented one is registered in USA, which I think is a big plus, and the philosophy of the concept is also innovative.
I found platforms like Blocklancer and Coinlancer. I wonder if it is worth investing in them as well.
I also want to invest in Boon, and this is my referral link

heloo steemer! am new here. Its nice to see you.
my name is @nosheensarfraz.
please welcome me and follow me
and don't forget to upvoke. remember me in prayers :) your prayers can change luck of mine

How do you think the fact that BOON will be pegged to US dollars affect the price of the token?
Especially after it hits exchanges?

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

are you in the US? Almost all the ico's don't allow us to participate :(

yes I am in the US and Boon allow US citizens to invest. Please go to the telegram chanel and ask them if you are skeptical I invested but I had to do a KYC that's all

now US knows how it feels like ;) In my country even coinbase doesn't allow me to create an account :P

Almost the same here, they will let you create an account, but will then say that they don't support the country I'm living in. Alas, no deposits/withdrawals possible... Why don't they say that when I am just creating an account.

That is because US authorities are known to harrass foreign financial companies who have US customers.

That's a pretty damn good return @bijeeshtk !

Thank you!

Freelancing would be the life! Great post as well, it's great that you are sharing your success as well as the mindset and perception that got you here. Any tips for a current computer college student on moving towards a completely freelancing position?? Subbed and upvoted

I would say, chose a specialized skill which is not easily attained by everyone. Niche is the best strategy rather than trying to do everything.

heloo steemer! am new here. Its nice to see you.
my name is @nosheensarfraz.
please welcome me and follow me
and don't forget to upvoke. remember me in prayers :) your prayers can change luck of mine

Invest time and money into projects that make profits over time.

Outstanding results! besides investing in ico do u make money by crypto signals?

Not really, what are crypto signals?

You create for example a signal group on telegram and send suggestions on which ICO to invest in exchange for a monthly fee (use paypal, it’s simple and quick). You would make extra money on referrals too. I’m interested too! If you would do this please contact me.

very insightful! thanks a lot for sharing!

Awesome! I am glad you loved the post

heloo steemer! am new here. Its nice to see you.
my name is @nosheensarfraz.
please welcome me and follow me
and don't forget to upvoke. remember me in prayers :) your prayers can change luck of mine


Great points to remember, and thanks for flagging other ICOs the community should be looking out for.

Looking at your portfolio:

i was in ZRX for a while, it never popped so I moved out to hotter things, but I like them for a long-term hodl. I never understood what the point of owning any USDT. can you tell me why you hodl it?

ZRX is a great project, I sold 75% of ZRX for 10 times and the rest I have it in my portfolio. Its like free coins so it doesn't bother me. May be I can sell it after few years.

USDT - Today market went from 625 Billion to 425 Billion in a day. If you have USDT then you can buy cheap coins immediately with a huge profit. I bought some doge today :)

oh i see.....USDT should be deployed when there hasn't been a correction in a while...?

Exactly that's the point

Like Johnny Walker, just keep walking.

I invested in Western Coin & Ucoincash. Got 15x return in a month. ICOs are <3.

That's awesome numbers, I just got like 25 times from ICX. My best ICO ever


What can you say about technical analysis using astrological charts? lol

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Getting money and losing your money is easy now....
Just invest on cryptocurrency 😀😀😀😀

Falling will always happen. But in the end investors will win.

Well it can go either way. I have some DAO casino tokens, its been about 6 months and still nothing.

But more over its the opportunity you lose if you have that cash in hand instead of investing in dud projects. That's what I am really worried about.

Good to diversify especially in a space as risky as crypto.

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

With all ICOs, do you have to provide your social?

That's a HUGE turn-off for me. I was looking to buy into BOON, however when they asked for such information I immediately closed the window.

the regulations are getting more strict as governments are restricting/ even banning icos

I gave only last 4 digits of social. It should work

Great post. Super valuable

Thank you :)

Nice job on doing your article so well not to mention that it gives me a good reason of placing some of my money in EOS though. Cheers!

Great, yes I like EOS. but their platform is not ready yet I think

True and I acknowledge about that. After all there is a lot potential with regards with EOS.

Crypto is still an investition which will pay out. I got 0.5 Ethereum. A friend of mine bought Bitcoins, transferred them into IOTAs. Later, he opted for Ethereum as well. Go ahead if you have spare money.

Yes crypto is the thing now

Great lecture, i should invest in crypto currencies !

You should, its an opportunity of life time

ICOs are a great way to make a quick buck, but an hazard on the long-term....

