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Just jump in that swamp and get one!

Okay, I know that some people wonder about me sometimes, and I get that. They consider how exactly I wind up coming in contact with so many creatures. They may have heard @papa-pepper say, “You never know what you are going to find, but you find more when you look,” but how exactly does one look?

If you look out into some water like this, chances are that you are looking at some great habitat. Odds are that fish, turtles, frogs, snakes, and a plethora of insects are hiding in there somewhere. How exactly should one find them though?

I know that you may be looking at this green, slimy stuff and wondering if you should really go in there and look around or not. Well, do you want to find a turtle or not? If it works, it works.


As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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@papa-pepper - Quite a way to catch a turtle. That is a lovely painted turtle. You are right that many people would not go wading in and try to catch turtles like that. The turtles, naturally would not expect to be caught like that. I was happy to see that you let them go too. I like the answer you gave to DNR " .. turtle should not be where it was". LOL.

Thanks. I am passionate about all kinds of wild life in general but my blogs do not feature anything half interesting as this ! Upvoted

Thanks for the real comment too!

Thank you so much. Your posts do inspire an emotional response many times and inspire.

Love the comment upvote image!

I made it. It is free to use.

Thank you so much for the encouragement. I kind of grew up doing this, so I at home in the swamp!

As I have already seen from the other videos you have posted, you are really brave and really close to nature. I, on the other hand, could not have been farther from nature- I was in the rut of being a successful executive and now, after stepping back, have started getting closer to nature. My achievements (?)so far have been limited to photographing wildlife and spreading awareness. LOL.
I hope, some day, I will get as close as you are. Meanwhile, I keep trying.

A lot of your photos are excellent though, so you are doing well and heading in the right direction.

Thank you @papa-pepper - I really consider it an honor to hear these encouraging words from you

To make it short, we must love and protect mother nature so these turtles will not suffer due to our negligence.

Haha really nice information. I wonder if i can do it

Only if you try.

If you can post on steemit then why can't catch a turtle? Possibilities my friend :)

Haha Nice hunting brother 👍

Thanks! I enjoy it.

Your articles are really good, i admire the life you are close to nature.
Though turtles are used for black magic in my country, so they are kept in zoo only, never got to see one closely. 😢

Turtles used for black magic? I had no idea. Wow.

Yeah theu are used for black magic in kolkata, India

Some people said if you touch the back of the turtle, you will get stupid or something like that. There's still no scientific proof of that though. It's only hearsay and beliefs.

Hey, @papa-pepper! Good job catching and releasing the turtles. I don't know if would be as brave as you, entering the swamp. As a kid, my brothers and I were in a pretty skanky creek looking for crayfish. When I left the water, I had a multitude of small blood suckers attached to my legs. That kinda put me off. LOL

Where I live it is illegal to catch turtles, or harvest their eggs. The Green, Hawsksbill, Leather Back, Logger Head, and the Olive Ridley turtles are all endangered species. We see them come ashore to lay their eggs near us. Egg poachers pose a real threat to these lovely sea creatures. The army is often sent to guard the nests.

I am glad that even the army gets involved when need be. I saw my first two seas turtles last month in Texas.

@hndmarshall is this how you catch your turtles?
A post I resteemed yesterday. It's part of @hndmarshall job to catch them and relocate them.
An interesting post thank you for sharing. Must admit I don't think I could wade out into the unknown all those creatures swimming between my toes.

When the unknown creatures swim between your toes they are easier to catch!

awesome post , this is fantastic and I like its ingenuity.

Thank you @machhour!

This is awesome post. Thanks for sharing.

oh that's so great your writing on turtles. they´re amazing creatures. it made me remember my turtle "valentina"

That is a very nice tortoise there. I found one once in Texas.

nice tutorial @papa-pepper. but in our country catching turtles is illegal :)

Wow! Really? Which country? I will have to be careful.

