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This is a fun one, with hopefully delicious and effective results!

Time will tell if it actually works, but it seems like a good idea in my mind. Not only should it help with preventing erosion on the border of my property, it should also provide us with a healthy and nutritious food supply.



Along with some of the other wild edibles that I've been learning about and enjoying is this plant shown above, Creeping Charlie. It is a delicious low-growing plant that I was first introduced to by @provider and his wife. There are many places where it grows wild down here that I know of, so I'm relocating a bit of it.

Here is a pot of it that I had last year, and as you can see, it grew out of the pot and into the soil around it, which testifies to how well it grows and spreads.

Here is another location where some is growing on our land. BY relocating it to the border of our property along the main drainage ditch for the gravel road, we will not only still have it available to eat, but it should also spread out there and help prevent erosion.

Just by lifting some from the soil, I got about thirty little starter plants. This is a great amount to start with, and it too will continue to reproduce and spread for us.

Some that I had previously planted on the border of the property earlier this year is still green and doing well. I planted this patch right before some rains we had, so it looks like it rooted well in its new home. Hopefully the new ones will root just as well!

One thing to mention is that you should be careful when relocating plants, as some are restricted and others seen as invasive, so do your own research and know your local law. This particular plant is just one small piece of the puzzle that is our goal for our property, but each day we try to fit more pieces into our puzzle!

To learn more about Creeping Charlie, click here to see the post in my Edible Outdoors series.

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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Glad we could help brother. See you Sunday . Lord willing!

Yes Sir! Five hours away at the moment!

Now only one hour away!

Where I grew up, creeping charlie was considered a weed and folks went out of their way to irradicate it. Now I trying to grow the stuff! How times change.

I know how you feel! Same here!

Yes @,muhammadroni

Perhaps the plant looks simple @papa-pepper but the plant has good quality delicious and delicious eatable has been sharing knowledge @papa-pepper.

Papa this willl surelly work by GOD grace always admire your research and handwork wish i could be strong like you how is family over there little pepper and mama papper

Cool stuff! Can’t wait to see, say 2 years from now. Some before and after pictures and video. I love the idea of the circular caged columns, that really look like fixed or cemented structures until you look closely and see the wire. I don’t know about this, “creeping Charlie” if like some ground covers, once started, difficult to stop. But erosion control is super important. One day you will be able to have Papa-pepper variety of steemtea! Stinging nettles with mint and lemon. All grown on the Steem Acres!

That tea sounds really delicious!

Creeping Charlie is the best! I’ve used it as a permanent mulch in a few of my garden beds.

Ooo! I just watched this video this morning! Very cool! I have seen that plant everywhere, but I did not know it was called creeping Charlie, and I did not know it was edible! I may have to propagate and spread it on our property. I have some areas that could use some groundcover.

This plant spreads very quickly and it is good that you have a good distribution, I really like the cultivation and its use in medicine and I could find that this plant is used for:

Indicated for influenza, colds, pharyngitis, bronchitis, asthma, colitis, wounds, boils. It is popularly used as a sedative, antidiarrheal and against urinary infections.


Yup, a lot of these "weeds" are incredibly useful, beneficial, and healthy!

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