This is just awesome welldone


Good one. I follow back

yes bro but forex tradıng with and listen to mr pr TRUMP mouths and good for us buy bad for us sell benefies from much to this hits

Why does this feel like one of those clickbait titles: ''Click here to find out how to make 1000x gains in investing!''

The title is the truth, you are too much into marketing I think :)

How lucky you are! If I have the money, i would invest it the same way. Good luck and be wise! I follow you!

Thank you

Welcome to Steemit ! Nice Post and insights Cheers TJ

well done, wise advice

Who to get introduction ether coint friend.give me opinion ur

Pff you are trading in really big amounts.. I hope it ends well for you :)

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Uh I dont understand this reply?

Great article with a good insight on how to approach ICO's! What are the top 15 ICO's that you have studied, if I may ask? So I can analyze for myself and make a better investment when I spot an opportunity. I would love to read more articles from you, keep it up. Thanks!

I am interesting much!
Please help me to looking profit!

I made the most with RPX


Who to get joint ether coint friend.pliase give me purpose

Wow! You’ve obviously been working with crypto currency for a while and it’s paid off! Thanks for the knowledge!

Thank You whizkid, we have to spread the word and put everyone on crypto.

Thank you for sharing this information. Just finding my way into the Alt Coins. Followed, upvoted and resteem too.


Thank you so much. I appreciate it

Your welcome, could use a upvote too :)

this is some quality stuff. thanks for sharing!

Thank you nazreen, I appreciate it :)

Hello @bijeeshtk I'm pretty new in this world, and right now I don't have any capital to invest in cryptos right now, but soon this might change. My biggest concern is about the safety and hold to hold my coins in a safety place. This blockfolio by example, who safe is to use such kind of service? Thanks

I use my coins in a ledger nano, its the safest place to store coins. Make sure you don't take any softcopy of your wallet password. Don't keep coins in the exchanges and use a hardware wallet. You will be good.

Hi @bijeeshtk I wrote a couple of days ago that bitcoins run has ended. If your still in it, good luck.

No I am not, I think BTC is not usable as a day to day currency. Something which can be used as a day to day currency can easily take over BTC. Also BTC has a control problem, few miners control the whole decision making, which is not good for a crypto. I believe when it goes down, it goes down so fast.

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Good write up! It's easy to make a mistake investing in ICO's. Theres a ton of crap out there.

blog that you make very nice beautiful and neat please upvoteme because 1 upvote is very valuable for me .. your blog is very good .. umpteen

Very good post

Thank you

Great great article! Do you checked Fast Invest ICO? I am thinking to invest, what do you think?

Not yet, I will. I checked nucleus vision and invested in it as well. Its a private sale, so its bit different.

I definitely can say that the economy is shifting more and more to requiring everybody to be as flexible as possible which is basically linked to IQ and universal problem-solving. The more flexiblel is when trying to solve problems that are mostly not correlated with each other the higher your IQ is. And as we progress as a society we produce, wand and need people with high IQ a.k.a. most flexible.
What I want to say with it BOON is indeed interesting in building a product with zero commission cost for all those needed flexible problem solvers. Besides all the AI they seem to use their approach definitely might be something worth to invest in. Thanks for your post!

Thanks for the informative post!

I'm constantly doing research on the top cryptocurrencies. Even if it just a few minutes reading their website, it's always worth learning. I usually look at top 10 by volume, change, price. Then look at the top 5 cryptocurrencies from some of my favorite exchanges.

you better carry on your job GOOD LUCK

Good work

thanks for the advice. you made me think twice about my investment in SIA , business wont leave google just for storage alone, as google has so many benefits for the corporate world. Im redirecting my investment to steem.

YEs Iam a big believer of Steem and Steem dollars. They have carved a niche in blogging. I think this will overtake wordpress, blogger etc in very few years. About SIA, they now have money so they can diversify and start other services depending on what they plan. From an investment perspective, its better try to find some good ICO and invest in it.

are you in the US? Almost all the ico's do not allow us to participate

I dont know why but seeing doge coin on a serious investors portfolio always brings smile to my face. Not to bash on said asset, or anything. I think I still associate it too strongly with the memes.

Doge is going to be awesome in two months. I have some insider information. Its not an accident :)

Thx for the tip :)

Most interesting comment of this thread. So Doge is a big fail according to your criteria, yet you are apparently investing a good sum into it. And yes, it did jump up a lot since you wrote this, but I suspect that was just a preliminary wave of what is to come, correct? You did say in two months, so you're talking about February, right? Roughly?

