Announcing winners for steem-Ghana contest; Wear Your Steem Shirt.

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Greetings to all steemians.
This is an update of the results from the just-ended steem contest in the @steem-ghana community. It was aimed at ensuring members actively get themselves involved in the steem promo act. However, the various participants did well with all their entries. Apart from the various submitted entries, they in a special way have made a great impact since last week. It is so significant that their effort to emerge as the best in the contest has done more good to steem ghana since this introduced new people to steem. It feels really amazing to see how members are contributing to the growth of steem. History is made with a huge impact on your effort to introduce steem to the world.


Congratulations to all participants for that wonderful job they rendered in the name of promoting steemit in their possible way. The contest featured 6 entries from the various participants each giving a single entry. They all did a marvelous job in promoting steemit. Several others could not join simply because of their inability to meet the requirements of the contest. The just ended contest requested for sharing steemit with someone while in steem t-shirt. They have presented with us so much beauty with all their entries. I am so much impressed by the hard work of all.

Participants Entries


Results of the contest


However, l write to express so much gratitude to the other participants even though they could not emerge winners. This is for your effort in promoting steemit here in Ghana and beyond. An appreciable amount of steem sent to the other entries for their participation. We are grateful once again for the effort.

Congrats once again for your participation. The contest commenced on the 9th of April to - 16th of April 2021. You have all demonstrated to working hard in promoting steemit. That is so good of you. I urge all to contribute hugely to the growth of our community even as we make effort to promote steemit in every way
You are hereby informed to expect the next contest that is underway. Your daily submission and contribution are so significant to the growth of the steem blockchain. Be creative and employ all techniques in making blogging much more than a lifestyle.

Sent Rewards


On this note, we express profound gratitude to our team leaders and the steemit blog for their support and guidance in our daily activities on the steem blockchain. Let us work harder to make steem a home of digital transformation.


All country Reps.

 last year 

Congratulations to all our winners and i wish you best of luck in subsequent contests

Hope the next contest comes soon. I was late for this one.. 🤜🤛

 last year 

It's underway

 last year 

I’m glad I joined the contest . Thanks a lot and congratulations to all the winners

 last year 


Congratulations guys.. You made it. Keep working harder to promote steemit. I hope to participate in the next contest too. Thanks, @mcsamm.

 last year 

Thanks too buddy

 last year 

thank you bro for coming up with this great contest, i hope our effort will see more people joining us...once again congrats to us all

 last year 

Congratulations bro

congrats for the winner

 last year 

Good to see you buddy

Congratulations to all the winners.

 last year 

Congratulations to all winners and better Luck to all those who did not win.


This is really impressive, congrats to the winneres and the participants

Congratulations guys

 last year 

You made it

 last year (edited)

I'm proud to be a steem promotor and to be in the first place of this contest, I believe we all won because promoting steem is collective work. We need more people to do more. My appreciation to the organizers of this contnest @mcsamm, @steem-ghana and all made it a success. Thank you

 last year 

Congratulation to all the winners

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Congratulations to all the best winners

Congratulations to all the winning members.Continue the good in promoting steem [email protected]

 last year 

Thanks sir

Congratulations to all the participants

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