Weekly overview of the Blog category - Week 48, 2018

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This week, we've got more data, more graphs, and more information. I still really want to know what you want to see. I know these posts get a fair bit of exposure, and would really appreciate any way to make them better.

The Scores

Graphs created using Airtable and infogram

As will be discussed further down, we've had fewer contributions this week, once again. But the quality of posts, weeding out the irrelevant uses of our tags, has actually improved!

Top Contribution

We had some serious competition this week, as you'll see in the scoring graph below. But the category's reigning MVP, @jaff8, struck again with a real winner. This post about Byteball’s World Community Grid bot is exemplary. As I wrote in this week's Top of Utopian, this is what a Blog category post should look like.

Contributors and Contributions

It's been another bearish week for the market, and that's taken a toll on contributions. We didn't have quite the drop we has last week, but the overall effect has been quite drastic.

However, I've started tracking the irrelevant posts. These are posts that have nothing to do with the category, and often nothing to do with open source software. And as you can see, with the bear market, they've had the biggest drop off. Our real contributors have posted less, yes, but not as dramatically.

We continue to have a wide spread of contributors, with most contributing just one post.

Once again, @jaff8 has the second highest score average. And, once again, that has to do with him contributing multiple posts. But we've definitely had some awesome contributions this week. @actifit is, as it is every week, a very strong contributor.


As I've been working on the new guidelines, I didn't review a single contribution this week. But @tykee stepped up again, and @lordneroo continues to increase his workload. We also had some more help from the ever helpful @knowledges.

Once again, with @knowledges taking on particularly challenging posts, his average is the lowest. But the other two seem to have leveled off, and have very similar scoring averages. This is good, at it means they're using similar judgement in using the questionnaire to score contributions.

Final Thoughts

As predicted last week, I had very little time to work on the category this week. Happily, our contributors have kept on delivering excellent posts while I've been working on the guidelines. I hope the new graphs give readers of this post a better picture of the work being done in the category, by both our contributors and reviewers. And, once again, I ask if there's anything else you want from these posts? More data? more talk? Maybe a tip of the week? Lemme know in those comments, friends.

Previous posts


Hello @didic,

First and foremost, reading this summary is informative and entertaining. I liked it even more because you were able to put it together despite not writing a single review comment this week.

I'll start with the positive aspects of the summary, continue with minor issues that I spotted and then include one or two questions I would like to know your opinion about.

You have an advantage or one could say disadvantage that you oversee an extended category, thus you can actually compare the number of posts written by contributors and Utopian reviewers in the iamutopian branch. I like that you make the charts diverse in different colours, which helps to realise that each chart covers different information.

Although the number of contributions decreased, I think that 16 submissions (excluding irrelevant pieces) still make a solid number. I am quite surprised to see that they were written by so many different people and that there are such good writers as you pointed out.

I found a few tiny issues which I believe were overlooked while writing the post. Right in your first paragraph, you conclude it with an open sentence. Thus I am not sure if you wanted to say something more or you forgot to remove it. Or maybe not but then you missed a dot at the end. :)

I believe that you could name your first chart "Average scores per week" similarly to your other charts that include an average score of specific aspects. Not that one can't figure out what the chart is about but that detail is missing in the chart and the complementary text as well. Other than that, I believe I found one or two typos which are easy to overlook.

And now the last part. Looking at the chart of contributors, I can see actifit as the only representative of a project's account.

  • What do you think can be done to encourage others to come and share the updates in Utopian?
  • What do you think is the obstacle for people who chose not to?
  • Do you believe that projects should be as active in delivering news as actifit?

After reading the whole post, I believe that including a tip of the week is a good idea and would like to see it in the future post of this weekly overview.

This post has not been evaluated according to the public questionnaire for the blog category but a simple set of metrics for iamutopian posts.

Everyone is welcome to chat with us on Discord.

This is terrific review, detailed, insightful, and useful. I totally left that sentence hanging at the start there, and fixed it now.

The other minor comments have been noted.

Now, to your questions!

Most projects don't publish daily or weekly updates anywhere, which is totally understandable. Actifit adds our tags when their update is significant, which it often is.

For the vast majority of projects, publishing an update with the frequency Actifit does so would result in many empty updates. We, at Utopian, are at a very active stage in our development, and we couldn't sustain a daily update that would interest anyone. Actifit has the "Top Daily Actifitters" leaderboard to anchor the daily post, as it is of great interest to their users. Most projects don't have a true equivalent.

We've definitely had periods with more contributions by project owners and official project accounts. I would guess that right now, with the market as it is, it may not be worth the effort for them. I strongly suspect V2 will shift that.

Thank you for your review, @espoem! Keep up the good work!

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