Soda pop it really that bad...Well, sadly, yes!

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In addition to giving no nutritional value, soda pop removes nutrition. :/

Here it is in a nutshell, sugar/high-fructose corn syrup feeds cancer and makes the body acidic. Phosphoric acid binds calcium diminishing the calcium available to your body to keep your bones strong or in the case of children, growing. If you are drinking soda from a can, aluminum is a know cause of Alzheimer's Disease.

Carbonated beverages are hard on your teeth in more than one way. First on the tooth enamel, as soda’s are high in phosphoric acid mentioned above, but in this case, it depletes the calcium in your tooth enamel. Second, as mentioned above, the sugar/high fructose corn syrup content is extremely high, which also promotes cavities, especially in children.

Most soda’s are now made with an even cheaper and deadlier choice than sugar, and that is high-fructose corn syrup. The reason it is even worse is because it is made with genetically modified corn, it also contains mercury which can cause permanent brain damage and dulling. Princeton studies indicate that rats gained weight 300% more quickly by consuming high fructose corn syrup rather than when given fruit derived sugar. So you need not imagine what it would do to you.

So I hope for those who are still drinking soda pop or anything processed or made with high fructose corn syrup that you may think again before reaching for the next one. We are what we eat and the choices we make now affect us throughout life.

1 Corinthians 10:31 So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.
original works copyright Melissa@joearnold 2017
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Good article, I used to drink soda(s) all the time...everyday. Glad I don't do that anymore. I still like to have one from time to time but if I do it is normally at a restaurant hence avoiding the aluminum can. I have cut all food items that come in cans of any kind, even tin cans have a lining in them that are not good for you! I stick with glass when possible. Food have to keep an eye out for those too! Upvoted and resteemed to spread this important information!

Thank you very much and for your helpful comments...I agree with all of the are well informed.
Have a blessed day!

I have been trying to cut out pop altogether for the last year. I'm not quite there yet but maybe this will help give me the push I need.

I am so very glad!

Great post and confirms for me that I made a very good choice when I quit all Sodas as part of my dieting

So glad it was confirming, hope you had a great weekend!

Yes the weekend was pretty good thanks I hope you did also

very restful after so much hurricane turmoil, thank you!

Thanks kindly
I hope you didn’t get to much damage from the hurricane

No, we had one roof issue on a rental trailer and are now scrambling to replace some others while insurance will cover part. My husband is very handy and will be having my son and he replace all we can, come the various holidays. It could have been so much worse...thank you for asking. :)

Ok that’s good to hear I am glad for you All

I only have sodas at parties, but I may have to stop completely after reading this. Yikes.

I know, I adore coke but gave it up some time back...if I do have one it is maybe once/twice a year during a weak moment with peanuts driving back from our ranch...after a long hot day's work...this re-research makes me think twice again as well. I love doing this series because it reaffirms to me what I should and should not be doing and reminds me of why I am on the path I am. :) Thank you for commenting!

You're welcome. I'm actually not that fond of sodas, but I don't drink alcohol and it gets a little bland to drink water for hours on end when at a party.

True, It is better for you than the alcohol ...i guess! ???
Fruit juice? LOL

Right, not to mention kidney stones: The phosphoric acid binds the calcium and magnesium into crystals, which are too big for the body to use, so it tries to get rid of it in its usual way, through the urinary passage. If the crystals get caught on the way, they'll just sit there, waiting for the next chunk to bind with. So with each sip of soda these rocks grow in size until they become something horribly painful... though made of stuff the body needs but couldn't access.

Great information...thank you for adding..really appreciate it...I do not get stones, probably that is why, as I usually abstain.
Happy Day!

Well, you sure laid the facts out. I guess now I'll have to change my Coke to Jack ratio...



LOL! Go for It!

Probably why so many people find soda irresistible. Because they know it is bad for us. 🐓🐓

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@joearnold Its very interesting info.. Fantastic post keep it up.

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