The Sunday Resteem on a monday

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To show my appreciation to all those who resteem, upvote and comment on my post I have started the "Sunday Resteem" Each Sunday I will pick one or two of my followers that have been active on my blog the week before. The winner will not only be someone who resteems my post but also upvotes and interacts with other commenters. I will resteem several of the winners post as well as link them on the winning post. The winner will also receive 50% and 100% upvotes.

This weeks Sunday Resteem goes to @twinislandflames

I picked @twinislandflames because of the consistency of not only upvoting post but also commenting and resteeming. She has such a great positive attitude and just an overall willingness to help.

twin island flame image.jpg

You have received upvotes at 50 and 100% and I resteemed all of your last week post. Thank you for your participation on my post and blog!
Here are the post I resteemed!

Adventures in Seed Starting - Sweet Pea Edition
Flashback Friday - June of 2006
Tulip Leaves for the Thursday Green #colorchallenge
MONOMAD Wednesday Abstract Photo
Adventures in Plant Propagation - Jade Cuttings
It's the Best Way to Spend the Morning (with an Affirmation)

I need your HELP. I use @GINAbot all the time and it is a wonderully helpful tool and I also use upvoters., but Is there something out there similar to upvoters for keeping track of how often people comment and resteem your post?

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courtesy of @gavinthegreat


WHAT a great selection!
She is always on the go with posting, commenting and resteeming!

thank you again, so so much! :)

Your so very welcome!

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