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Hello dear Steemians,


Today I wanted to draw your attention to following my conversation with one of the user who I checked the club status and it came to a bit if controversial result. It seems that people still calculate differently when it comes to the club status.


What club I belong to?


Lately when doing post and if you do not put any club status many users will not be supported at all, I do not know if that is because the people who curate just do not want to spend time for checking or they just assume that the user does not power up.

Coming back to the UserX

I looked at last 2 months: April and May

In April the user had withdrawn 440 Steem:


In April there was no Power Up at all, only Power Up was 29th of May and it was only 9.016 Steem


In my opinion I have given the user "No Club" label but was confronted by user who said that she Powered Up 9 Steem last month and that is why she should be in #club5050

I was quite puzzled with that, because if it is a case then every one will withdraw hundreds of Steem one month and Power Up minimum next month and will be belonging in #club5050, that means will receive the same privilege of support by SCXX and Booming.

I was told that @steemcurator01 and the Stemeit Team announced that this is how it should be calculate. In that case I wonder what is then the benefits if someone is Powering Up all the time, without any withdraw, every month?

*I hope that it does make sense and it would be good to have some clarification about for example above mentioned case from the Steemit Team.

CURATION TRIAL @worldofxpilar




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So according to your philosophy, someone who makes retreats cannot have the opportunity to return and be active again creating content because doing so would mean that you will have a witch hunt for at least half another year? The club's verification intervals were clear and I think this is already an issue from last year.

Information corroborated (again) by @steemcurator01

We must be more empathetic with our own users because we are destroying each other. The promotional efforts that many users use daily sell the platform as "a place to earn income from the creation of content," but if people cannot use their income more freely then we should start rethinking strategies to attract users, how do you invite legal people, or new natural people to use the platform to trade if they are going to be stressed every day how and when to do it?

Hi @alejos7ven, thank you for reading this post and for sharing your opinion. In this situation that was describe the query was if in the case of someone who withdraw large amount without Powering up one month then the user was #club0. But the user has not Powered up the whole month it was only beginning the month so we do not know what will happen throughout it.

I believe we all have to be fair and also honest, if it would be me I would never consider myself #club5050.

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Good post, good point, club 5050 is just nonsense then if you can circumvent it.. Btw, great painting! 👍😊

It feels like some people thought out the interpretation on their own way and spread that among others that seems many accepted. I do not really now what is right and the Steemit Team keep silence too.

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My understanding of Club50/50 is you power up the same amount as you withdraw in any single month.

If i was running this platform, only users who power up 100% of earnings are eligible for SC01 votes.

Have a good day

Agree with you I also thought that the user should 50% Up and 50% withdraw and that is every month then it is #club5050, the same with others. But I was told if one Powering up for 2 months then it is club75 and if someone Powering up for 3 months then it is 100%.

I also, agree the people who always Power Up 100% they should be rewarded for investing all their Earnings.

Thank you for sharing your opinion.

But I was told if one Powering up for 2 months then it is club75 and if someone Powering up for 3 months then it is 100%.

But not worth discussing…
When we started „steeming“ nobody would have the idea to even calculate. „Power up“ was a matter of course to support the community. Because the community supports the community - whale votes were a „lottery win“.

 last year 

It's the same they told me to calculate the clubs and I've always based myself on this. One, two and three months... I think most people think like this in the platform, but you are reasoning in different way, which I understand the point, but maybe we need to know which is the truth 😊

Sometimes I think even Powering up any amount maybe it is simple to put 5050, as it is at the end no difference people are not rewarded more no matter how much you power up.

I agree with you... People who power up their steem to 100% are eligible for SC01 as they fully support this platform for better growth. Hopefully SC01 will pay special attention to this matter.

Yes, it is a big commitment to invest everything and that should be noticed.

Hopefully those who are working hard with regular 100% power up for steem growth from the beginning of their journey on this platform will get good things in future 🙂❣️

If the calculation was actually made in this way, it must not be continued now in any case.
I think about it exactly like you. The icing on the cake is when only the 9 Steem are powered up and the others are waiting as liquid STEEM for the end of the month to be paid out...

If this is still the intention, you can just ignore the clubs altogether. The original purpose of supporting Power Ups is not achieved with this method anyway.

Wenn die Berechnung so tatsächlich mal beabsichtigt war, darf das jetzt jedenfalls nicht mehr gelten.
Ich sehe das genauso wie du. Die Krönung ist dann noch, wenn nur die 9 Steem aufgepowert werden und der Rest als flüssige STEEM auf das Ende des Monats warten, um dann ausgezahlt zu werden...

Wenn das weiterhin so beabsichtigt ist, könnt ihr die Clubs gleich ganz ignorieren. Der eigentliche Zweck der Förderung des Aufpowerns wird mit dieser Methode nämlich ohnehin nicht erreicht.

I do not know if the whole meaning of clubs still play a role as it was to motivate people and make them to invest. If people will be rewarded when they do like that user then it definitely will motivate others to withdraw their investment.

Der eigentliche Sinn der Club Angehörigkeit ist es, Leute zu motivieren und in Steem zu investieren. Wenn alle so kalkulieren wie es dieser User macht, dann kann ich mir vorstellen dass viele ihr Steem abziehen werden.

Bueno, las normas que Steemit blog comparten desde un principio son muy claras.

El club5050 equivale al encender mínimo el 50% de las ganancias durante el último mes y todos sabemos que un mes tiene 30 días exactos. LO QUE SIGNIFICA QUE SI UN USUARIO NO TIENE Ningún retiro el último mes pero si tiene algo de Steem encendido automáticamente forma parte del club.

Tan sencillo como eso, dichas reglas existen desde el 15 de Octubre del 2021. Ya HACE UN AÑO Y CASI 8 MESES.

EL IMPONER MAS NORMAS que nisiquiera están estipuladas solo hará que los usuarios se desmotiven y se vayan. Quien sabe cuantos usuarios que crean BUEN CONTENIDO y respetan correctamente las normas del club5050 usted le ha negado el apoyo para el soporte Booming y el apoyo de las cuentas steemcurator que usted a manejado por tanto tiempo.

Cómo le dijeron más arriba "debemos ser más empáticos" además no inventar reglas que no hay

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