🌺 SteemIt Community Garden Journal Challenge - June 2019 (With Steem-Bounty)

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It's thát time of the month again... Show us what you're growing and maybe you'll win one of the prizes

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Let's Celebrate!

In the US, June is national 'Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month', and today - June 17th - is National 'Eat Your Vegetables'-Day. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to launch the June edition of the SteemIt Community Garden Journal Challenge.

In the Northern Hemisphere, summer is coming closer, which means the garden is growing at warp speed and there's never enough time to keep up with everything.

I still owe you the follow-up of my 'Grumpy Faces In My Garden'-post, but now the weather has turned - it's extremely hot and dry again - I'm in the middle of a war. The mystery pest has found a way to start spreading again and it seems like the cucumber and melon plants aren't going to make it. On top of that, there's an army of aphids attacking my plants.

Obviously, I did something wrong when fertilizing my soil - pests and plagues are usually an indicator that shows you that your soil if over- or underfertilized - and I need to find a way to fix it.

The tomato plants, however, are doing great! If I can keep them safe, an abundance of tomatoes is awaiting us. But I'm not getting my hopes up yet. Let's see what tomorrow brings.

Meanwhile, I'm curious to find out about your greens. Are they doing well? Or maybe not? How come, then?

You guessed it... it is that time of the month again: time to share your garden updates.

Welcome to the June edition of the SteemIt Community Garden Journal Challenge, which encourages you to share your monthly (indoor) garden/balcony/homestead/... updates with your fellow Steemians and create your own garden journal.


A Shoutout To Our Previous Contributors.

Since the participants' base follows the seasons in the different parts of the world, we get to see different gardens every month.

Last edition, we could enjoy the garden updates of

@pastoragus, @thelaundrylady, @bengy, @abitcoinskeptic, @ketcom, @erikah, @exator, @travoved, @allyson19, @mrnightmare89, @riverflows, @laviq, @sustainablelivin, @plantstoplanks, @porters, @cloudblade
I’d like to thank them all for entering this challenge, and I'd like to invite them to post a new update.

@zekepickleman, @trucklife-family and @frejafri missed the deadline last month, I hope they can find a little spare time to join this month's edition.

This challenge is open for everyone who is growing plants or crops - indoors or outdoors, in the ground, on the rooftop or in the living room.

If you haven’t joined before, feel free to start now. The more the merrier! There are plenty of people who are enjoying to see what's going on in other people's garden, farm or balcony.


The Challenge

This is the 14th edition, and the rules are still the same:

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Please also include a link back to this challenge somewhere in your post.

You can include whatever you want in your post, but please remember that the pictures should be the most important aspect of your post.


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Show us how your plants, herbs, flowers, succulents or vegetables are doing. Share what you’ve been doing in your garden, on your farm or on your balcony. Don't forget to let us know if you are dealing with things like fungus, caterpillars, aphids, and - even more important - hów you’re dealing with those.

In short, tell us the story of your garden.


🏆 The Rewards

All entry posts will receive a 100% upvote from my personal account.

As an extra reward, I'll be setting up a @steem-bounty in the comments section. Everyone who posts a comment that includes a link to a valid entry will get a small upvote from me ánd a share of that bounty.



🏆 The Winners

When this post reaches payout, I will select the two entries that I liked most.

I’ll reward the top 2 posts with a 3 SBD prize.


I will also give out 4 SBI shares: 2 randomly chosen entries will get 2 SBI shares each!!

Prizes will be given out once I get the winners' announcement post up. Make sure you submit your entry before that time.


Grab That Camera

Are you still reading? What are you waiting for? Grab that camera and go make some awesome pics of your (indoor) garden, your balcony or wherever you are growing your plants, herbs, flowers or crops.

Show off your green thumb, or the lack of it, and create another chapter in your very own garden journal for 2019.


I'll can't wait to see your updates!





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Oh my gosh its brassic out there. Hubby has not stopped telling me as if I d... https://steempeak.com/gardenjournal2019/@riverflows/june-garden-journal

My Garden Mess

My mid June garden report

@hotflash, long time no see. Glad to see you're back :0)
Are you planning on sticking around this time? If so, I still have a small delegation with your name one it :0)

Here you go - SteemIt Community Garden Journal Challenge - My June Garden...

Wow so many comments, I can't even find my other one.

