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After earlier announcements of Legowelt presents Gladio live @ Katharsis 2019, Draaimolen Festival 2019 and on the 10th edition of my beloved Up To Date Festival 2019, definitely something was in the air. It was just a matter of time before foxes will track down some more information, hints, clues, answers. It couldn't be just a simple coincidence, that at least three unrelated festivals requested for the same, most cult, but at the same time inactive for years, liveact of this talented producer, known under more than 30 different aliases. Why Gladio? - I was asking myself and continuously overthinking - They could request for example for Nacho Patrol. Under this alias he has released way much more stuff, and tracks like africaspaceprogram can confirm the quality of the artist. Sniffing and digging around the topic has led the digging foxes commando to the surprising answers. No one else than Ron Morelli, known from the third ear for the dirtiest sounds, announced on 23.04.2019 that he has received a privilege of releasing a resurrected from the dark undergrounds Legowelt's most cult alias - Gladio. Long Play album, with seven jackin house tracks, is going to be released in May 2019 via L.I.E.S. Records and those gigs are the obvious part of the promotion. As one of the first people on this planet, you Steemians, can listen to the preview audio-clips of the upcoming material.

First from the two previously released EP's authored by the Gladio came to the world more than 15 years ago, through the legendary musical institution - BUNKER Records - run by freaks for a freaks. EP from the Dutch West Coast has instantly received a status of the high level shit and disappeared from the record stores for the 8 years of heavy banging in the underground. There is no need to call a Sherlock to figure it out that after so much time, vinyls were almost holed and needed a reprint from the same label. Actually second EP, called Hadrian's Wall had exactly the same story, but with the other Recording Label. Below you can go back in time to 2003 and try to understand what caused that people were called freaks that time and what is a secret motive of Ron Morelli resurrection of Gladio.

Gladio - Slave Of Rome [BUNKER 3025] - 2003

Monday Trance by @andyjaypowell
Disco Tuesday by @musicgeek
Wednesday House by @andyjaypowell
Rap Thursday by @flipstar
Techno Friday by @neutronenkind
Dance Weekends by @uwelang



we can talk about Legowelt for hours, his wide spectrum of work is just enormous. from his recent works, I am very often coming back to his boiler room session. Highly recommended stuff

Amazing article as always Cubapl! I've always been a fan of Wolfer's work, its music and also the 'Shadow Wolf Cyberzine', crazy stuff in it... Some of his works that I most appreciate and always continue to revisit are the more underground projects with fewer releases, like Smackos, Squadra Blanco, Polarius, and Salamandos. The more experimental and ambient stuff it's wonderful​ for study and active music listening meditations (:

thanks for stepping by and adding some additional information about Legowelt :)

BTW. Have you already heard the newest Nur Jaber - Beyond Borders EP ? I know that you like her productions, so perhaps it can be worth to check her newest vinyl, released 9th of April 2019

I did, and thought I left a comment​ but did not :O !!!!! Actually,​ my first encounter with Nur productions was​ through your article. Nur Jaber - Alle Für Einen ft. Isabel, and Nur Jaber - Beyond the Fear ft. The Culture are my favorite cuts. Will mix them in a set for sure (:

nice to know :)
and now I am turning on this Smackos ‎– Waiting For The Red Bear LP as my "goodnight soundtrack"

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Go and check my post to win some Steem maybe lol - great stuff on legoland or...sorry legowelt buddy

request in contest is done ;)

Legowelt is always worth to check. Guy is representing wide spectrum of electronic sounds

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