New Initiative: WOX Community users who are Powering Up.

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Hello my dear Steemians,



After the last post with WOX users who are Powering Up and taking part in the new Trend that is encouraged by the Steemit Team all our displayed users received a Surprise high Upvotes:




How to be visible for Curation:


After our post we received this comment:




We were thinking about the way how to make it easy for people to be seen for @steemcurator01 visit therefore we decided to put few rules together:


When you are creating a post, please mention in the name if you are Powering Up and please be honest because it is always double checked by Curators:

  • use #club5050 if you are Power Up 50%

  • use #club75 if you are Power Up 75% and

  • use #club100 if you are Powering up 100% of your payout

  • Using these tags as first 4 tags, obviously only first 4 tags visible for Curators

  • Members, please Upvote at least 10 users from our community “World of Xpilar”

  • When you claim rewards then it is better to do once a day, then you have not so much transaction in wallet that also make it easy to recognize

  • make a snapshot from you wallet to show the Power Up



All these will make it easy for Curators to recognize it.

From our side in order to help WOX users to be seen we will be issuing the Post with Users who are Powering Up.

At the end everyone has to decide for themselves what you would like to do:

  • do you like to withdraw and enjoy small amounts on daily basis, or
  • do you like to join Power Up wave and surf with us


At present this is the best choice to increase your Steem Power so long this Initiative by the Steemit Team is running, according the last post of the @steemitblog there will be some news for December. We are very curious what is coming up and you?



@stef1 and @myskye



Trenner groß.png


CURATION TRIAL @worldofxpilar




Trenner groß.png



 3 years ago 

Very helpful hints @stef1 thanks
Doing all this and overfulfilling the SP replenishment, I already managed to forget how the king came to me once)))
I won't say that I only hope so, but it would be nice))
By diverting part of my funds to the exchange, I have already earned something there. But I am not a trader, my tactics are more suitable for an investor.
Most likely I will return these funds back and put them in SP.
I have already set a certain date ... if nothing changes))

Glad to see you around, I believe for some of users it is important to know that it works just sometimes we need to be more clever to find the right way to be seen. Luckily using this highlight many of users were positively surprised.We will see what the future holds for us :)

 3 years ago 

Yes, unfortunately, many simply do not know how to correctly and beautifully design posts and make them visible to curators.
Apparently we need to create more posts with instructions and tips within our community.

And the future ... what yesterday we considered the future, today is already the present, but the changes got lost in the past :-))

Nice information ! 🥰

 3 years ago 

I also got a big cake from the king, a gift for the celebration of 1000 SP.
Thank you so much @stef1!.

I am really glad to see that and hope when people seen couple of times they remain in the memory and will be often visited :)

 3 years ago 

I hope so, thanks @stef1!.

Thanks for the information @stef1.
This community is very helpful. I enjoy being here. 🙂

Thank you for reading and glad that you found the information useful :)

I really support the program on wox, which supports growing STEEM to do power ups, I've done that to do power ups, I've tried #5050# but only got a visit from steemcurator01, I don't know what's wrong with my post , please.input@stef1

I think sometimes it is a case that for example the Steemit Team look what you do with your SBD and Steem, like in your wallet, you are collecting SBD and not Powering it UP, the same you have liquid Steem there and not Powering up, therefore they do not know if you will withdraw it, because the Initiative is called Power UP and you just claiming rewards. If you look at this program that is showing your activity, you have not Powered Up anything:


 3 years ago 

I love the thumbnail image featured here, its colours and the way the flower fills in the frame which instantly drew my attention to your post @stef1. I am in #club5050 and I power up using half of my earnings. Thank you for the tips on how to get noticed by the curators. I will start receiving awards once a day as you suggest here and I will take a screenshot next time I power up. I am already following all the rest of the guidance listed in this post of yours. I will certainly continue to power up as I want to enjoy surfing with you guys and make the most of what this platform has to offer. I simply can't wait to find out what awaits us all in December! Cheers and have a nice day.

Hi @petface, yes I have noticed that you are doing 50/50 also just keep in mind that SC01 mentioned that even though you do 50/50 your Power Up should be noticeably higher than withdraw.

 3 years ago 

Hi @stef1 Thank you ever so much for pointing that out to me. You are a star and I really appreciate your advise and support! I will power up again on Monday latest and I will make sure that my power up is higher. I am here in the World Of Xpilar to stay so I certainly have no intention of giving up and I want to grow bigger and stronger. This week even the Steem went up in value which is actually great news for all of us here on the platform. Cheers to that and have a nice evening!

What to say, a wonderful surprise from @steemcurator01.
I will certainly continue on my way to raising my power no matter which tag I use or splitting my prize from the post #club5050, #club75 or #club100 I will still turn it all into my power.
Thanks to this prize of @steemcurator01 I cross the 500SP limit and the next goal is 1000SP.
Thank you friend @stef1 for your support and for always useful information.

I am glad that you are in our club adn because of your Powering Up you are in my latest post :)

 3 years ago 

Muchas gracias amigo por la información ☺️

You are welcome :)

 3 years ago 

Members, please Upvote at least 10 users from our community “World of Xpilar”

Very correct innovation.

Thank you for your feedback, I know that you are one of the users who already does many of the listed advises and very active around :)

 3 years ago 

Thank you.

very active around

Sometimes probably too active.

I know you put a lot of effort into making people Power Up their accounts. You may have noticed that I do weekly community statistics where I summarize who did the Power Up. Last week, the whole community did the Power Up of 8447,682 STEEM. Of these, 6805,358 STEEM is a Power Up made by moderators. That's 80%!

I understand that moderators may have more opportunities. But there are 538 active authors in the community (by the way, until recently there were more than 600). Only 45 of them did at least some Power Up during the week.

Maybe we need to change the approach somehow. Maybe people can somehow get interested in having more SP. For example, if a person has 1000 SP, then one of his quality posts during the week is guaranteed to receive 30% Curation Trail, if 10000 SP, then two Curation Trail per week. You can come up with other incentives.

Now we milk you like cows, that is, we receive support, which we withdraw on the stock exchange. 500-600 active authors on 13 morderators is a very big load. Imagine if we had 50 users with 5000 SP, 20 with 10000 SP, 5 with 50,000. Then we could all support each other's posts.

Hola amiga @stef1,
Son excelentes noticias!!! Me gustan las sugerencias y como nos van guiando siempre. Sigamos creciendo!!!
Saludos 😊

You are welcome and glad that you found it informative :)

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