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steemtorch.pngImage is from Dora and the Lost City of Gold movie poster

Steem Torch is an experiment to demonstrate the speed and trust in transferring value on Steem social network.

Steem Torch Keeper is a user who received a Steem transfer with the "Steem Torch Experiment..." memo and is about to pass it to the next user.

This is a revised list of rules which lowers the final count to 337, from the original 1337. Read the original rules post here. You can also see the first 250 Steem Torch transfers here.

Follow @steemtorch to stay updated when Steem Torch transfers happen. Join the Steem Torch Community and share your Steem Torch posts.

If you are a Steem Torch Keeper please read the following rules to pass the Steem Torch to the next user.

Steem Torch Rules:

  1. Add 1 Steem or lower amount or nothing at all to the amount received in Steem Torch transfer.
  2. Do not decrease the amount received.
  3. Use the original memo Steem Torch Experiment! Count: 1. Please read the Steem Torch Rules at before passing it to the next user. and change the count number by adding 1. For example, if the ​received memo is Count: 20, your sending memo will be Count: 21.
  4. Choose a Steemian who you would like to pass the Steem Torch to. Preferably someone you trust will follow the Steem Torch rules, is active, and you believe will pass the Steem Torch to the next user.
  5. Inform the next Torch Keeper of the transfer beforehand and follow up after the transfer.
  6. Send the Steem Torch with the new amount and memo to the next Torch Keeper as soon as possible.
  7. Try not to send it back to the previous Torch Keeper or someone you know already was a Torch Keeper.
  8. When Count reaches 337 the experiment ends with success. The 337th Torch Keeper can donate the total amount to Steem based charities, Steem projects, distribute to minnows, burn it by sending to @null, or ask the community what to do with it.
  9. The 337th Torch Keeper must not keep the funds or use it for personal projects.

Optional Bonus Instructions by @andrarchy:

  1. Create a companion article on (or your Steem UI of choice) when you pass the Torch. Bonus idea: take this opportunity to explain why you're participating and why you're sending it to the recipient.
  2. Use some kind of thumbnail image with a torch in it so that everyone knows it's part of the Steem Torch experiment. Feel free to use the thumbnail image below, or make a better one!
  3. Share the article on Twitter with the tags #steemtorch #steem @steemnetwork

steem torch.jpg

You can read the original post explaining the Steem Torch Experiment here.

Let's show the power of Steem!


It's pretty amazing how many hands steemtorch has already exchanged.. Would be so awesome if a global world map is drawn as to where its been... Virtually..

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 2 years ago 

That would be really interesting to see.

yeah that would be really cool! great idea man!

lol it hasnt been anywhere but what ping ponging around between a few witness nodes all inside the same amazon web server farm/ lol steem is just owned by amazon lol their nano bots run the TRUE governance.... Gods 10 commandments lol just kidding

Someone ate the torch. =)

 2 years ago 

Oh. Thanks. Probably they have not noticed it. I left them a comment asking.

This is so cool. I've been watching from the start. If it happens to come my way I'll add 1 Steem :)
EDIT: Seems like multiples of 5 is a trend, I'm also weird about numbers and like them to be even, so I guess I won't know how much I would add unless I get the torch lol.

 2 years ago 

lol no, max is 1. People seem to not follow rules and be more generous. It has to reach you at some point. Maybe last? :)

I thought 1 was the rule yeah lol.. I was wondering if maybe it changed and I was missing something, but there certainly is nothing wrong with the generosity, especially if it goes to a good cause in the end!

There's a fundraising campaign going on right now here on Steem that I would send it to if I were last. clues on my blog

The transfer is becoming reality to us

The transfer is becoming reality to us

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