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Steem Torch is an experiment to demonstrate the speed and trust in transferring value on Steem social network.

Steem Torch Keeper is a user who received a Steem transfer with "Steem Torch Experiment..." memo and is about to pass it to the next user.

If you are a Steem Torch Keeper please read the following rules to pass the Steem Torch to the next user.

Steem Torch Rules:

  1. Add 1 Steem or lower amount or nothing at all to the amount received in Steem Torch transfer.
  2. Do not decrease the amount received.
  3. Use the original memo Steem Torch Experiment! Count: 1. Please read the Steem Torch Rules at before passing it to the next user. and change the count number by adding 1. For example, if the ​received memo is Count: 20, your sending memo will be Count: 21.
  4. Choose a Steemian who you would like to pass the Steem Torch to. Preferably someone you trust will follow the Steem Torch rules, is active, and you believe will pass the Steem Torch to the next user.
  5. Not required, but recommended to inform the next Torch Keeper of the transfer and follow up after the transfer.
  6. Send the Steem Torch with the new amount and memo to the next Torch Keeper as soon as possible.
  7. Try not to send it back to the previous Torch Keeper or someone you know already was a Torch Keeper.
  8. When Count reaches 337 the experiment ends with success. The 337th Torch Keeper can donate the total amount to Steem based charities, Steem projects, distribute to minnows, burn it by sending to @null, or ask the community what to do with it.
  9. The 337th Torch Keeper must not keep the funds or use it for personal projects.

Optional Bonus Instructions by @andrarchy:

  1. Create a companion article on (or your Steem UI of choice) when you pass the Torch. Bonus idea: take this opportunity to explain why you're participating and why you're sending it to the recipient.
  2. Use some kind of thumbnail image with a torch in it so that everyone knows it's part of the Steem Torch experiment. Feel free to use the thumbnail image below, or make a better one!
  3. Share the article on Twitter with the tags #steemtorch #steem @steemnetwork

steem torch.jpg

You can read the original post explaining the Steem Torch Experiment here.

Let's show the power of Steem!


My Clerk bot just ate the Torch. Lol. I have the liquid Steem to cover it, so I'll deal with it in about 12 hours from now.

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My guess is we'll somehow stop at 1337.

It was suggested to lower the end count to like 1k instead of 10k since it is the first experiment. Is it ok if I lower it to 1337?

Update: I will change it to 1337. I like the number. I think you will be ok with that. :)

I'm gonna remind the user I passed it on now. xD

I bet someone will end up running away with it :D

Yeah, my clerk bot ate it. Heh. Some extra-large donations to causes I support, a bit powered up etc. I love automation, but it isn't steem-torch compatible. I'm just about to relight the torch using some liquid I have lying around.

I would dare to predict that there will be fighting at the end what to do with all steem collected. And a lot of disappointed steemians.

If it makes it to the end only the last user gets to decide what to do with it though. Unless that user chooses to ask the community. I am more optimistic in the end result. My concern is how long will it take to reach 1337th user. At the current speed, we are looking at a couple of years. :)

Let me put this way:
What if the last user gives money to the animal shelter community project to save some cats?
What if the last user is a member of the gaming community....
or sport, or pot, or art.
I hope you got my point.

ah ok. I see what you mean. Maybe should just burn them :)

"I have decided to donate to 'the awesomianist lunch fund', a non profit I started to fund the lunch of awesomianist over the next 3 years"


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Hi @awesomianist! I think you forgot to pass the torch to the next user. :)

I have definitely not forgotten. ;)

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Love this idea! Excellent!

I really like the idea - curious to see how the torch will travel!

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Thank you. I am curious too. I will try to write a script to pull the data on​ transfers​.

by train:)

You mean a ~steam~ steem train :D

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it can go very far on twitter if keep simple

hehehe, looks like it traveled to you @soyrosa Congrats!!

Looks pretty interesting! Best of luck with your experiment!


Interesting experiment. This will show the power of the community.

... and whether our trust to one of our fellow steemian is rightly deserved ... LOL.

Waiting for the torch.

Wish you all a lovely day and an amazing day to the initiator of this experiment ... @geekgirl.

