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RE: We welcome you all to this week's issue of #talkchannel in the WORLD OF XPILAR Community ,Theme this week: ***COMPETITIONS AT STEEM BLOCKCHAIN***( week 32)

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I have for the past 4 months been running #spud4steem which is a competition to encourage people to Power up on the 1st of each Month :)

  • Powering up Steem power helps the individual user and the greater Steemit ecosystem.
  • We have an amazing group of sponsors that help us provide great prizes to those who power up the biggest % on #spud4steem 1st of every month
  • its good to read posts where people are investing time & money into this blockchain

Here is a link to the #spud4steem that has just finished

You should join the #spud4steem movement and power up on the 1st day of each month


Hi @kiwiscanfly, SPUD is a great initiative and you are doing great job with promoting that, but I just saw a post that was done by @florianghe, actually two posts within 24 hours about the rule 6. in for entering the contest, that is in my opinion need to be removed or should be followed strictly because it can make more people unhappy if some will follow rules and other not but treated the same way.

I must say one of the best competition in steem blockchain. Hats off to @kiwiscanfly and all the people who are sponsoring this competition

A competition where everyone wins, excellent movement that promotes the growth of the platform and those who make PowerUp.

May this successful event continue for the well-being of all.

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