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Bonus! Three in one!.

If you missed the first videos in this series on How to Make a Mouse and How to Make a Rabbit you don’t know what you are missing. I’ve been developing this skill for almost 30 years now and the time has come for me to pass my knowledge on to the next generation. In this video, I will show you how to make not one, not two, but three different flowers!

Your time has come! Now you too can master this art!


As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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wow @papa-pepper you should work in a national geographic channel ..however I guess that you will make it more with us here showing you love daily, haha. Great video indeed that always earned a lot of upvotes.

We are currently having a big debate about downvoting blood fight via my blog post-feel free to send in your own comment / advise-bless you and greetings to the family .. @papa-pepper tribe


I'll check it out.


I know only how to do a di*k lmao.
Funny content.
Well done

Very creative work with the balloons. I've never seen a flower balloon before. Another good post from the great papa-pepper!!

Papa, you should have you own TV channel on Nat Geo for sure.. nice!

Hahaha! What a picture mate! Really epic! The funny wild man!
Have a great day mate!

@ papa-pepper Awesome dude! "MAKE ME A BICYCLE, CLOWN!" - Wedding Crashers :D

Good post friends ,,, you always get a fantastic payment ... I'm new here, please help friends .. thank you very much

You are so multi-talented @papa-pepper!

Odd I see the making of the rabbit again no flowers :( I so wanted to know if these was food for the mouse and rabbit :) i'll pop back see if my computer was the problem :D well I always hope it's on my end so that I'm the only one missing out ;)


Check it again and see if it is working.


it's working now I hope I was the only one to have an issue I could not read :D

Upvoted. I'm going to resteem this now :)

That's just amazing sir, incredible skills.... You are an amazing papa ☺️thanks for sharing your skills with us

Dude you are a character, well done, who'd of thought I would enjoy watching a ballon creation. :-)


Glad to know that you enjoyed it!

wow.. great work.. nice to see you again


Thank you. I appreciate the support!

hahaha it's so funny

Hey @ papa-pepper !!
nice looks so funny :) nice to see u again.
best of luck for the next........!!


I am glad that you find me humorous.



Hey. Would you try this? :b

2017-06-21 14.41.42.jpg


That video would be slightly longer!

Interesting and funny)))

At home my kids call me the funny guy. I just learned that I do not deserve that at all after watching your video. This is so cool. I need to try harder I guess lol!


Live and learn, and don't let them watch the video!


Hahaha yeah. That would totally ruin my reputation :-)

ahahahh you truely are the magic of steemit : ) i love everything you do <3<3<3
Thank you for so much realness and fun


I am glad that you enjoy it.

I love flowers, my phone keeps freezing so I couldnt watch the whole video, but I'm hoping you did one with a purple and pink ballon. Those are my favorite colors and flower is actually one of my nicknames. My mom calls me flower in Portuguese so it sounds pretty.

that tulip tried to get lippy not wanting to work out right away ;) nice flowers sir something for the animals to nibble on :D thanks for sharing


Tulip gets lippy, lol!

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nice .ia, foolwing you and please follow mee

lol, you're full of surprises @papa-pepper!


Thanks. Got something big up my sleeve, so give me a call when you can.