Well here is my entry:

It looks nothing like May. Too much green now.

I did not know this is a monthly thing. I did an "update" last month so good thing I came across this. Hopefully I can post another update later on and share the link here.

Hey, happy to see this micro community here in the #steemit community! My second growing season has some newcomers, so currently I am growing Ultra hot chili peppers, Chayote squash and some basil.


Thanks again for running the contest and for tagging us. Here I am with my entry

Hi, here is my post about my balcony garden.


Here is my mid June balcony garden report. A bit shocking considering I live in southern Alberta Canada. https://steemit.com/gardening/@ericburgoyne/mid-june-balcony-garden-report-qdfrol0m

Just snapped some photos, so I'll try to get up a post in a bit! Thanks for the reminder!

Ahhh look at my aquaponics indoor system or my brown beans. I'm busy on and off with this system to get food to every house 365days a year. It works but need to put more time in it. https://partiko.app/greendeliverence/aquaponics-2019-14?referrer=hans001

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Thanks for joining.

Altijd leuk om mensen tegen te komen die Nederlands spreken 😉

This is turning out to be a super fun! Not huge changes this month... just slow and steady sorts of things... hopefully, some small structural changes in the coming month... perhaps... I was at the garden centre yesterday to pick up some new toys!


Here is my entry into the challenge with the challenge of a slow start to the summer!

Awesome contest!



Here's my 'garden update - june 2019 ~ about cute birds, compost cats and exploding cabbage'
Last minute, as usual.

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Thanks for mentioning me, I won't miss it.

The weeds are doing better. I planted my tomato seeds too late, went into hospital twice and they are still inside. I need to replant them in bigger pots and find a safe place (dogs will run over them).

You went into the hospital twice? I hope you're doing fine again now?!
I still have a couple of tomato plants that need some replanting urgently. A melon plant too. But I'm still a bit hesitant, because the problem has gotten worse these last couple of days. I keep them aside as a backup, in case things start to go wrong qgain. But I can't keep them in those tiny post forever...

If my crops would grow like the weeds are growing, they would all have matured by now, lol

That doesn't sound good.
Tomato plants can be kept in pots but the melon?

The weeds grow no matter what. Start thinking there must be a reason for that.🤔

Posted using Partiko Android

I believe the weeds that grow in your garden are not only indicator plants for your garden, but also for yourself.
A simple example: in natural medicine, dandelions are used to protect the liver. I have a lot of those in the garden, and it is true that my liver needs some detoxing urgently. It may sound silly, but I've done some basic research on it, and in many cases the weeds often mirror a person's needs.

Meanwhile, I took the risk and planted the melon. At first, it looked like it wasn't going to make it, but this morning I noticed it has grown and looked good.
The tomatoes in my raised beds have started to grow tiny tomatoes, and I haven't found any leaves with signs of infection in days.

Now the next problem arises: what to do with the spare tomato plants? I don't have the heart to throw away a healthy plant, so i guess i'll be replanting them in bigger pots and we'll be eating tomato sauce all winter long 😉

I find it hard to say if it is true about the weeds. What I have over here is even forbidden like ragweed and comes from the field of the farmers as well (cannabis and tobacco). I really don't need that.
The polls are already in the air since weeks and cause us allergies. We have to mow before it starts blooming.

Thanks to the dogs and heath grass etc easily does too, weeds are way stronger.

Great so far what you planted is not infected 👍

I would not throw away the plants either. I love tomato juice and tomato soup and tomato salad as well 😁💖

Posted using Partiko Android

I've decided to set up another raised bed in the green house and plant them anyway. I've already thrown away so many plants this season, I'm not going to throw away two healthy ones. I guess we might throw a Bloody Mary cocktail party in September 😆

Simply give it a try. Bloody Mary party sounds great 👍🏻

Posted using Partiko Android

It does, right?! 😉

Ooh, I'll have to participate once my garden shows signs of popping up! Still waiting on the babies here.

Exciting times!
You can always share some info and pics of your plants-nursery ;0)

This is my onion garden and my dear little girl. We all worked hard to make the garden this way.

That's a wide field you got there. What a cute little girl you have. Good job little girl! She must be excited during harvest, no? :)

Hello @simplymike,

I am not really growing anything right now but, I will re steem this so others could see it too.

