Homesteaders - Living Naturally, Newsletter. 7th August 2019

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Steem prices might be low and some might be getting disappointed and leaving, but the quality of work coming in from the natural living communities is still top notch. Once again it was hard to choose which ones to feature out of so many quality posts. There is always so much to learn from our amazing community members, from quick gardening tips to making money through sustainability. I wish I could have included them all!

Things happening in the community.

There is a day left to get entries in for the @ecotrain Question of the Week. This week is a potentially controversial one about your thoughts on having a cybernetic chip implanted; would it be like being a superhero or would you be giving away the last vestiges of you freedom just to make your life easier or to fit in with the crowd?

Do you have any books which have contributed to your journey in natural healing or leading a more natural life? If so, @naturalmedicine would love to read about it. There is one more week to go to get your entries in and be in with a chance to win a share of the 40 Steem prize. The closing date is 12th August.

Welcoming Newcomers

A seller of seeds, @jaxiq arrived on Steem last month and has made a confident start with some quality work. Their current post has lots of great information and tips on growing peppers/capsicum.


Another new arrival is musician, @martiawilson, who also appears to love her garden. Her most recent post shares a fig preserves recipe


Some highlights of the week

Permaculture and sutainable agriculture should surely come with seed saving. If you find the idea a bit daunting, @wildhomesteading is here to help with some tips on it and some very good reasons on why seed saving could benefit you.


So many countries have non-native plants which have become invasive. Often people are quick to reach for the herbicides to wipe them out, but @walkerland has taken a slightly different approach. Plants from Europe were usually brought by the settlers to the countries they colonised, so it stands to reason that they were considered a useful plant. In which case, why not study their uses and make use of them? Here she talks about the European bellflower.


For me, @steemmatt is always an inspiration. He recycles for a living, collecting items destined for waste collection and finding new homes for them.


The @homesteadhippy has been at it again with some beautiful looking recipes. These cherry macarons look beautiful and delicous, for those of you with a sweet tooth.


Thank you for stopping by. This week's newsletter was brought to you by @minismallholding.

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Really like your color palettes, including your header image. Nature based, yes, but not just that.

Thank you and thank you for stopping by. Apologies for such a late reply, it's been a distracting week for many of us.

Good info

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@homesteaderscoop Hey such a nice and informative post!!!! Love to go through such posts. Really interesting!!!!
Keep up the good work!!!!
Wish you luck =)
Keep going✌

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Thank you and thank you for stopping by. I apologise for such a late reply, it's been a distracting week.

Thank you very much for featuring us in your post. We will keep on posting gardening-related topics.


Loving this Homesteaders Living Naturally newsletter! Such a wonderful collection of good homesteading, gardening information (cooking too!) Great to be introduced to some newcomers too! Thanks for doing this!