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There is great wisdom is being bluer.

For those of you who do not know what “BLUER” means, it is an acronym created by @bluerthangreen which means “Building Legacies Utilizing Earth’s Resources.” You can delve into his understanding more in these posts:

Preparing my house site and driveway area is a lot of work, but it also helps me to come in contact with a lot of resources that are available to me right on my own land. I know that many people see some of these things as junk and really do not care, but I'd rather use what I've got! In the first three videos I shared about the logs, the branches of the trees, and rocks, so now I am moving on to the topsoil.

When I use this angle-blade attachment for the tractor, I can smooth out the area and scrap a lot of the topsoil off. I'm currently collecting and saving it to use elsewhere, but the video shares more about that.


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To check out the previous post in this series, click below:

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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Top soil is one of the most important things in life!
You really are a hard worker brother. U do so much for this community, your family and you do it with honor.
Really respect you~


Thanks man. I appreciate your REAL COMMENT, so you get a FULL POWER UPVOTE to help show others how it is done.

Thanks @quinneaker!


Thank you for consistently producing such high quality content and also acting in such a high integrity. Your full power up vote for example is just another way you create a BETTER Steemit experience for everyone!


Thanks, also, I had an idea, if you want to stop by chat. I'll get with you later.


Awesome post pepper, upvoted :)

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Good to use what you already have available. You're doing a great job on your homestead.


It is a lot of work but we are moving forward. Just did a ton more work today!


That is awesome. That makes the journey so much more worth it with all your hard work and seeing your end results knowing you put so much into it. You have so much more to enjoy.

“Building Legacies Utilizing Earth’s Resources.” I couldn't agree more Its amazing to learn to do something by yourself. you're too creative @papa-pepper


"BLUER" was coined by @bluerthangreen, but I fully agree about the incredible validity of it!

Bluer the better! Hard work, but worth the effort!

It's great @papa-pepper. Using every available force Looks like Dad wants to gardening huh? I like words do not waste time but better use steemit where to channel talent. Thank his knowledge @papa-pepper


Thanks! Gotta garden!


You are welcome @papa-pepper

Doing and amazing job there papa :0)*


Moving in the right direction. Thanks for the encouragement!

wow that is so good for planting .
i think top soil is good to mix with coco peat .
thank's for share Papa found me @madamuhammad


Great for the garden and to grow! Thanks @madamuhammad!

Hi @ papa-pepper, introduce me @madcool, from indonesia, I just know you, but I can enjoy what you write in your article.

I am an entrepreneur and also a planter, I have a business in the plantation business, either fruit crops, ornamental plants or vegetables - vegetables.
Understand I live in the tropics and there the air is very suitable for cultivating such as vegetables and others.

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Regard @madcool

I really appreciate your hard work @papa-pepper and i always like your words "i'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof"😄


It is a running joke that also shows the originality and authenticity of my work. I know it makes a lot of people smile. Thanks!


:) welcome @papa-pepper you are the best keep wildness on .

There's nothing better than using your own resources!


No kidding!

I actually enjoy these duties , and don't really care about the mess , everything comes in handy. Back home in Pakistan there are fields of land for us and we usually have to do all the work ourselves and keep them maintinated when we are there . And honestly it's tough but it's like seeing your own land build to something bigger


I like the hard work too, and all the useful things!


Agreed , and you can't really get that anywhere else .

Thank you !!

Really a nice idea to utilize waste products of our house. Thanks for providing this informative post.
I m newbie here .please upvote me

good work !

I am doing what I can in Phoenix - great to find you here - learning about what you do.

I really appreciate your hard work ..
Thanks for sharing

I can't wait to get to the point of moving our earth but also am dreading it to, because that is a lot of hard work. I really can't wait to break ground though, we are renting currently and our landlord recently found out the type of FHA she has, has restrictions she isn't allowed to rent, so we are now in the position of trying to find a house to rent for 10 months if that while waiting for our house to be built. We were suppose to get to stay here till our house was built, but if the house sells before it is done we will have 30 days. I am going to look at something I found that ironically has a 10 month lease so I am hoping that it works out and we can get it, because I really don't like the idea of people coming in and going through my things.

Totally with you! The soil beneath our feet is a much under-valued resource! I currently have several sacks sitting in my garden that I'm going to reuse for raised beds after doing a project growing potatoes in sacks with my local beaver scouts group. One of my favourite bits of my garden is the compost heap - I love the magic of turning veg scraps and weeds into beautiful, rich, crumbly soil! Your place looks awesome - love the sound of the cicadas in the background!


I love the magic of turning veg scraps and weeds into beautiful, rich, crumbly soil!

Me too, and speaking of cicadas, you should see what I have in store for later (today or tomorrow).


I'll look forward to that!

What do you have under the topsoil? Is it clay or sand or rocky loom? Will you be putting 3/4 crushed rock and prepping it or just pack and build? Where does the water go when it rains and will you need drainage to keep it from under your foundation? What are you building your house with, is it going to be conventional or a out of the box build (earthbag or strawbale or something like that.) Save that topsoil to help build up your garden.

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Using the top soil you scrape off is ingenious. When our neighbors began building their house, they wanted to haul the top soil away! NO Way! we went over with our wheelbarrows (no trailer or tractor yet) and hauled it all back to our place. One way to put the family to work :)

This looks really cool. I'll resteem it to check out sometime tomorrow.

Personally, I hope to fund the creation of my self-sustaining shipping container home through income from this awesome platform.

I hope to create an incredible Steem-powered abode of my own quite soon actually :)

Thanks for posting this!

I just found a baby swallow and posted a philosophical story about it. Check it out here!. Or don't. It's cool. :)

Top soil, you can make it richer by decomposting. Don't throw those leaves from your trees and mix it with your top soil and produce a good soil for gardening.


Very true! Thanks!