Resteeming Aright: How To Effectively Use Resteem Feature To Your Advantage

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Hello guys. You are most welcome to yet another episode of interesting tutorial. Yesterday, we learnt a lot from my conversations with @ogochukwu, ain't we? At least prior to yesterday, lots of us don't know the importance of cross commenting. But with what we did yesterday, that is settled now. I want this learning series to be as thorough as possible. So if you do have any questions on any aspect of steemit...including on topics we had treated in the past, do not fail to leave your questions as comments on this blog.



That being said; today, I want us to look at how to maximize the use of resteem ( also known as reblog) feature. As a new steemian, how do you use resteem feature for maximum benefits? Sometimes, when I look at the blogs of some new steemians, I find out that they are laden with so much resteemed articles that it will take a great deal of patience (and efforts too) to get to their own personally authored articles. And some don't even resteem posts, which is not good for your growth also.

So how do you go about this to ensure you drive maximum benefits from this? True, answers to this question are subjective based on individuals views but do take a critical view of the following thoughts of mine; they can be helpful as well...


Don't over resteem in order not to keep your visitors stranded

If you are the type that comment a lot on other persons' blogs...or maybe you are the type that is very active in a community's chat room, it would not be out of ordinary to always have expected visits by those who are interested in rewarding you with upvotes. Now, having to flip through 4 to 5 articles before your most recently updated post could be a great put off; not everyone would have that patience. Two (at most 3) resteems per each blog update is ideal in order not to hide your own posts.

Have a cogent reason to resteem

Most new members visit trending page to resteem posts of popular authors without even commenting on such posts. This is certainly a very naive approach to this program. Personally, I do not resteem ill written posts. Ensure any post you choose to resteem worths it and fits into the standards you set on your blog. Do not resteem tweets or haphazardly formatted posts to protect your image in the eyes of the community.

unnamed (1).jpg


Resteeming posts feature is used to help the authors of underpaid but exceptionally written articles (or those in dire need of help) to gain more visibility and possibly upvotes. And these are what your visitors have in mind when they upvote such posts. If, however, they decide to take a look at such posts and find any of them to be of inferior quality, that could hurt your reputation in their eyes.

So don't resteem badly written posts just because the author is your friend, sister or brother. Remember, your reputation matters to continue to enjoy patronage.



Use resteem feature as a means of social connection and relationship building

This is another important aspect, and helps a great deal in exposing your articles for a wider audience reach. You can select a few friends (say 5, 6 persons) that you know always churn out quality contents, and form a resteeming club kinda. And then jointly work out and assign days to each and every member on which the post of specific individual must be resteemed by others. Supposing that each member of the 6-person team has a minimum of 1000 followers, by the time the resteem goes round, individual posts of the members will have been exposed to at least 6000 audience.

This concept is good because individual members of the team has different calibre of followers; Mr A may have a dolphin follower while Miss B is being followed by a whale, and so on and so forth. Now, by resteeming the posts of one another, each and every post is given the opportunity of being exposed to both the whale and dolphin followers and therefore stands the chance of possible possible patronage.



For you to utilize this strategy maximally, you must come up with an exceptionally written post on the day your post is to be resteemed. However, don't go about disturbing those you know their followers are far more than yours because they may not listen to you; make your selections within your cadre. But most importantly, hit the ground.

Endeavor to communicate

For you to make effective use of resteem feature, you must communicate. Since this could well be an important instrument of social connection, you must communicate before the connection can exist. Personally, I always inform those I resteem their posts as reply messages on such posts. And most at times, I have gotten surprise visits from such folks. l consider it as a waste of time to just resteem posts and leave. For each post I resteem, I always make sure I leave a comment and sign off with RESTEEMED.

There are numerous approaches to maximizing benefits of using resteem feature, that I cannot possibly cover here but those already discussed are among the most important ones. I hope you find them useful. Paradise awaits us here, goodluck.

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Looking forward to learning more about resteeming as well. Thanks for posting such well thought out questions.



I love your look into resteeming because it is taken me eight months to even start doing consistent resteems and I love your point also about making sure to leave it in a comment because I have noticed a lot of people who resteemed my posts through the mention of the resteem in the comments which is what helped motivate me to get into re-steaming!

I will be resteeming this soon and I found it in my discord channel!


