#3 Wow, I had not idea! Would you believe me if I told you ALMONDS from the United States are treated with RACING FUEL!

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# 3 in series ~ Wow, I had not idea! Would you believe me if I told you Almonds from the United States are treated with RACING FUEL!

Well, sadly it is true...We get our almonds from Spain as a result, we found a site that does not irradiate their almonds. Some distributors irradiate some cover in racing fuel. :/ Below is also a link for more information.

Yeah ..We found this out just after purchasing about 5 big bags of almonds from Sam Wholesale Club..We sat on those bags for a while and then decided to give them to our goats (ground up), seemed a waste to toss them as they were expensive!...We figured since we would not be slaughtering the goats anytime soon so it would be ok...
Picture I took today of the goat almonds. :/


Toxins do build up in fat, but I just could not throw the almonds out..figured for the goats, the good would outweigh the bad. :/ 1 minute video :)

The reason for the racing fuel treatment was due to a knee jerk response by the good old U.S. Department of Agriculture regarding some tainted almonds that did not kill anyone but made 22 ill in California some years back...

Now the facts: The reason for this was some hysteria in California some years back...(2007) You may also want to rethink your use of commercial almond milk....

This is the third in this series, here are the others if you missed them:



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Thanks for the info. I would not have eaten them either. Goats probably enjoyed their treats! 🐓🐓

Thanks for dropping by :) Actually they really do like it a lot! ...I have had to give it to them slowly just in case it is too rich!

great content! and thanks again for following!

Thank you...I enjoy your blog as well, but especially the conversation...it is fun!

Thanks for the info and certainly won't be buying those.

Sadly...sometimes we have no idea...so many truths are hidden!

Rocket fuel??? That's nuts.

That's pretty cool

Glad you thought it interesting. So many things are hidden from us on health especially regarding our food supply.
Have a happy day!

Nice talking to you.. 🤗🤗

Your stories are always so informative and fun!
looking forward to the next one...goats are cute! They look fun!

Thank you ...they are a blast!

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Nice, thanks! I learned recently that blueberries from out of the country tend to be irradiated while imported, and thus you can't grow them very well. Neat trick to growing blueberries -- put them in the freezer for 2-3 weeks to "simulate" the winter, and then they'll sprout!

I love all of the neat tricks and tips...thank you...and thanks for stopping by :) hmm George Washington...said...will have to check out your blog as well..He is the one who stated that political parties would be the downfall of our country and as a result would not join one...Oh and thanks for the upvote! yipee!
Love and peace,

Yes, he did. I think it's sad that so much of our history, I had to learn after my schooling.

Which somewhat rhymes with a Mark Twain quote, "I never let my schooling interfere with my education."

Neat that you discuss my "bio blurb" -- that's the reason I followed you as soon as I clicked it! :) Blessings to you and yours.

Well there you go, I guess we are doing ok then!
And great twain quote, LIfe is one continuos education...at least it has been for me...some the hard way ....LOL
Have a spectacular day!

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Oh great - I have a bag of those in the pantry !!! lol

Yeah ...i know how your feel! LOL thanks for checking out my post! :)