Philippines :)


I made my Mom mad more than once going into water like that to catch turtles and frogs. I never kept them but it was fun catching them.

Always fun to catch them!

Nice catch @papa-pepper, you move like lightning, I didn't even see the turtle pop up! lol

You gotta go when you see them, or they are gone!

I remember catching turtles in the rivers and swamps as a kid. Brings back good memories. Don't you wish we all had camera phones back then?

No kidding! I wish I had all of those memories recorded!

Thanks for share papa...

Reminds me of growing up in the country. Whenever we'd go fishing, we would have to wake up early in the morning while there was still dew on the grass because dad was adamant about picking worms and not buying them.

I have watched some crazy shows on discovery channel where people are catching river catfish with their hands, have you ever tried anything as crazy as that?

Not yet, but I'd like to!

This is surprising! 😯 In the Philippines, turtles are protected under the law and catching them is punishable by jail terms and fines. 😅

I just heard about that. Please do not try this then!

That looks like fun, wish we had turtles here. We used to flip rocks at the bottom near the shore to find crayfish.

I like looking for crayfish too! I've eaten a lot of them in my day.

Didn' t the turtle man do this too?! I miss his crazy self! He was humble and generous with his friends and neighbors. Not to mention he could always laugh at himself! 🐓🐓

Not sure. I've heard of him but never really watch TV, so I don't know.

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Watch out for those hemlocks! You spoke of turtle harvest, harvesting them for what?

Some people eat them, and because of that there is size limits, licenses, possession limits, and open seasons. Even people just checking them out must adhere to the laws, so some months it is illegal to even pick one up.

Wow @papa-pepper, you really are daring! You just walk in the swamp like it's a casual swim :D And catching those turtles, I was like 'huh!' haha.

Nice post man. I watched the video from start to end. Awesome stuff. I sent you a message in chat. Looking forward to your response :) Talk soon!

I check the chat.

Growing up I spent a lot of time in places like that, so it just comes naturally to me. Often, I would much rather be in a swamp than on the beach.

Way to go on that catch of the turtle, brother!

When I was a young boy, my friends and I would go to the hiking trail park where there were hundreds of snakes, turtles, frogs, toads, mantises and more.

Some of the snappers got as big as truck tires. Ridiculous. They could bite an entire hand off ya.

These days it's not quite as populated with wildlife but it's still nice to go there and look around, and under logs.

One time I found a large painted turtle on the wrong side of a barbed-wire fence, had forced its way under somehow. Well, I climbed over to the other side and lifted the fence from the bottom and slid the turtle back under. I hopped back over and then walked it down to the river and it quickly dove in and was gone from sight.

Very good memories, thanks for sharing. It seems that many places are just not what they used to be.

Very fun video. I've done a little catching but you actually know what you are doing. I accidentally grabbed a large alligator snapping turtle and don't know why I still have all my fingers :)

I also look for snapping turtles in a similar manner, perhaps I'll try to get a video of that while I am in town.

Great article! and thanks for the tips. Keep up the good work!

Thank you @zoltrix. I am glad to hear that you liked it!

You are a bold man. Ever worry about moccasins in the water?

Looks like you aren't using waders/tall boots, ever consider that?

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I grew up on Cape Cod, and because it is basically a sand bar the baby sea turtles would walk towards the bay sometimes. When they went towards the back beaches they were fine, but to get to the bay they would have to cross a highway and alot of smaller roads. So every year we would bring a bag and walk the highway gathering them up...and then walk out across the dunes to let them go where they would be safe getting into the ocean.

What a catch man, I did not see it at all! Your eyes are just amazing! We need a lot of courage to enter that water too btw!

Congratulations @papa-pepper!
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Can you identify a plant for me? Is it edible?


Awesome and fun video!! Love the way you just casually walk into the swamp. I used to do that way back when I was a boy in Point. What great memories. Haha - hadn't thought about that in years. Thanks Papa!!