This is a very interesting experiment @geekgirl and I have high hopes that it will end up making it to the end 1337th steemian for 2 reasons
One, if anyone runs away with it they are essentially destroying their accounts rep.
Two, people will only pass the torch to people they trust and my personal experience is that those people I've truly got to know on steem are 100% trust worthy.

Ha ha, that's not to say everyone will have had a similar experience as I've had. There are undoubtedly some shifty people on steem. Let's see if the steem-limpic torch reaches the stadium 😉

Thank you @raj808. Yea majority on Steem is trustworthy. Challenge with the experiment is that we rarely pay attention to our wallets. It is easy to miss the transfers. However, we are a social network community, so we can easily communicate.

Exactly, that's the only problem I see. Not untrustworthiness, but negligence.

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Definitely interested in keeping up with this! I really want this to work out well... Hopefully I can be trusted with the torch at some point in the chain!

Yes, I hope to see you in the chain too.

cool sounds fun. any harm in keeping it for a least 13 weeks? :)

I lowered the end count. I hope it won't take longer than a month. :)

Sounds like a cool experiment! I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes. Hopefully it won't end up stuck in the wallet of an inactive user or someones who decides to steal it.

I know there is a lot of skepticism. I think it will work out ok. After all it is just an experiment.

Yep, hopefully everything will go as planned. As long as people only send it to people they trust, there should not really be any problems at all ;)

We end at 1337?

or 89?

Just curious....
... and not a coincidence at all since I am #89

I just hope we don't transfer to people with bots who control their wallet for stuff like auto sends to their other accounts, or autopowerups.

It happened to me! Heh.

There are plenty of trustworthy bot operators.

Thats true, but it can cause slowdowns. Say someone transferred to me, and I had an autopower up bot going on my account(I don't). I don't have the liquid STEEM to transfer to the next person. What would we do in that situation? Wait 13 weeks for a powerdown?

oh, I see what you mean. This is the first time I hear people using auto power up bots. Yea, that would definitely slow it down.

Yea, I assume most people don't do it, but the Jarvis bot by @therealwolf can do that so I'm assuming some people will do that. I considered it, bud decided against it.

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I just bumped into your post @geekgirl (recommended by @bobskibob).

I must admit that it's a very interesting idea and I wonder how far will you guys go to complete 1337 "torches" :)


What!!? Isn't this post reesteemable!!? Where is it the resteem option!? 😱

I don't know. Maybe it disappears after payout.

I just hope the torch will get to me 😀.

Time to test the power of the community 💪

#steem ♨ On to the Universe ! :) ♥♩♬♩♬

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Fun!! These are the reasons why I love crypto and projects such as this: creativity, fun, trust, imagination!

I believe that Steem Torch will develop faster

I am pessimist about it because if a bad person gets it then it is kaput @geekgirl :?

Hello my friend. I just passed you the torch but I forgot to change the number from 51 to 52. When you send it, can you please change it to 53? I sent you 5 steem too so you don't have to add to it from your own pocket. I figured you could add 1 and keep the other 4.

I thought you gave me some 431 steem Sir @hanshotfirst :D
But thanks to the additional steem.

Maybe i still need to learn a bit about how this experiment works

I tried to explain in the post. Feel free to ask if something doesn't make sense. These are just chain of transactions to show how awesome Steem is. :)

Okay. But that means people who passed the torch does not gained from the steem right

is this an ecosystem in the work of steem torches

Not sure what you mean. Steem is an ecosystem to provide reliable transfer of value. This is just an experiment to show that.

if we keep it simple, it can go far and show the power of steem blockchain also.

No, it's just a cool idea for the community to pass on. See also #eostorch on twitter

I want to get the next torch @geekgirl

Hopefully, someone will pass it to you at some point. Only the torch keeper can decide who to pass.

Great idea! It'll be interesting to know how long it will take time to reach the latest participiant. And also I think it will be great if someone create steemtorch tracker and see it's way how it mooves from let's say continent to another maybe from China to Brasil as example.
For me it'll be interesting also participate in it.

Great post. they say that the people who are most successful are those who are doing what they love.

This is a really cool sounding experiment. I hope people will continue to pass the torch and reach the goal. Kodos for the idea on the experiment!

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Oh wow. Can you pass it back to the same person? Or must it pass to a person who has never done it before?

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