Hello @jerrybanfield

It's a pleasure to have you visit my page and leave a comment. Honestly I feel honored. is taken me eight months to even start doing consistent resteems

Wow... That's too long a time to blog without assisting struggling minnows with quality contents via resteeming their posts. I am happy, however, that you later discovered the importance of helping others via resteem.

...I will be resteeming this soon...

This is historic. Thanks for the selection, sir. Thanks for being so helpful to Nigerians here, more specifically for your largesse to @air-clinic in support of her website project.

@eurogee of @euronation community & The Host, Show Us Your Witnesses Weekly Contest


Expert opinion is very valuable to me. Could I exchange the resteem with you?


Thanks Jerry for resteeming valuable posts. As you wrote recently about resteeming, I see more of them coming from you and find they are always of high quality. It reflects on you and it gives me a greater chance to see high quality posts without having to read many lower quality ones. In other words, your filter is a good service to me and I'm grateful.


It is good to resteem good post. And charity based post. That's the gist. Steem on.


@jerrybanfield i am always happy when i see comments like this , it gives hope . thanks ..i will visit your blog often

Awesome post!

Thank you - being new I wondered why people resteem and the potential benefits. You have answered this beautifully so I will follow you for more educational tips!


You are most welcome

Thanks for the information bro....

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Thanks for all the efforts for are putting here to ensure struggling Steemians are carried along. God bless you

This is also what I have been telling freshers "to be careful and not to just resteem too much of posts. Thanks for sharing Boss


Too much resteem when your not a star is bad. Thanks

I really hope I benefit from resteeming.

Wonderful one coming from @eurogee..Thank you for the post and i like to be part of your whatsapp group and telegram connect...thanks once again


My pleasure. The link to my telegram is here on this page. Thanks

Great job mr@eurogee.. Good article... Please vote back me

I find this info useful,thanks for the tip.

Good post. I know I will always find something worth learning on your message to the minnows. Another great information. Thanks @eurogee


You are most welcome, Asa nwa

Very useful on my part... Thanks for sharing this vital information... But please I have a question 🙋?

Do I gain anything from the reward of those I resteemed their post??


No immediate financial rewards but relationship.

Much insights and very helpful....
Thanks for dropping this



Heart warming really an inspirational.Thanks for taking your time out to educate us.


Thanks you my friend

Thanks bro!

I never tell people I resteem because I don't want them to think I am needy. I will say I want to share it and break the ice. Great info. Thanks. Joy


I often say I resteemed so they know it's me and then I'm building a relationship with them acknowledging and encouraging good posts.


It's important to inform them. You could receive a surprise visit from them. Everyone likes good things. Thanks

Resteem is a great feature, but always reblog what is worth and might be interesting for your audience. Also, it is important that your resteem content related to your niche.


Your insight is quite educative. Thanking you

Thanks! From this post now I truly understand the rules on how to resteem blog... I seldom resteem blog since I'm a new steemian and didn't know what are the good things or could be bad result ...
Now I can say I understand now how, what and when to resteem blogs.

Thanks a lot.


You are most welcome

I'm new on Steemit and this post has all the information that I need about how to resteem and its benefits. I've only resteemed few post because I didn't know what was I doing. This will help me a lot


Good luck to you

Yeah I've made a couple of the mistakes you pointed out. I resteemed people's posts without notifying them. Sometimes I do forget that this is not facebook where you get notifications for things done to your timeline. This is a very informative post. I'm following you all the way to get the best tips from your blog. 👍👍


Thanks boss. You are most welcome

Thank you for this post, @eurogee!

I was about to research this topic and up came your post in my Feed, as a @jerrybanfield's resteem! Thanks to both of you - you for writing, and @jerrybanfield for resteeming!

I am an eager minnow who is on a 90-degree learning curve and enjoying every minute of it.

Re Resteeming, I have been resteeming anything that I "like" for any number of reasons - good story, well-written, great photos, good cause, loyalty. Another reason I resteem is to have easy access to blogs I want to further research.

Question #1: Is there another way to "save-for-future-reference" other than Resteeming?

Question #2: Is there "benefit" or "risk" in Resteeming "old" posts?

Question #3: Is there an "expiry date"/"shelf life" on blogs for Resteeming?

Question #4: If there is such a thing as "Old" posts, how old is "old" - 1 month, 1 year, 2 years?

Thank you again for your suggestions and this post!

... and I am resteeming!


