"My TOP 4 in #Worldofxpilar #11" (02/11 to 08/11/2020) CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE!

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Hello my dear friends, today I bring you a great NEWS, I have decided to undertake another new project here in my great community of @worldofxpilar, everyone knows that in this community we appreciate very much the artistic part of people, but also we appreciate to see their publications of the day to day. In @worldofxpilar we value the original and quality content, for that reason I have decided to support much more to my dear users, I know that many times there is quality content that is not valued as it should and that is the intention of this new project.

To continue collaborating and helping our users grow!


Imagen de Xpilar


The dynamic will be very simple, at the moment there will be 4 publications selected each week, I will try to be equitable, these will be divided in the following way, 2 The Diary Game and 2 publications of artistic character (photographs, drawings, paintings, stories, etc).

What will be the reward for these publications? 80% of the value of the publication at the end of the 7 days will be distributed in equal parts to the 4 users who are the authors of these publications (20% for each one). And to make everything much faster and automatic, I will directly place the participants as beneficiaries in this publication, that means they will receive both SBD and SP (50% and 50%). Better than that, right?


I present you my top 4 of the week, I think they are very interesting and quality publications. Take a look at them!


First of all we have our friend @aishwarya who always brings us excellent art, this time we can appreciate a great painting, for me it looks spectacular. We are happy to see that every day there are great works in our community. I invite you to visit her publication and leave a great comment.

The Boy With The Yellow Cap | Hahnemühle Diaries! 💛💚


Secondly we have my dear friend @Nancybriti who every day gives us an interesting story, I am very happy to have her in our community. Today I want to present a beautiful story that reminds us of the importance of friendship and remembering those beautiful moments of our childhood. I invite you to visit and leave a quality comment.

Ociosidades de Otoño (Relato breve)


Thirdly we have our friend @babybothe who brings us an excellent journal and tells us a little about her work which I think is great and I congratulate her for that, the area of health is very important in any country and today we are grateful to those who want to give all their support to our beautiful country!

I invite you to visit her diary and leave a quality comment.

The Diary Game Season 3: 05/11/20. Una Vida Mejor con Steem: “PASANTES.”


In fourth place we have our friend @flacura50 who also brings us a very beautiful diary, I really love the way she arranges her photographs, I think it is very original. She tells us a little bit about her day yesterday, about how beautiful it is to celebrate life and for that I congratulate her. We can also see that even though things are not completely easy in our country there will always be a moment to share as a family and to be able to surround ourselves with beautiful things.

I invite you to visit her diary and leave a quality comment.

The Diary Game Season 3, día 43: Celebración **Sábado, 07/11/2020


As you can see they are original and quality publications, in our community we do not allow plagiarism, we support only unique content, I sincerely encourage you to implement this project because I consider that our work as Moderators is to encourage users to continue participating and creating content, my intention is to try to cover excellent publications and help them grow a little more.

This is my top 4 this week, I hope you will join me in reading these posts!

As always a special thanks to our friend @xpilar for always supporting us moderators and our dear users.


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