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RE: Wednesday House | Legowelt presents Gladio

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Amazing article as always Cubapl! I've always been a fan of Wolfer's work, its music and also the 'Shadow Wolf Cyberzine', crazy stuff in it... Some of his works that I most appreciate and always continue to revisit are the more underground projects with fewer releases, like Smackos, Squadra Blanco, Polarius, and Salamandos. The more experimental and ambient stuff it's wonderful​ for study and active music listening meditations (:


thanks for stepping by and adding some additional information about Legowelt :)

BTW. Have you already heard the newest Nur Jaber - Beyond Borders EP ? I know that you like her productions, so perhaps it can be worth to check her newest vinyl, released 9th of April 2019

I did, and thought I left a comment​ but did not :O !!!!! Actually,​ my first encounter with Nur productions was​ through your article. Nur Jaber - Alle Für Einen ft. Isabel, and Nur Jaber - Beyond the Fear ft. The Culture are my favorite cuts. Will mix them in a set for sure (:

nice to know :)
and now I am turning on this Smackos ‎– Waiting For The Red Bear LP as my "goodnight soundtrack"

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