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This is Part 3 of a new series.

For some very simple reasons, we believe in being debt free. I have no desire to pay extra in interest for anything ever again, and would rather save up first to make a purchase rather than getting a loan or mortgage. For us, it seems that homesteading will combine very well with our debt-free goal. Enjoy the video!


Since being together as a family is our goal, we think that homesteading is a good fit for us. In Part 4, I will share about how being more self-sufficient will help us reach our financial goals. Stay tuned!


Until next time…

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OK, NOW I finally "get" your success. I am sorry, I am fame-phobic. I have not paid a lot of attention to what you are doing because everyone else is, and that is not the way this fish swims. But "debt free" is music to my ears, and if you are helping to teach people how to do it, I LOVE YOU. Pardon me for mistaking you for a glory hound, I see now you are engaged in the Great Work. With that realization comes the realization that the Great Work is wildly popular on steemit and frankly, it just made my whole day brighter. Thank you, following now. I mean, not just the button, actually paying attention... lol!

Thanks for your honesty about that. I didn't make me "famous" - that was the rest of these guys. I'm just sharing about my passions in life: family, animals, plants, etc... and they seem to enjoy what I have to say!

Thanks again!

:) Seriously, it made my day and the realization pleases more as it settles. I assumed... yes, I know... I assumed "fame" on steemit was roughly equal to fame in Hollywood. It turns out on here a family man with a love of the land is famous... one who gets some very big truths... This community embraces THAT?! Warm fuzzies all over, man!

I live completely debt free. That's one reason my house isn't completed yet, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I like looking forward to being able to finish or improve something. I work towards it and when I accomplish it, there is no better feeling or reward.

I think if I won a ton of money and had everything I could ever dream of, I'd have to help others accomplish their dreams. If one is not working towards something, there can never be that feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.

I always doing homesteading. Hehehe...

Living debt free is a excellent reason for living on a homestead. Living debt free is living stress free.

Sure it's a great way. Produce his own food, spend day doing simple things in accord with natural rythm is really gratifying. Happyness and clear mind isn't in possession, so living working to buy things thinking that will give you happiness, to pay credit of car, house or appartment in city, isn't the good way. The problem is that to leave simply in this world controled by the system, it is really hard, as if too many laws prohibit it. Also they changed the face of the world, hard to find a forest (in France for my opinion) where you can find natural vegetable and fruits, so "have to possess" a piece of land to can cultive (becaude doing it on a land that "isn't yours" is impossible too, landowner, forest guards, police won't let you do.. So there is not a lot of choise, living day by day on a place where you know they can ban you, or buying a piece of land where you can do what you seems right without there opinion (and have to restrain yourself making a little bit of money to pay land tax).

I wish you a good continuation in this way.

Thank you, I think it is an uphill and difficult battle anywhere, but some places make it tougher than others.

Just seeing your answer. Sure.. Even if we want from all of us, there a lot of external constraints... I just saw that you keep on making video on the subject, will have a look to the others, trying to understand all (hard in english) opinion on the natural living are worth it.

can save so much growing and producing your own stuff

Very nice @papa-pepper, i've been doing homesteading too :)

Great articles, although at my age Homesteading is not something i would get into now, however when I retire I plan to move and hopefully find a property with some land so I can at least try to be a bit more self sufficient at least

A bit more self-sufficient is always a good goal. Thanks man!

YOur welcome, have a great weekend

Honestly the most appealing thing to me about homesteading is trying to have great control over your finance and funding things in a debt free style. I have seen quite a few people living that life and they are able to accomplish financial freedom and gained the skill sets and tools to deal with things themselves.

While I don’t see myself going completely that kind of lifestyle I have found myself drawn more towards growing some of my own food. I have become disappointed over the years with all the things being put into my fruits and vegetable and the price for “organic” which I question a lot if what is being sold under that tag is even legit. Then you have that higher price point.

I’m still looking into growing my own food. Land here is not that great mostly sand and some nasty bugs that eat our plants and flowers. Been looking into trays/flats and the microgreen growing. Still something I really need put a lot time into and seeing if its even possible to grow things I would consume on daily basis using that method.

First time hearing the word mortgage explained in that way. I think if the banks did they would have very few customers. The person who told you that must be a very wise individual.

