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HI friends,

My name is Lavanya, I am a house wife from India.


I am team member of @steemingindia01 our official post you can check hear steemingindia 01

Today I wake up early morning 5:15, because my hobby go for market for buying fresh vegetables in main market. It is 25 km away from my home, but here we getting fresh vegetables at low price.

After six months he go there, so we leave home at 5 am. Along with him I also wake up, after going him I lock my door.

But I don't get sleep, so I start engaging dairy posts, I spend nearly 1:30 minutes. I am so happy with it, I use my free time correctly.

After go for taking brushing, taking shower, making Rangoli design in front of my home.

For finishing all those it reach around 7:30 am. Now it tie for break fast preparation. I took my coffee before go for kitchen work. It give good energy for me, for finishing all my work.

After taking my go for preparing morning chores. Today I prepare idiyappam with coconut Chutney for my family.


This dish is very light and good choice for breakfast. Because we cook this dish completely in steam and using rice flour.

All take their breakfast, my hubby also returned home around 8:30 am. After coming he took his bath.

Today he buy all varieties of vegetables at low price. He buy cauliflower, raw banana, chill, beans, carrots, capsicum, brinjal , drumstick, chocho, Radish, ivy guard, onion, potato, tomato all most at price of Rs 300.00, around 17 steem.


After I keep all those in refrigerator, he buy huge amount it give up to one week for my family needs.

My God grace he get all are very fresh and low price compared to local market price.

Today my Kid having only one online class at 11 am, so I finished all duties slowly. After finishing my work I get little bit free time. Again I start engaging here, now it reach to 11 am.

So I attend my kid online classes, it finished around 12 pm.

Then I go for preparing lunch, kids go for playing with toys, do colouring, fighting too.


Today I prepare Tomato rice for my family. Kids also like it, but they don't eat more, so additional I prepare Rice and Rasam for their needs.


Around 2 pm all together took our lunch. In before I feed food to my kid.

After finishing all go for their work, my kid also take her nap.

Now I get my regular free time, little bit time I spend here, little bit time spend in watching news, learn tips in gardening, little bit time in learning trading skills.

Today I learn a new concept, how to participate bid in new coin listing in different exchanges, how they allocate tokens, like those details I learn. I think this will help in my future trading.


Now my free time get ended. So go for preparing evening snacks and coffee. Today I prepare sandwiches for my family.

All enjoyed a lot, then I go for teaching my kid in her morning class, they help to finish her homework.

After finishing she go for play, she give only 30 minutes daily for her studies, then after not possible to control her, they are small kids so I also don't push more, leave her wish.


Now it time for dinner preparation, Today I prepare Chapati with capsicum curry for my family wish. Along with I watch songs in television. It give good mood for completing my kitchen work fastly.

Around 9 pm, all took their dinner, after finishing my dinner I go for cleaning work.

Today my co sister prepare yellow milk for my family needs.

All tokens their milk, then go for bed.

Now it's time for story telling of my kid, Today I tell story about importance of sharing. For this I search a story in YouTube. I got it, I put that story, then explain her neatly. She also understood very well. Hope this stories mould her future correctly.

After finishing both go for bed.

Like that my day going good and ended good.

For knowing more details about me check this post

About Myself

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#India and #onepercent, #bestofindia

Thanks for Reading..


Hi @lavanyalakshman

Your kids are adorable.

This dish is very light and good choice for breakfast. Because we cook this dish completely in steam and using rice flour.

This is the best thing I like about south Indian food it is made with very less or no oil and is very healthy.
I like steamed food.

Enjoyed reading your diary.

Yes those are very healthy. Thanks for stopping my post.

How do you get to your market by car as 25km seems far? Oh I like Rangoli many are very beautiful and artistic designs did you managed to finished it today? Also that tomato rice looks lovely I love most rice dishes.
#onepercent #uk

No we dont have personal vehicles. We book an auto for our needs.

Yes tomato rice is very tasty and simple dish.

Thanks for stopping my post.

If it is fresh vegetables and cheap topo, I would love to travel 25 KM time and again. We must not forget that getting fresh vegetables has become a struggle in the modern synthetic living style and especially the urbanization and industrialization have made this even more difficult to get fresh.

For grocery items I mostly dependent on nearby stores, but for vegetables I went to a nearby village and buy it from peasant farmers.

As always you are a busy housewife, yet very committed to Steem Blockchain.

Have a great day.

Steem on.

#onepercent #india #bestofindia

I really enjoyed a lot to spend my free time here.

Thanks for stopping my post.

25 Km is very long distance but it is good to buy vegetables from main market we get a very good discount.

may be Coffey gives good energy but i suggest you to try tea also. we engineers only depend on tea while doing night study or any last moment submission work.

thanks to share screen sort of that video it also helps me to understand this and because of you i get to know that we can bid while listing any new coin.
thanks to share this it helps me a lot.

#onepercent #india #bestofindia

Yes it is long thats why we dont go there. But yesterday he go and buy huge vegetables for my needs.

Sure i give details about crypto which i learn .

Thanks for stopping my post.

#onepercent #bestofindia #india

Hello @lavanyalakshman
You went to a market that is around 25 km away from your home . It is a long distance. But Fresh vegetables is also important.

Telling stories to children is an excellent thing. This will help your kids .

Have a great day!
#onepercent #india #bestofindia

Yes thats why we avoid for regular buying,buy yesterday he go . But he buy huge vegetables for our needs. It last next seven days.

Thanks for stopping my post.

You need the service of grammarly to keep a check on grammartical error in your post. I dont mean to hurt your sentiment. But I think it would help you. You can search on grammarly in google and install it. It will automatically detect your grammatical error, even the typos.

Many things are changing in market these days, Dollar is on gross sale, the US election is also approaching and the covid-19 pandemic, so considering all this BTC is the best bet, other alt-coins are also, even you can consider STEEM also. But this comment should not viewed as an investment advice.

Tomato rice is an easy recipe and very quickly a housewife can make it. Simple dishes are at times very tasty contrary to the popular opinions.


I respect your advice. Soon i follow it.

Thanks for stopping my post

Such a positive attitude is always appreciated. Thank you.

It is a good habbit to woke up early in the morning and also buying the freash vegetables but the distance of the main market is 25 km it's to far from home.
Can you share the recipe of capsicum curry because i did't hear about capsicum curry .
I hope all of you are always safe and happy at home.
#onepercent #india

Sure i post it soon. It is dry curry, prepare for rice.

Ok thank you .

Thank you for taking part in The Diary Game on Steem.

And thank you for setting your post to 100% Powerup.

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