Thank you for your feedback, I know that you are one of the users who already does many of the listed advises and very active around :)

 3 years ago 

Thank you.

very active around

Sometimes probably too active.

I know you put a lot of effort into making people Power Up their accounts. You may have noticed that I do weekly community statistics where I summarize who did the Power Up. Last week, the whole community did the Power Up of 8447,682 STEEM. Of these, 6805,358 STEEM is a Power Up made by moderators. That's 80%!

I understand that moderators may have more opportunities. But there are 538 active authors in the community (by the way, until recently there were more than 600). Only 45 of them did at least some Power Up during the week.

Maybe we need to change the approach somehow. Maybe people can somehow get interested in having more SP. For example, if a person has 1000 SP, then one of his quality posts during the week is guaranteed to receive 30% Curation Trail, if 10000 SP, then two Curation Trail per week. You can come up with other incentives.

Now we milk you like cows, that is, we receive support, which we withdraw on the stock exchange. 500-600 active authors on 13 morderators is a very big load. Imagine if we had 50 users with 5000 SP, 20 with 10000 SP, 5 with 50,000. Then we could all support each other's posts.

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