Application for Community Curator for October 23

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Hello dear Steemians,


Today I wanted to submit my application for Curator post for October 23.

For those who have not noticed this post I would like to leave the link:

This month I am applying for the Curator post for September and happy to work in a small team of 4 or 5 people.

The main reason why I am applying for this post is to give support to the users who are active part of Steemit platform but who have not been noticed by other curators. It is a nice feeling when we received words of excitement and gratitude when we makes such surprise visit.

The other benefit of being curator that we can nominate good posts in our weekly report and the user will get a bigger upvote, that is why I prefer to select for my weekly report:

  • someone who has not Curator post or Steem Representative

Those users have already a priority and known to the Steemit Team. That is why I chose less known user, who deserved that.


My journey on Steemit


We, @myskye and myself joined Steemit in 2017 initially it was only one account @stef1 but there were always two of us behind. That makes it easy, when one of us is busy then another one still able to run the account.

Since 2017 we:

  • regular posting about nature, travel, we love Art and Photography and that is reflected in our blog
  • supporting new users with advises to find themselves and to guide them how not to be lost on this platform
  • checking for plagiarism and abuse within our community WOX and also in Art posts
  • since we started we only Power Up, never had any Power Down
  • organising Crowdfunding Donation for different users or communities, for people in need
  • supporting any new projects on Steemit


Details of any positions of responsibility you have held on Steem


  • Moderator of WOX Community
  • Was a Steemcurator08 two years ago at very beginning (probably nobody remember that by now)



  • Was @booming support curator for WOX Community and Art in the past
  • Anti-Plagiarism work within Art and Photography
  • From November to March, I am a part of Steemit Community Curator Team#1 as one of 7 Curators
  • From April a part of Steemit Community Curator Team#1 as one of 5 Curators
  • In May 23 a part of Steemit Community Curator Team#1 as one of 4 Curators
  • Run a Steemit Community Challenge, Season-6 for WOX in December 22, that had 6 weeks of challenges
  • Moderator of Booming Nomination for WOX community since February 23
  • one of the 20 Steem Representatives
  • From June 23 on one of the organiser of WOX Engagement Challenge team and successfully accomplished it after 6 weeks of running we produced last Winner announcement post on 17/07/23
  • In July 23 I am a member of the Curator Team Millionaire, which is a dedicated account to support multiple contests runners but also to good quality comments to encourage users to be active and motivate them rewarding for good comments.
  • In August and September I am a part of Curator Team#2and team leader we are supporting users with @steemcurator05


Details of specialist or professional skills or expertise you have in ‘real life


  • From professional skills, I am working more than 20 years in Medicine, specialised in General and Minimal Invasive surgery in NHS system in UK.

  • But my activity on Steemit dedicated to one of the field that I always dream about Visual Art, that is why it is solely art related blog.

  • Amateur drawing and painting and Photography.

  • We are running an NFT account on "Rarible" that is NFT marketplace. It is at very early beginning and as always @myskye has a great idea to connect our account with Steemit account and if we manage to sell our NFT's then invest it into our @art-venture account and reactivate. So we will see how far will be able to go.

  • On our Instagram we are promoting Steemit with linking the entries with our Steemit posts, we have included the links to our Challenges and also Winner announcements posts and displaying Steemit link

  • We developed different skills in real life, like timber work, stone mason and fireplace reconstruction, auto restoration and repair and of course gardening

  • We love to explore the Heritage of Scotland and to share it with Steemians


What country you live in and what languages you can read fluently


We are Germans who have Stotland as the residency country. The languages we can speak fluently German, English, Kazakh and Russian


Your key stats - own SP, CSI, Reputation, Delegations


Our Steem Power:




Any subjects you particularly enjoy curating


Our favourite topics: Visual Art, travel, life


Trenner groß.png

This post is set 20% to @wox-helpfund. If you would like to help our Charity account please follow this example and set any % Beneficiaries to @wox-helpfund




CURATION TRIAL @worldofxpilar




Trenner groß.png


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 10 months ago (edited)

As much I know you
Dedication, Humbleness, Supportiveness are in your blood and i feel really Proud to have you as my Mentor.

God bless you and I wish you luck my dear.

A request to the society and Steem Selector,if @stef1 gets selected ,it will be a blessing in disguise for New comers.

Hi Neha, thank you for your nice words, it was a pleasure to give you this feeling of being as at home in our community but also Steemit gained such wonderful artistic person and a teacher. I am always glad if I manages to keep such people like you and of course, this opportunity of curator role gives a chance to encourage such people that is why I enjoy it.

 10 months ago 

Oh thanks to you too ,that is why I say you are the best::-)

 10 months ago 

Great post as always, my vote is yes for @stef1, hope you get it :)) Have a great day.

Thank you for supporting my application, hope it will be another month of curation :)

You are deserving as I always say and believe and you are doing your job with patience and wise. I'm happy for you and I wish to be eligible to apply someday for this role once again in future. My best wishes is always with you because I know you since the beginning when I came back this platform and WOX community gave me a lot like a friend like you, Sultan and others. I'm happy for my friends always for their success!

Thank you @shohana1 it is nice to hear such words and I am glad to hear that you have such good feeling regarding WOX community and also our work together as curators in the same team in the past. I am glad that you are still active around :)

I wish you all the best for your application. You are very supportive, for new member in Steemit and all user who are not getting notice in this platform.
You are very humble and High dedication to support every user good quality content. All i can say to you is
Semoga berhasil dan sukses selalu untuk kedepannya. Baik di Steemit dan di kehidupan mu..🙏🙏

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Hi @mytravelandscape, I am very pleased to help you to find you around on this platform, you are a great win for all of us with your beautiful artistic photography. It is an important task of us to discover new users and to help them out . Thank you for supporting my application.

 10 months ago 

When I first started my journey in Steemit, you were already an experienced curator and moderator. I especially remembered the Art Venture project. I think it was very difficult to keep it active all the time, visiting many posts, leaving comments. But you managed to do it for a long time. I'm sure you belong to the top league of curators :)

Yes, the time of @art-venture was great experience and we had that time many artists, it is a shame that many stopped posting. Yes, my hubby did curation with it but it was interfering with our renovation work so he just had to decide and of course, our house work was more important. Being a curator on behalf of the Steemit Team and rewarding good posts is very satisfying for me as curator and I am pretty sure that users glad too having such support. Hope to have an opportunity to continue curation work.

 10 months ago 

You made the right choice. I've seen many great users who took on too many responsibilities on Steemit. It became too difficult for them and they stopped their activity on the platform. Steemit should be interesting and fun first and foremost, not hard work.

 10 months ago 

Голосую двумя руками "за"!
Желаю успеха и ...сил))

Спасибо за поддержку :)

 10 months ago 

🖐️ 😊 👍

Great post. I vote for you.

Thank you Jeff, hope another month of curation :)

Hi @stef1,

You are the most deserving candidate for this position and you are very hard working as I have worked with you. I wish you all the best, mam.

Thank you Malik, appreciate your supporting words, yes it was good time working in the same team, who knows it might happen again :)

Steemit always :) Nice to have you in this social media platform! Cheers :)

Hi Marco, thank you for supporting my application, it is my pleasure :)

Hello @stef1. I think you are a qualified and honest person for this job. You can do this very well. Hope your application will be accepted sir.

Thank you @mainuna for your nice words and support of my application. I hope that there will be another month of curation :)

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