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Good Saturday to all my fellow Steemians!

Today I would like to share some of my front yard edibles and update you on what Pete Kanaris would say is "growin' on" in the backyard :) It's great to be home from traveling and today I've been able to relax while taking stock of all the new growth.


I snuck some turmeric into the monkeygrass.


Also around the base of the old bradford pear that's been cut down most of the way.


More sneaky turmeric planting!


This is a fig tree I bought from a nursery 5 for $20 in February.


The chickens have been following me all over the place today :)


Sneaky Backyard turmeric planted in front of my shed.


Some volunteer corn from chicken feed :)


Volunteer lambsquarter I believe, most people think its a weed, but I think its edible?


Anyone know what this guy is? I see it growing as an ornamental all over. Also a volunteer in the backyard.


Volunteer cucumber, and cherry tomatoes. Most likely from scraps eaten and pooped out by the chickens :)


Turmeric, horseradish, and asparagus is growing quite well in the pallet garden!


This is a raised hügelkultur bed (it has some portions of the front yard Bradford pear tree buried in it) made out of someone's discarded water bed frame. It's growing thornless blackberries, potatoes, turmeric, goji berries, pineapple, and chocolate mint.


Blueberries! they are getting demolished buy the local birds so I need to look into some netting.

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Very cool, Thank you @klippengeist! That looks like its it! sounds like the root is edible? I'll have to let it grow and try it out.


They produce very nice flowers and easy-to-collect seeds.

Would be interesting to see the flowers later to determine what type of Canna you have... :-)

This is really cool. There's some practice of sneaky growing in the prepper community to deter theft of crops. Not to mention planting edibles near saplings to keep deer and rabbits away. I'm going to have to try this.


Thanks brother! yeah it's part of a plan to plant out the entire front yard edible landscape style. It will be mostly medicinal type herbs, some strawberries, squash, and possibly thornless blackberry if I can successfully take some cuttings and propagate from the plant in the backyard.