We welcome you all to this week's issue of #talkchannel in the WORLD OF XPILAR Community ,Theme this week: ***COMPETITIONS AT STEEM BLOCKCHAIN***( week 32)

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The idea of ​​"Talk Channel"

Maybe many of us want a place we could only talk about loosely and firmly. Ask questions about things we wonder about, for example, about the STEEM community or other things. That's why we want to create a post with "talk channel" Just talk to some or ask questions

The post"Talk Channel" will be posted weekly, every Monday and is open to everyone the whole week. And there we should all appreciate comments and responses to each other.
Yes, we need to talk to each other as well

Theme this week:


There are many competitions on steem blockchain and we invite everyone who runs competitions and tell us about them.

Do you participate in competitions and what type of competitions do you like best?

Feel free to leave links to the competitions and photos from them.

Share your experience with us

In the "talk channel" we or you can also post a topic that needs a review, for example tools on Steem or other things you want to know about

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Responsibility moderator for "Talk Channel" is @adeljose

@adeljose @art-venture @stef1 @myskye @sultan-aceh
@franyeligonzalez @leveuf @axeman @xpilar

 3 years ago (edited)

I have for the past 4 months been running #spud4steem which is a competition to encourage people to Power up on the 1st of each Month :)

  • Powering up Steem power helps the individual user and the greater Steemit ecosystem.
  • We have an amazing group of sponsors that help us provide great prizes to those who power up the biggest % on #spud4steem 1st of every month
  • its good to read posts where people are investing time & money into this blockchain

Here is a link to the #spud4steem that has just finished

You should join the #spud4steem movement and power up on the 1st day of each month

Hi @kiwiscanfly, SPUD is a great initiative and you are doing great job with promoting that, but I just saw a post that was done by @florianghe, actually two posts within 24 hours about the rule 6. in for entering the contest, that is in my opinion need to be removed or should be followed strictly because it can make more people unhappy if some will follow rules and other not but treated the same way.


I must say one of the best competition in steem blockchain. Hats off to @kiwiscanfly and all the people who are sponsoring this competition

 3 years ago 

A competition where everyone wins, excellent movement that promotes the growth of the platform and those who make PowerUp.

May this successful event continue for the well-being of all.

Hello everyone and it is nice to have another topic for today, contests are the places where people can show themselves and learn others. The same it was with us when we started, it helps to learn people by leaving comments and communicating, sometimes even getting advises. We learnt many people this way in the beginning and with many of them we are still friends. Thank you @adeljose for mentioning our contest @art-venture Art contest.

In my opinion, for those who find it difficult to post about something the easiest way to make s post for contest, just start up and see how far you go :)

 3 years ago 

Greetings @stef1, we are a team, we are at your service my friend

I can't do login my steemit account in my computer, when try to login it's show just loading whats the problem?

 3 years ago 

is it ok, you get logged in now

No sir it's show only loading...for that i don't use in computer,i used in my mobile..

 3 years ago 

Greetings @nevlu123, try clearing the cache from your browsing history, try another search engine, if you use Firefox switch to GoogleChrome or vice versa.

@adeljose thanks dear for your suggestion ,actually everything i have try but not success.

Hello friend , it's amazing channel my friend say about this channel.

 3 years ago (edited)

Good evening dear Community, I am currently doing my own project. Which consists of weekly photography and drawing contests to promote activity within the platform and help artists who are on it. The Project is called "Iniciativa Impulso" 🔸

Rewarding the winners with:

  • 1st Place 5 STEEM
  • 2nd Place 3 STEEM
  • 3rd Place 2 STEEM
 3 years ago 

Excellent initiative friend @jacorv.

You can visit the partners @art-venture and @axeman to deepen the strategies on these types of contests. They could be of great experience for you.

Thank you very much my good friend @adeljose! I will observe your strategies to improve and have a good initiative!

I have a friend he inform me that her notification tools not working i means when he click the notification nothing showing any idea anybody?

@nevlu123, may be there are no notifications yet. Therefore your friend is unable to see. When there will be a notification it will definitely be seen.

@jungling thanks for the ans,but there have 180 notifications but nothing show

 3 years ago 

Hello @nevlu123, as the friend @jungling says, as long as nothing has happened to your account, a vote, a comment, you will not have active notification at the moment.

On the other hand, I invite you to place the link of your contest in this channel.

Thank you for your participation here.

Nice to see you, this is best keep doing this post many people can find solution of their problem from here...

 3 years ago 

That's right, my friend, this channel was created by @xpilar to interact with everyone on this platform, to share ideas and uncertainties that you may have about some topic.

Nice it will be fun.

 3 years ago 

Thank you for your participation in this channel, my friend.

I appreciate you sir. My pleasure. My mistake for too late.

 3 years ago (edited)

I have been on steemit for a very little time. I have seen quite a few competitions but never really understood them very well.

But, there is @axeman, who organizes various competitions very regularly with support of others and WorldofXpilar.

Interesting competitions to do with photography and art.

His competitions are easily understandable and filled with creativity by the participants too.

Below here are some links to his competitions that are still open this week.

Landscape art and photography

Portrait Photography and Art

Black and white photography and art

Do participate in them all. You all will enjoy them.

 3 years ago 

Greetings friend, thank you very much for promoting the contests of the friend @axeman.

In World of Xpilar, there are also other contest options such as @art-venture, where you must show your drawing skills, other of the moderators promoting contests is @franyeligonzalez where you can draw an image of @xpilar or create a story based on your own image.

I invite you to follow them and participate in them. You will have fun.

Thank you @adeljose, for sharing details about @art-venture and moderator @franyeligonzalez.

 3 years ago (edited)

Hi friend, thanks for promoting our contests! We are here to support all users. :)

 3 years ago 

Your competition is very lovely. In which we can keep thought. Thank you my friend @xpilar

 3 years ago 

Nice to hear, thanks @ahlawat

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