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Hello you wonderful human beings! Today I wanted to show you my experiment to create candles, with hemp twine wicks soaked in olive and coconut oil using an up-cycled beer bottle.


To start off you need to cut some bottles, check out my previous post where I cut them to be used as a hydroponics growing medium. Bottle Cutting


I started off by adding coconut and olive oil with the hemp twine in a whiskey glass. I put it inside a cast iron skillet under a low heat, so the coconut oil will melt, and soak into the twine as well.

suspending wick.jpg

I then took the wick that had been soaking for a couple hours and suspended by tying it to a zip tie. I used some neodymium magnets to weigh it down/hold it straight.

suspending wax wick.jpg

I took the wick and dipped it into some of the melted wax and re-suspended the twine so it would hold straight.


I ordered some scrap candle wax from these guys Scrap Wax I broke the pieces off in small chunks to be melted in a wax melting hot plate.


I grow some chocolate mint and added a bit to the melted wax to see if I could add it as a fragrance. I will need to figure out how to concentrate it in an oil and add it. If anyone has some Ideas on this give me a shout!


Once the wax was fully melted, it was time to pour into the cut beer bottle.


I tried to use a spare piece of copper wire to hold the wick in place, straight up and down in the bottle. This didn't work very well so I need a better solution.


Here is the result after the pour. There were a few bubbles that came up to the top so I may need to pour slower, but this will work great for emergency candles.


I lit up the wick for a test, which is still underway, but from my observation it holds a very stable and strong flame.


Here is the result after an evening of burning. Notice how the wick has shifted, and did not stay in the center. I noticed the wick really moved around when I poured the wax.

Thank you for your time if you gave this a peek!

If you found this useful, follow me for more experiments, throw one of those upvotes, re-steem to your peeps, and I love to read your comments :)

I am very grateful to be a part of @tribesteemup and the Homesteaders-Online discord group. I can't stress how great it is to begin connecting and finding a tribe that focuses on building each other up to do great things which inspire, grow, and teach daily. We are all beautiful powerful human beings that can co-create abundance for all.

Peace and Joy,


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