Recycling For Profit - 15 More Items Saved & Sold To Help The Environment / So I Don't Need A Job

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Want genuine insight on how to supplement your income instead of feeds cluttered with Steemians bickering and complaining?

Here are 15 more curb recycling finds from my neighborhood I saved from unnecessarily being wasted. No repeats.

Want more? See my last post where I sold 25 recycled items for $2,000 when you're done here.

Bonus philanthropy: Found a full bag of games and walked right to a thrift store to donate them.

It's so easy, I can't believe more people don't do it. It's like I have a personal gold mine of free thrift stores all over my curbs in my neighborhood. If I ever take the steps to scale this up, this could be a very big business with NO inventory costs.

Not every find has to be a huge profit to be worth it. It's about the thought and spirit behind it.

Try to chip in and you'll feel good about it. Put that money into Bitcoin and you'll feel really good about it.

I've sold thousands upon thousands of things like this, so trust me, you can find a few...

The sold finds for ideas and inspiration:

Vintage Italian sculpture sold for $30.

Mario Wii game sold for $13.

Neck rehab device sold for $35.

2010 Stroller canopy sold for $42. Discontinued parts are so hot right now, Hansel.

Coffee maker bean hopper sold for $30.

Miele vacuum motor tested and sold for $54.

Base and gasket for a submersible pump that was wasn't working well sold for $20. Get creative!

Women's shoes sold for $27.

New children's orthopedic shoes sold for $38.

Printer power adapter sold for $19 (a common find).

Miele vacuum cord winder sold untested/for parts for $35. The motor was dead, or else it'd sell for $50.

TV motherboard removed from a unit with a cracked screen sold for $80.

TV T-con board removed from the same unit for $23.

Baby rocker bracket sold for $18.

8 new Tiffany shopping bags sold for $35.

  • This is never work.
  • It's 100% fun.
  • I ship with recycled packaging I find.
  • $500/15 = $33.25 revenue per find above. This is layup money people and these are smaller items!
  • It's allowed me to not work for anyone for over 4 years now... Boom.
  • Revenue is before shipping and site fees.

Ask any questions!

Search for @steemmatt and recycling or thrifting to find ~2 years of posts with endless examples.

Actions speak louder than words.

Please stop making excuses why you don't have to help the planet and take action today.


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Damn that 13$ gain on a Mario game tho! :O

That was a tiny one, but it was cool because Mario Bros are always a winner.

True! you can never go wrong with them bros! :D

I'm loving my 6 months living the thrifting lifestyle! No job, just finding stuff to sell :D (which is just fun like you say)

I know you live in a desert, but make it rain!!

I'm absolutely in AWE of your thrifting lifestyle, and stunned at the 'waste' of the so-called first world. Truly inspiring at what you keep out of landfill. As someone becoming more minimal each day, I do wonder who BUYS all these things. Where do you advertise them for sale?

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Keep the motivation coming as I'm about to go outside late tonight to find more. I found a Dyson vacuum earlier today on the curbs and took it back to test and clean it up. I also found another set of electric Dyson parts earlier. I mainly use eBay and Craigslist. Never underestimate the power of a few people needing an obscure part or unit. Our of billions or millions (depending on the scope), I'm confident that there's a buyer for everything if you have quality stuff or parts of quality stuff, with patience.

Absolutely amazing man. Both your wits and profits.

Where do you live again?

No one throws anything away where I live. No one has enough money to waste things like big items.
And there’s that popular saying ‘Waste not, want not’ which I think a lot of people live by.

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I try to keep my location private, but I'm in a large US metro city. I like your saying. People here tend to waste most and buy new because they're either lazy or entitled/spoiled.

Although, saying that, our towns all have decent recycling plants.
Previously called ‘the tip’ but now referred to as ‘recycling centres’.

They’ll take anything unwanted, broken or just used. So I guess most stuff ends up Mr here instead of the kerbside.

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That makes sense. At least there appears to be an option for recycling that helps things out of landfills and repurposed (for manufacturing I suppose).

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*15 minutes after posting, a vacuum hose sold for $49. Mo' money, less problems/waste.