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Week 03

Another week of activities in the World of Xpilar, in which, besides the normal activities, is starting an interesting discussion about engagement in the community. How much interaction, relationships and support is being given between members of the community by visiting and commenting others work. @The-Gorilla, one of the moderators on the team, published an important post to discuss the situation, possibilities and perspectives on the subject. It's worth to give it a look and participate with your ideas.

💬 Expanding the boundaries of community coordination and online discussion

Also, speaking of engagement, you can visit a great post by @Xpilar in which he invites us to exercise those commenting skills that define a great steemian and member of the World of Xpilar Community.

Sometimes my head is full of ideas and questions and then I need to reset, what do I do then?

Surely this discussion will bring new winds to the experience of the members of this huge and diverse community. Meanwhile, we continue with support programs, photography and literary contests, sports, movie quizzes, pick of the day, the images of @Xpilar to inspire stories and the @Art-Venture to incentivize the talented artists sharing in the community. The team at the World of Xpilar is definitely building great spaces for creativity, participation and growth.

About this selection

I will be making a selection of three posts from community members that I visited during the week and whose quality and content have seemed outstanding to me, increasing a little more the rewards they have achieved for their exceptional work.

The goal is that part of the rewards of this post go to three authors weekly by receiving a percentage of the rewards (20% each one) as beneficiaries, in addition, this showcase of their work can also serve as a stimulus to invite more people to support these publications with votes and/or good comments and maybe give the authors a follow.

The works selected each week are according to my personal criteria on quality and individual expression. I will try at all times to maintain the variety of the authors, themes, means of expression and personal style.

I hope this initiative is a boost to the amazing creators who share their talents in the World of Xpilar Community.

The posts selected this week are the following:

Rewards (atm)
Study Sketch - Man on Canoe. (Chiaroscuro Study).

A study on drawing techniques becomes a guide for the artist on the reflection of his main interests and skills.
Best Place/Tourist Center I've Visited

The author invites us to visit the ski resort of Bukovel in the Carpathian Mountains with a wonderful narrative and photo gallery.
A Meticulous Observations Of ORI OLOOKUN. (sculptural work )

A beautiful experience with students around the process of sculpting and learning about Ori Olookun, an African deity.

I invite you to visit and support these authors, and hope you've liked this Selection of the week.

Last week's selected authors have received their rewards, as shown next:


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Voting for me: type in xpilar.witness and click VOTE




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Wow! This are brilliant and educative work good selection leveuf and am honoredto find my piece of work among them.

 3 years ago 

Great post and awesome experience, as you've shared, should be on the selection of the week!!
Best wishes for you and yours, @Innovator05!!

 3 years ago 

Honestly, I'm very impressed that you noticed my work. Thank you, it will give me inspiration for further work.

 3 years ago 

I wish you keep enjoying your creations and find that beautiful inspiration in your mountains, your walks and in every aspect of life!!
Best winds for all the projects!

 3 years ago 

Thank you, such words are already inspiring.

I made it here this time, I'm glad I did and it's all a beautiful compilation as usual.

 3 years ago 

Thanks for the encouragement and congrats! With your art I'm sure you will find you here again in anytime!!
Best vibes for life and projects!!

Thank you friend. And trust me, I'm working on some Wow factors, I'm sure you'll be thrilled soonest!

 3 years ago 

I like that sound!!
I'll be attending the news!
Big hug and best vibes!!

Thanks fam!

 3 years ago 

Hi, @leveuf! Once again I wanted to thank you for your support. I would also like to inform you that this support has not been in vain. I used the funds for Power Up.


 3 years ago 

Thank you very much for letting me know!! It's great to help a little in the growth of your account and your enjoyment on this Steemit journey!!
All the best winds for life and projects, @O1eh!! :)

Excelente trabajo de selección y de motivación no sólo para los tres seleccionados @innovator05, @o1eh y @tezzmax sino para todos los miembros de la comunidad WOX
Te felicito @leveuf, por tu extraordinario trabajo.

 3 years ago 

Muchas gracias por la visita y aliento. ¡En definitiva, uno se encuentra mucho talento por aquí que vale la pena apoyar con lo que se pueda! Que bueno que te ha gustado la selección de esta semana!!
Van abrazos grandes y los mejores vientos!!

Thank you josegilberto for stopping much appreciated


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 3 years ago 

Thank you very much for the support for me, and for these wonderful authors!!
Hugs and best vibes for all the Team!!

Hola amigo @leveuf, me gustó tu selección de publicaciones, diversa y de calidad; a mí me dio a conocer usuarios que nunca había leído. Pienso que esa es una misión de un buen curador, llegar y evaluar donde otros no llegan para acercar los usuarios entre sí.
Gracias por tu publicación

 3 years ago 

Muchas gracias por tu visita y valoración de este trabajo. Y que bueno que se cumple el objetivo de dar a conocer estos talentos!!
Te mando abrazos grandes, @Mllg, y los mejores vientos!! :)

Sí, con ese apoyo tienen la oportunidad de mantenerse en la plataforma y crecer.
Si los usuarios supieran la importancia de los comentarios seguro que comentarían un poco más.
Gracias por el gran trabajo de valoración y motivación que estás realizando, @leveuf
Un abracito

 3 years ago 

Ahí, contribuyendo un poco en lo que se puede!
Eso sí, siempre resulta un gran placer!!
Te mando abrazos grandes, querida amiga!!


 3 years ago 

Felicidades a los ganadores

 3 years ago 

Muchas gracias por ese aliento, vale la pena visitar estos trabajos!
Abrazo y buenos deseos, @Heribertor!

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