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In my garden, everything is as usual ... a lot of weeds and a lot of work.

Gardening is my hobby for the most part.
Therefore, I can not devote a lot of time for weeding. Only in the evenings, approximately one hour.

I like gardening because homegrown vegetables significantly save our family budget and it healthy. I am for a healthy diet and therefore I do not use Piscicides and fertilizers

Starting from the second half of the summer, I receive income in the form our cucumbers, tomatoes, kobacks, zucchini and various spicy herbs. I also have some raspberries and blackberry. Raspberries ripen profusely and bring up to a kilogram of berries daily. I also have Arugula Salad and salad of several kinds.

A special for Garden Journal 2019 contest

This how my garden looks in June.



Arugula Salad




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A beautiful harvest! It's so nice coming into summer and starting to finally reap a harvest after all the labor of spring.

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For me it's only a dream. Work in the garden never ends ... unless for the winter.

Just imagine.
I work in the office and in the evening returning home I immediately go to the garden to work there. And still need to cook dinner for my wife and walk the dog.

For me, summer is hard work and unbearable heat

Ouch! That's less fun than my garden. I gave up planting anything when it hit 85°f. Too much work. Now I just nibble here and there at whatever comes up. Production isn't what I was thinking it'd be, but that's okay. Next year I'll have a better idea what to plant and where.

Looking good.
Lol, I like the lighter in the first pic. I have tons of pics of veggies with a lighter next to it, to indicate how big or small they are (I once had a cauliflower that wasn't bigger than a regular lighter, and some radishes that were twice the size).

Those blackberries look delicious!

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