SEC-S18W1 | Celebration of Global Pizza Day 🎉 🍕

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Let's eat!!!🍕

Hello once again to everyone into the Steemit Engagement Challenge event where Traveling Steem Community is present now in the season number 18, so the whole team is happy and grateful for such new opportunity. Now it's time to officially start the inauguration with a interesting contest related with pizza because next week it's coming a certain historical date. Do you know which one? Surely you are.

Topic Description

Once upon a time, in May 22th of 2010, a programmer guy named Laszlo Hanyecz has bought a pair of two big delicious pizzas for the incredible amount of 10k bitcoins, which were costing very cheap in that moment when nobody was competitive in mining BTC. Who can imagine this wasn't going to become a higher volume of value through the time, so as this is the first registered transaction that is known so far, many crypto enthusiastic people has set this special date to celebrate it annually around the world with at least a slide or piece of pizza.

Image taken from Pixabay and edited with InShot app plus Ostagram

So, let's see to pay attention to the following easy steps to participate in this contest and earn some STEEMS...

Hints to take in count

  1. Is there a nearby city that will be hosting such celebration in a crypto community? Talk about details that you can find in social media.

  2. What will be your ideal recipe to celebrate this date? Create a list of interesting ingredients to prepare a great pizza.

  3. Any hot spots of your location where travel friends can find them to taste a good slice? Provide easy coordinates.

  4. Which steemians are you having in mind to invite them for a pizza this date? Let's be interactive in a funny way.

Steps to follow contest

• Make sure you're posting in Traveling Steem Community.
• Set Title as: SEC-S18W1 | Celebration of Global Pizza Day 🍕 [Your personal heading].
• Create an original text of 300 words as minimum.
• Put at least 3 pictures of your own or get free-use ones from Pixabay, Pexels and more (not directly from Google, FB, etc).
• Any native language is welcome to post.
• Is mandatory the #steemexclusive status, without doing a cross-posting article on other websites and not using any bot service for upvotes.
• Authors have to join the #club5050, #club75 or #club100.
• Use tag #ts-s18w1 and the one from your country (for example #peru), moreover of #burnsteem25 if you set 25% to @null as benefactor.
• Not compulsory but a 10% of @travelingsteem as benefactor would be a small and significant help for community's growth.
• Resteem/vote this contest and invite 3 friends to join it.
• Enter your link in the comments section of this publication from May 20 (UTC) on Monday to May 26 (UTC) on Sunday. And also your promotion in X platform but in your own comment section with a brief description and #steem, #steemit & $steem as minimum tags in the tweet.
• To be eligible as potential winner, you must get at least 10 upvotes and 5 valid comments from others while you partake the most part of other communities' contests in the SEC event, engaging with active users and voting to them too.


Contestants will be getting a vote from the @travelingsteem official account, moreover of this configuration of 9 Steems as rewards according to the quality+creativity for the best ones that will be active in this contest:

  • 1st place: 4 Steems
  • 2nd place: 3 Steems
  • 3rd place: 2 Steems

~> Don't miss this humongous opportunity while you have fun by participating here in the contest with @travelingsteem.

Useful Links

Please also read some Traveling Steem Community guides that can help you to increase your contribution to the space:

Social Media & Support

Feel free to follow the official accounts for this new community in Steemit, Discord, Instagram, Telegram and X profiles that were created for this amazing purpose:

Steemit ~ Discord ~ X ~ Instagram ~ Telegram

Of course delegations are also available for all those that would love to support this new initiative of @travelingsteem:


~> The TS Community is in huge gratitude with Pennsif by getting a great support from his part, so let's vote for @pennsif.witness.

Let's go wherever we want 🌎🌍🌏

Thank You For Your Kind Attention


Upvoted! Thank you for supporting witness @jswit.

 last month 

Sounds good as I am good at pizza making even if it's a vegetarian one. Seems like I am gonna post in this contest and see how it works for me. I feel I will have to do a lot of research to see what pizza making crypto community likes doing that. My best!

 last month 

That's the interesting essence of the contest. Maybe certain traditional ingredients aren't welcomed in some diets, so would be very great to see your official list. 🙂 My pizza dough wouldn't bring gluten for example.

 last month 

Saludos 🙋🏻 querida comunidad. Que alegría volver nuevamente en esta temporada 18. En la temporada 16 participé muy poco.

Pero, en esta temporada me propongo realizar los viajes que nos inviten a realizar.

Ñomi, ñomi!!!

Aunque estoy un poco divorciada de la pizza original, en Venezuela, durante la crisis, nació una pizza a base de casabe. Creo que mi participación la realizaré con este ejemplo.

Bendiciones para todos en este concurso.

 last month 

De la crisis surgen oportunidades amiga. Seguro crearás algo innovador con esa pizza 🍕🤩 de participar estaré encantada de saber que estarás presente. Gracias por tu comentario 😊👍🏼

 last month 

Fué innovador en su tiempo. Una cadena prestigiosa como Pizza Hut lo hizo. A mí me encantó. La recuerdo con mucho cariño. Para mí, una muestra de lo resilientes que somos los venezolanos.

 26 days ago 

Así es. Y con creatividad todo se puede 😇

 26 days ago 

Eso es correcto manita

Pizza is a food that is loved by everyone and everyone wants to eat it more or less always but it is very difficult to make it I have never made it before but I always eat pizza but I will try to make such recipes at home all the time.

 last month 

If you happen to have the opportunity, would be nice to see that special pizza and then partake here. Although it's enough the list of your ideal ingredients. Just a hint friend.

Interesting topic. Expect my entry soon

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