Wow really. Jerry is a respected Steemian. I appreciate this benevolence from him. To answer your questions:

  1. Resteem Feature isn't used to save for future reference. For now, there is no such feature on Steemit. You can copy the link and keep it in a file or email draft box. That's how I do

  2. No risk. The benefits may not be as forth coming as when the post is new, and even at that, there may not be immediate benefit. But overtime, there are benefits to doing that

  3. 7 days

  4. 7 days

I hope these helps



Many thanks @eurogee for taking the time to respond so promptly to my questions!! Appreciate the info! Best of luck to you on this journey! I am cheering for you!


Wow really. Jerry is a respected Steemian. I appreciate this benevolence from him. To answer your questions:

  1. Resteem Feature isn't used to save for future reference. For now, there is no such feature on Steemit. You can copy the link and keep it in a file or email draft box. That's how I do

  2. No risk. The benefits may not be as forth coming as when the post is new, and even at that, there may not be immediate benefit. But overtime, there are benefits to doing that

  3. 7 days

  4. 7 days

I hope these helps


Es un execelente post tomare tus consejos y los pondre en practica. Hay mucha organizacion y dedicacion en el articulo esta muy claro. Gracias

Good points..I try to learn as much as I can and read others steemit user articles especially those who had huge number of followers curiosity lead me to find out more about them...Thanks.


Sure that's the right step to take

Enlighten me so much on the importance and correct ways to maximize the resteem feature! Very helpful and informative!


Sure. Steem on

Thanks eurogee. Added this Witness. Still not sure what that's all about? More into blogging as writing. Been doing this since MySpace. Like the Steemit forum.


Under the project #Euronation logo, there is a link that would take you to an article where all facts concerning witnesses are laid bare. Thanks


In my case I decided to create a special account just for Resteeming posts of interest that do not follow in line with the strategic direction of my blog. It works as a bookmark index, too. I follow people of interest and reshare relevant posts that I myself will be reading 📖 latter.


No need creating a special account for resteeming purposes. You need to read up to grab what steemit is all about

This is really helpful. Thanks. Now i know better



Thanks alot the master for this great valuable piece. You see i have been researching on this subject matter since i joined steemit.

I have read this and will strategically implement some of the information shared by you.

Thanks once more for sharing this. I also want to ceasee this opportunity to let you know that i have successfully got a whale to be my follwer just doing the needful always.

I am me @brightfame


Thats a good news. I have no doubt you will do well here. Followed.

Great post on a useful topic that everyone can benefit from! I'm resteeming to give others a chance at your resteeming guides.


Sir,thanks for this useful information but i heard that resteeming always reduces bandwidth drastically. Meanwhile,i considered it a means of regenerating relationships among friends and unknown persons. Sir,pls highlight me a little about it if its true that resteeming reduces bandwidth. Thanks boss.


I would know but I don't think so

Once again sir, you've done a wonderful job, I was still basking in the euphoria of yesterday's lesson, and yet you are with another vital teaching.

commenting and cross commenting are already doing wonders to my steemit career in just less than 24 hours of application.

Now thanks to you, I have got to know the benefits of resteeming. Initially I was resteeming unnecessary stuffs, later I was told that resteeming makes my own post invisible to whales or dolphins visit, thanks to @rebeccafl. So I stopped doing that, (save for the contest I had to resteem). But with the teachings of today, I have come to know the importance of resteeming a quality post.

I consider it as a waste of time to just resteem posts and leave. For each post I resteem, I always make sure I leave a comment and sign off with RESTEEMED.

This for me is the highlight of today teachings, thanks @eurogee, looking forward to the next tutorial.



I appreciate your visits and willingness to learn. Thank you my friend. Followed.

Hello fellow sndbox fellow! Love your post on resteeming, I did a course recently introducing steemit to some newbies, I was wondering if there is any post rewards from resteeming? I have received varying reports on this, so not quite sure which is true. Perhaps you can shed some light on it?


Hey @alvinauh
It a pleasure to have you here. Regarding your question, there is no immediate monetary to you when you resteem other persons post. You are doing it to help such persons post gain more exposure and possibly earn more. However, there could be benefits if the person decides to reciprocate in turn by resteeming your own post. More importantly, it could also improve your social ties with people...

Do resteem once on a while. It pays... FOLLOWED

@eurogee of @euronation community & The Host, Show Us Your Witnesses Weekly Contest

Awesome post , informative and helpfull to newbies.Thanks.

