Black Sand

in #iceland3 years ago

I love the ice blocks on the beach

Be sure to click on the image for the full size image!

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Such ordinary things and you make a photo of it!

Daan liet me gisteren een filmpje zien dat je met je drone had gemaakt. IJsland is echt heel erg mooi man. Veel plezier daar nog ( of ben je al weer terug?)

Het is daar heel mooi inderdaad, maar het weer is ook erg gevaarlijk. Vooral belachelijk harde wind.

Ben alweer terug, sinds gisteren. Mijn fotos lopen meestal een paar dagen achter zodat ik ruimte heb nieuwe te maken

this is not what pops on my mind when you say beach :) black sand an ice blocks :)
Mavic Air is something that i think i would buy if had the budget for the drone. are you happy with it?

Haha true! Yes I am very happy with it! It is great for travel, very compact and good quality for the price

wow that black sand looks amazing!
Solid shot man!

Thanks, the sand really makes it feel like a totally different world

I really like the contrast in this picture. Great shot!

original photo, and snow and waves nearby)

Great shot! The colors look great :)

Wow,,good photos.

se ve relajante

I really love the piano that it offers us a wonderful job, my friend Atm

This black icy beach looks so interesting :D It is the first time I have seen it :D Where is it?

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Oh! I really love the black sand on the shores, near where I live there is one like that, of course, without the ice.

Excellent the sea breach photography .Really awesome.

I can see a profile of a woman from the black sand watching the sea.
It is a grear picture.