Most people these days seem to be living beyond their means putting everything on credit as they seem to have a warp reality on life that the more things you can show others you have the more successful you must be. I’ve seen quite few higher income individuals not own a thing they always brag over. You can just see that noose of debt around their neck tighten as they can’t maintain that kind of lifestyle in the long run.

A lot of good thoughts there!

As for this one:

The person who told you that must be a very wise individual.

It was @truconspiracy!

The borrower is servant (slave) to the lender. It is true. Wisdom lives within it's means. Freedom all boils down to contentment, family and having a right standing with G-d.

The borrower is servant (slave) to the lender.

I think I left that part out, but usually like to mention it. Either way it's a curse to be sure! Thanks!

GREAT point to highlight! being dept free is the first step to real security! The only way to sustain it these days (with certainty) is to be self sufficient and offgrid. That way there are no bills to pay for your basic survival and comfort needs.. Great work you are doing on this series!

Wish they had taught us about credit and being debt free when I was a kid. Sadly our whole society is built on instant gratification. And its normal to be thousands or 10s of thousands of dollars in debt. As a family we are working hard toward our own goals.

Great video and post.

Love Always

Wonder why in all of that "education" some things never get mentioned?

Wow, you are a saint, thank you for sharing this... I am the one that told you on another post you inspire my wife and I. Giving us all this info is really prepping us mentally to homesteading, what might seem obvious to you is new to us as we have always lived in a city... so sincerely we love your posts and look forward to more info. What made you decide to homestead?

I'm currently uploading videos for two more series, about plants and animals for the homestead. Might be some more good info coming your way!
Thanks man!

Thank you far sharing. You and your family are very inspirational. On a lighter note, scars and broken bones were trophies for the largest tree parachuted without breaking.

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Living within your means and growing your own food is not only smart, it's rewarding. And removes so much stress as opposed to living the consumer driven lifestyle which society pushes us towards.

You are a very well rounded individual and you have a lot of talents and skills. Thanks for using this platform to share your ideas and progress with all of us!

You have an amazing point of view ... how you cope to be clean and care for your family so that you all stay together. All I can say is what an amazing achievement you have, KUDOS! Just keep it up!

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I have taught my son at a young age to save up for what you want. Buying on credt cost you way more than saving and buying it at it's actual price.

That is what we are trying to do is be debt free. It takes time and alot of work. It can be done and the freedom it provides is priceless.

Totally agree with you here apart from not religious. This is the path I want to follow But am making some money first so I don't have the debt to buy my land. Seem pointless to get land on debt to live a debt free life. So stuck in the system for a bit longer, hopefully my Steem will boost this campaign :)

Nice articles. I like homesteading way of life. My wife and I are trying to build a house on our 1.25 acre parcel. The city has a shortage of water so they aren't allowing us to dig a hole yet. So are homestead is on small scale now. 15 chickens, 7 Beehives and a Decent garden plot on our 1/3rd acre lot. We have 8 dwarf Nigerian goats out on our property to help keep it clean. I have milked my Doe's and made some cheese. I don't care much for the goat milk.

We are looking to get some milk goats, and I was considering Nigerian Dwarfs. 7 beehives sounds nice too! Perhaps one day...

chuckle, how unpatriotic of you @papa-pepper! going debt free and being self-sufficient runs contrary to the bigger picture of central bankers and politicians who have lowered interest rates to historic lows and printed mounds of 'worth-less' paper money and made borrowing easier than ever before so that loyal patriots will go deep in debt, spending money they can never repay in order to keep an anemic economy alive a little while longer in hopes that someone can figure out how to revive it.

shame on you - how can you sleep at night knowing you are letting the rest of us drown in debt ?

So agree! I always save until I can buy things. Dead is crippling and creates nothing but stress. We do have a mortgage, but I look at it as renting from the bank and that landlord doesn't look over my shoulder and tells me what I can or can't do.
We used to rent the house we then bought and are paying less (several hundred $) in mortgage than we were paying in rent. And So Cal is so expensive that we never could save enough buying outright.
I know, moving is an option and a lot of my friends have done that - but my kids are here. So, for me, that means I want to be here as well.

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