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I suppose that I should continue writing about my big trip that I took last September. I believe that I left off right at the Idaho border.

Here I am on the Idaho side looking back across the river to Washington. The scenery was quite nice.


I found this interesting juniper bush at the campground. I can imagine all sorts of wild animals would be happy to make their den under there. Who knows, maybe there is a bear sleeping. I better keep my distance.


Idaho is an extremely beautiful state. We chose to take the less travelled highways so that we could enjoy the scenic beauty.


The highway we chose took us south alongside the river. Every place was lovely and quiet.


We did take a couple of ill-advised turns that nearly led to divorce. We managed to get through it, however.


Some of the terrain was sad. Many trees were dead from pine beetle infestation, and there were many stands that had caught on fire. This leaves little but blackened sticks across the hillsides.


We kept on truckin' though. Our goal was to make it to the natural hot springs pools. I will tell you about that next time.

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Impressive! I would love to follow your trace there ;-)) Dead trees are to be seen almost all over the world. Makes me sad and I remember to my childhood: all the forrests were healthy and green...

 8 months ago 

The good news is that trees are renewable. Fire can ravage a forest, but the trees come back. In many cases, fire is required for tree seeds to germinate. So it is not all bad.

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For me, Idaho is the Indians, the gold rush, the wild West. Something unusual from books and movies.

 8 months ago 

Well, this is the region that I live in. I have more pictures coming down the pipe. Stay tuned.


I'd like to try a little gold panning myself. I've done it before, and have about a half ounce of dust iny rock collection. Right now time does not allow, but I will keep it on the list....

Love the scenery, looks like a wonder-filled drive!



 8 months ago 

People still gold pan and sometimes work a claim in BC and Yukon. It is mostly a side line recreation activity. Like ice fishing.

I've panned about an ounce of dust from 2 locations, spent about a day. Those tailings are now being commercially mined, because when I panned it; gold was $32 an ounce, LOL! I got it for a rock sample for my collection....


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