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Every morning I sit on a chair on my veranda and looking at the beauty of this flower shrubbery for few minutes. Not me, my mother's effort gave this result. This piece of land is just in front of our door and in the early days we tried different kinds of plants there like green leaves, turmeric, and vegetables. But finally, my mother decided to plant rose balsam plants there.

Rose balsam is a variety of flowers that you call Gulmehendi in Hindi and we call them 'Kudalu' in Sinhala.

It is very easy to plant and they spread quickly as well as have flowers 24x7. So my mother planed some sticks of Gulmehendi of different colors. Red, white, pink, purple, and orange. Within a few weeks the whole land covered with beautiful flowers as you see below.

Each and every morning coming with mist on these flowers. It gives a freshness to them but when it is noon, they are starting to try. Again in the evening, they reborn.


Timely my mother moved orchid plants of purple and yellow here. Also planted roses in the same land. Jasmine too. Can you imagine the feeling I get in the morning when seen and smelling this flowering shrub?

I am using spectacles normally but in the morning I looking at this without spectacles. It is funny but I see all colors mixed together exactly you see below. I enjoy this scenery without spectacles than with spectacles.




This little flower garden has its own biodiversity now. Apart from unseen creatures, there are lots of spiders, dragonflies, butterflies, lizards, and snails living there. Lizards attack other insects but again a new generation comes.

I feel stronger each and every morning when I see all of this biodiversity together with hummingbirds who I can never capture via my phone. I am sharing this mind refreshing scenery with BOI with love!

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Those are beautiful photos of flowers and plants as it's a best gift of nature. It's great to see it every morning as it give so positive and encourage to start of the day.

 2 years ago 

Ofcourse.. 😌 the mix of mist, color and fragrance make a very possitive feeling

positive environment u have .......

 2 years ago 

Yes Rish boy.. 🙂 do you have too?

Your diary is full of plant n flower 🌹 kingdoms

Best of luck n take care
@randulakoralage #affable-incredibble- #india

 2 years ago 

Thank you.. sending 💐 to you

Excellent photography, I always believe that nature is the best gift for humans. Thank you for sharing such beautiful photographs. Stay blessed and keep sharing my dear @randulakoralage . 💕 And 🫂

 2 years ago 

Thanks. Sharing possitive thoughts..

My pleasure dear @randulakoralage

 2 years ago 

Madam @randulakoralage , I heard about many compliments about you, I am proud that at this age you are carrying a very helpful mentality. Stay blessed.

 2 years ago 

Thanks Pulook♥️

 2 years ago 

You are most welcome madam @randulakoralage

omg:) I love nature too. you're living in such a beautiful place.

What a scenary !!!

 2 years ago 

hope you guys enjoyed it😍

Wow all the pictures you have captured well and got a good results

Thank you very much for sharing information, have a good day and a great mood

Peacefull articles. kindly support mine also bro.
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