CROWDFUNDING: JOIN Donation for Surgery! All Payout of the post goes to @turituri

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Hello dear Steemians,


This post is a reaction to the call from a @turituri who mentioned my username, I usually check what was the mentioning about. Today I am off my work and a bit more flexible with my time.

Operation for Bilateral Strabismus, also called Squint

When I read the post it really made me want to help. @turituri is a young user who is now 18 but she was born with a condition that is known in English as Bilateral Strabismus, also called Squint, is where the eyes point in different directions. She was born with this condition and as a child of 11 months had first operation.

Now when she reached 18 years it is a time for correction surgery. According the surgeons who offer the surgery, the costs will be:

$1,400, that is, 6,536 Steem

and she was offered the date in May this year.



Why You should Help?


When we think about someone who needs help, we always have to think what if that person is myself or my child?

To be a young woman who has the whole life in front of her and having such illness with her eyes that definitely leaves an impact on Mental Health and Self-esteem

How you can help?

  • You can Resteem and Upvote this post. Upvoting it you automatically donating to the user.

  • All Payout of this post is set for user @turituri

  • Let's show that we are united no matter what Community we belong or what country we are coming from, at the end we are all Steemians


  • If you like to Donate directly then donate to her account @turituri


We hope that there will be many Volunteers and we would be able to help with the Costs for Surgery!



CURATION TRIAL @worldofxpilar




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 6 months ago 

I will take this up with the board of wox-helpfund if we can provide support for her treatment ❤️

Yes, that will be additional help, thank you :)

Thank you for the post @stef1.

Hope this vote can help.

I am glad that we could draw the attention of many users and Community Leaders. With the support of the Steemit Team that action definitely will be noticed and hope will encourage many more to join it. Like I always say: Every little helps :) Thank you for your Upvote of both posts this and of @turituri :)

Good luck @turituri, you have our support.

Thanks a lot @stef1

Thank you @girolamomarotta for joining this Call for Help and for all the support. Italian Community is my dear friends and I am glad to see you on our side!

Buena gestion que se realiza para el apoyo a nuestra amiga @turituri, como muy bien lo menciona es una joven con una vida por delante.
Espero se complete los gastos para su operacion
Buen trabajo. Bendiciones

Thank you for visiting this post, it is important to spread the news so that as many people can see as possible.I still hope that we manage to collect enough so that the surgery takes place.

In times like these, we must always be united. If we all come together, we will grow like an avalanche and become hope. I hope everything will be fine for him. We should all support with what we have. Thank you for keeping us informed of this situation.

Thank you @stellify, thank you very much for your Donation and your warm heart. I also hope that the collection will be enough for operation to take place.

You're welcome🙏 I believe in this platform. 💫

Unidos podemos colaborar para que se está operación se realice, hoy es ella, el , cualquiera de nosotros, necesitamos apoyarnos ser más solidarios, todos los steemiants podemos aportar cada granito cuenta, gracias por compartir!


Yes, it could be any of us that is the correct way of thinking. We can help now and will get help later. Hope we will collect some Steem to help out financially.

Claro que sí ! Sigamos apoyando 🙏👏

Muchísimas gracias por su apoyo Sra. @stef1, me emociona y me llena de mucha esperanza el que usted haya dedicado un post para poder ayudarme a recaudar el dinero necesario para mi operación.

No tengo palabras para expresar mi gratitud, solo que Dios le bendiga enormemente y le de mucha vida y salud, se lo multiplique.

Bye Bye

Hello dear Paula, I can imagine how you feel and how much you had to overcome to come with this Plead to Help. But I am glad that you did it, your health is the most important for your and your fmaily. If we can help with a little bit then it is our responsibility to gather what we can as a blockchain we have such wide spectrum of opportunities and we have to use it for good things.

It is only a day 3, so we will see how far we will go :)

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We are the hope!

That is very helpful to see @steem-seven on board! Thank you for supporting our action!

 6 months ago (edited)

God bless @turituri
Re steem ur and her post

I think if she makes even a a small post every day we can convey her message to everyone

Thank you for re-steem, hope many people will see. I noticed that many other users also created the posts and donated to her :)

 5 months ago 

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