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RE: We welcome you all to this week's issue of #talkchannel in the WORLD OF XPILAR Community ,Theme this week: ***COMPETITIONS AT STEEM BLOCKCHAIN***( week 32)

in WORLD OF XPILAR3 months ago

I have a friend he inform me that her notification tools not working i means when he click the notification nothing showing any idea anybody?


@nevlu123, may be there are no notifications yet. Therefore your friend is unable to see. When there will be a notification it will definitely be seen.

@jungling thanks for the ans,but there have 180 notifications but nothing show

Hello @nevlu123, as the friend @jungling says, as long as nothing has happened to your account, a vote, a comment, you will not have active notification at the moment.

On the other hand, I invite you to place the link of your contest in this channel.

Thank you for your participation here.

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