As a new member of steemit,,

I found it irritating visiting other newbie blogs so I can connect with them only to find resteemed posts everywhere.

That been said,,,, your point on resteeming quality post is a very good advice and one that I'll follow doggedly.

Thank you,,, by the way

I've resteemed this post,,, as a reminder to what I need to do.

@eurogee this is good work sir, i never thought the topic resteeming could be this long. I patiently sat down and digested your write up and i must say it was worth my time.

I actually came across this post via a resteem from @brightfame and decided to check it up.

I have picked up something as usual. Steemit could be so tasking , you may even pass a good work un- noticed. Keep the euronation flag flying boss. You are one of my few mentors here on steemit.


Very educative and informative expecially for new steemian like me . however, i feel our (new steemians) presence should be noticed too by resteeming & upvoting our posts , thanks @eurogee

Thanks for this guideline

Great post!!

Awesome post! Really a good help for the newcomers of steemit. Didn't think resteems could help getting traffic to my own blog. Thanks 😊

This is really helpful for newbies like me. I made a mistake the first few days I started until someone pointed it out that, telling me instead to comment and resteem. My interest is photography and well written articles I can relate to. So my concern is how to sort out what to resteem and how many should I resteem without covering my post. I myself bypass blogs resteemed by others just to get through what they posted.

Great post! Very enlightening for newbies like me still trying to figure this out, I'll put this to practice immediately! Thank you!

Wow, thanks for this. I'm a newbie in the steemit world and I was wondering on how resteem works,

Although i'm a newbie but i understand the resteem/reblog very well, it's similar to Twitter "retweet". I also noticed one can not resteem posts older than seven days nor save them without copying the link 💀💀. I stumble on some olds post here and sometimes feel like sharing with other newbies but the resteem option is not available. Some days back i also discovered @resteemable have provider a platform where one can actually make them resteem your post. All you need do is copy your post URL, delete http// and replace it with " re" and BOOOOOOOOM your post gets an instant resteem from them and maybe an upvote. Thanks for this post @eurogee ✌✌. Steemit to the world.

I figured I'd let you know, I "didn't" Resteem your post... lol...

COIN MAN by @pocketechange ...A penny may cost a dollar...

Yet with another important information for us newbies to have a better life on steemit. Thanks @eurogee, I have really learned two solid secrets on steemit because of you. Thanks again @ eurogee


The pleasure is mine. Thanks

thanks for this article!

as of now I have been re-steeming articles which I have found interesting and that relate to my general blog stuff. . . but I can see some massive benefit to forming a "resteeming" club..

I'd love to find a nice group of people with similar or cross-pollinated interests on here to for such club with ;-)

All The Love! (re-steemed)

One of the best tutorials I have received since joining steemit. As a minnows, I never knew resteeming people's post has lots of side benefits until I read through your post. You have just helped and encouraged a fellow steemian. I have followed you, and esteemed this post.

One of the best tutorials I have received since joining steemit. As a minnows, I never knew resteeming people's post has lots of side benefits until I read through your post. You have just helped and encouraged a fellow steemian. I have followed you, and esteemed this post.

Thank you! I really enjoyed your post and continuing to learn more about how to maintain or even increase the value of our content. Ultimately its by not sabotaging ourselves. There is so much to learn, so as a beginner its important to take in as much as you can. Buts that's life isn't it, at least that's what this incredible movement of blockchain and cryptos has taught me.

Was definitely sure to resteem this post! Thanks for the helpful and very useful info on resteeming. I can see the problems with resteeming too much and resteeming too little and will be sure to take all these tips into consideration moving forward, thanks!

Very great article, thx for the info

Nice one, I learnt something as a newbie.

Very very good stuff. I am one of those struggling Steemians and I am looking forward to a day I become like @jerrybanfield and @eurogee

Thanks, now I know more about resteem.
Greeting from Berlin

Well said. Perfectly explained. 👍

I think the resteem compulsion is typical of those coming from facebook, and I begin to have many Italian friends who come from this social network: could I translate it into Italian, with your permission?
Anyhow, thank you very much, @eurogee!

Great information thank you so much!

this is nice. Finally learning enough to help me grow on steemit

Hi @eurogee

Thank you sir for this very informative steem article! I finally understood now what's resteeming all about and how it can help newbies like me to somehow reach my potential readers. I haven't yet started blogging because I'm still searching some tips and your article is a great guide for me. Thank you sir! 🙂