My question for you is - if you don't mind elaborating just a tad - this isn't about the whole "year of the dog" thing, right? Did you hear something about a project in development for Doge that hasn't been made public yet? Something significant like that?

You're an intelligent guy and have been through the ringer. You're criteria listed in this post makes perfect sense. How reliable is the "insider information" you have about Doge? I'm guessing it must be really solid. I like Doge, it's just a tough one to hodl long term, you know?

Thanks! Great post.

Hey nice words. Am following you and vote for you. And if you like my post please do the same.

Thank you sir. I appreciate it

Hey nice words. I belive the economy is getting fexable and fragile. And downturn and upward movement can happen just in a day. So make profit as much as possible on upstreaming economy. But never get frastrated if you get crushed because it is only for a day

Yes very true. Don't lose hope if you lose couple of dollars in crypto. You just have to hit one coin and you are good.

Follow me and upvote for me if you like my post.

BRO in my opinion future is crypto currency

💙 Great post. Very good writing,i like this post 💙

       💛 Thanks for Sharing  💛

open music gif.gif

Thank you so much, I appreciate your kind words

Nice post Im gonna try some of this

awesome !

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Isn’t this paper money?
When I started to be interested in stocks I started with paper money, I made thousands and thousands of paper dollars. When I decided to use my real money in 2009 I lost my entire portfolio. I had to pump in money every month. Did you get the point?

Definitely you are right, This is absolutely paper money, but you can use them unlike stocks. Crypto works like this, for example steemit, you need steem to use steemit to promote something. So even if the platform goes down you can still use steem.

And if you think about it, whats not paper money? Even real estate is paper money, if no one is willing to pay the price you ask, you are stuck with the property.

But to avoid major catastrophe always cahs out the initial investment. It solves all your problem

I don't know much about ICOs but I will definitely be recommending your post to my bf & friends who're really invested into all of this and who've lost some of their initial investments. Thanks for all the tips :) I'm sure it's going to be really useful for them!

Its so fantastic to hear, Yeah lets spread the word and make everyone rich. This is actually a gold mine for average people to make their millions

I have taken notes.

Thank you, I will keep updating this blog

Give Sia time. It does have more benefits to centralized cloud storage over cost plus they got ASICs on the way. Just because you're down on a crypto does not by stretch the project is not valuable.

I never said SIA is a lacking platform. I am only talking in terms of returns. I actually sold SIA to get some more dodge.

I never said SIA is a lacking platform.

You indicated that it doesn't really solve a problem and there is no compelling incentive for one to migrate from Google Drive.

No one is going to migrate to SIA just for space because Google is not just a storage space company, same with Amazon.

I don't quite get this logic. Just because I use one product these companies offer doesn't mean I need to use their storage. In fact, I think one of the most compelling reasons for this is privacy which renters of the Sia cloud have.

I think Sia is just getting started, my friend.

Good luck with your Boon inveatment.!

Alright, I didn't mean to drag SIA down. My only point was SIA cant compete with Google in the storage space alone because Google is not just a storage platform. For corporations and people to migrate to SIA, they have to be more than just a storage platform.

I understand you have personal interest in SIA, I was just observing how people love convenience over price.

No worries. I disagree with that particular premise but we'll see. One thing I took away is Sia in it's current state may not be suitable for consumer level scaling yet. They are primarily targeting the enterprise space as a storage solution and their aim is focused to that goal. Yes, I do have a personal interest but am not heavily invested. Think I got in around 155 Satoshi with the sole intent to try out hosting my spare storage. I am just starting to see gains but have no intention to cash out anytime soon. Long term hodler here. ;)

Hey mate, I have applied to invest and used your link! Now i'm on verification progress. I also made good profits with some ICO like Revain, Datum...

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Nice article, well written. Will you be posting more analysis of ICO's?

I have signed up through your referral link and will most likely be participating in this ICO, mostly due to your review :)

Hi @bijeeshtk I love this idea will read into this coin.

I think 1000% on a month is real if you are a trader also investor for ico.

Keep growing up guys.

A good article. Which marries with a recent on I wrote. Tell me about your thoughts on this

Great Article ! @bijeehstk

What do you think about Cubaaz ICO : , she started a few hours ago and she is almost $ 400,000

Tempted to go for ICOs but do not have the minimum to invest in. Ideally getting free coins is the best but since crypto exploded in popularity free coins are hard to come by.

Yeah this is how I started as well. Thoguht a lot before jumping in. But I am telling you, once you are in, you are in. You cant turn crypto off :)

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