Thanks for the support! 🌻

Oh,I would love to show pictures of my garden. I have already posted an update couple of days ago. But I will do another post and I will participate.

Awesome. Can't wait to see it!

I kinda did an update last week, but I guess I will be around there again soon. Too many cabbages and melons to eat at the moment. The well timed rain is making everything grow huge.
I'll report back nearer to the weekend.

Posted using Partiko Android

Lucky you; such an overload on homegrown food. Things are going pretty slow here, but I did see the first ttiny tomato appear, and a squash has started growing too - even though the plant is still so small. It's barely more than a seedling, about 15 cm high.... :0/

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LOL.. "It's that time of the month again..." I'm SURE most of your female readers chuckled along with me. :) I LIKE the way the Garden Journal doesn't always happen at this end, but that just THINKING about it gets me more focused, and thinking about what I need and want to achieve between now and the end of June.

Think about using the @ecotrain tag sometime.... cos gardens certainly do make the world a better place!

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Together We’re Making This World A Better Place.
Click Here To Join the manually curated trail "@artemislives" to support quality eco-green content.


Lol. I must admit I chuckled too when I came up with that first sentence. 😉

Thanks for the tip. I've known about ecotrain since... forever. I tried to figure out how the community worked a number of times, but I never got it sorted out. I didn't even realize I could use the tag without being a(n) (active) member..

If they are going to change the way things work around here, they might just as well change the number of tags you're allowed to use, lol.
These days, 5 is by far not enough, hahaha

Lol I have 1 potato in my garden with lots of plants

Posted using Partiko Android

thank you for the reminder I really do hope to do an update this time round and get it in on time xx

I have really enjoyed watching these gardens grow and I really need to get a post up about my garden!!!

Thanks for the inspiration to so many!


I love the encouragement to take a picture of whatever garden you have! It doesn't have to be big to count!

Building Ourselves - One Block at a time



We just did a garden tour video a couple of days ago!

If it hasn't reached post payout yet, you can still enter...

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@dswigle wrote lately about: Maine-Ly A Wednesday Walk On A Tree Tuesday Feel free to follow @dswigle if you like it :)

Sending tips with @tipU - how to guide :)

Woohooo! I have photos to share... I'm really getting into doing this gardening journal... even if my gardening has been a bit sparse this last month!

I love seeing your fledgeling garden updates!

Posted using Partiko Android

Thanks.... it is slow progress.. but it is a year long (life long) evolution!)

I can't wait!!

Ill share this in Homesteaders Coop. @minismallholding.. one for your newsletter?

Posted using Partiko Android

Thank you, yes I think so. I was just thinking about keeping an eye out for this soon as it was surely due to come around again.

Posted using Partiko Android

Haha! I missed it because I forgot to #gardenjournal2019 and am shitty at following instructions!

I will snap a few pics with an update but I haven’t had enough hot and dry to make my tomato or cucumber plants grow yet!

Posted using Partiko iOS

I know exactly how it feels like to be 'shitty' with instructions and rules, lol.
I can't even follow my own: I didn't add the #gardenjournal2019 tag to my post. Will need to fix that, lol.

As a result, I'm not very strict when it comes to the rules. If the post is about you growing anything, it contains some pictures and you use the tag, I'm fine with it. :0)

Things apren't growing very fast here either. The weather has gone from too hot and dry to too cold and way too much rain. The veggies are all confused, lol

Sorry to hear that garden pest is back again and as for aphids they are easy to gert rid of if you can get a hard spray of water to spray them off and do it a few times in a row to break their cycle.
I've got some photos but must get a few more and get my garden update in.
Love this initiative!

Fortunately, my trap plants do what they are supposed to do and most of the aphids are on them. but I hate seeing my beautiful calendula flowers and my delicious nasturtiums covered by those freaking aphids.

But it is my sacrifice to them. I keep 2 nasturtiums for myself, which means I spray them with a neem oil/garlic/soap spray regularly, and they can have the other plants, as long as they stay away from my tomatoes and stuff.
But there seem to be at least twice as many as other years, and the number of ants has exploded...

Cool that your trap plants are working. We have had an influx of ants too and they farm those bloomin aphids so it can make for a real concentrated population on some poor plants. keep up the good fight!

But it's such a shame that they like the nasturtiums. I like the so much too. Why can't they like cilantro instead? 😂

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