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RE: New Initiative: WOX Community users who are Powering Up.

in WORLD OF XPILAR3 years ago

Very helpful hints @stef1 thanks
Doing all this and overfulfilling the SP replenishment, I already managed to forget how the king came to me once)))
I won't say that I only hope so, but it would be nice))
By diverting part of my funds to the exchange, I have already earned something there. But I am not a trader, my tactics are more suitable for an investor.
Most likely I will return these funds back and put them in SP.
I have already set a certain date ... if nothing changes))


Glad to see you around, I believe for some of users it is important to know that it works just sometimes we need to be more clever to find the right way to be seen. Luckily using this highlight many of users were positively surprised.We will see what the future holds for us :)

 3 years ago 

Yes, unfortunately, many simply do not know how to correctly and beautifully design posts and make them visible to curators.
Apparently we need to create more posts with instructions and tips within our community.

And the future ... what yesterday we considered the future, today is already the present, but the changes got lost in the past :-))

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