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No. 522



Hello my dear Steemians and Art Fans,


This is a project to support young artists of traditional Art and photography on Steem.




Welcome to our Magazine and we are happy to present you our selection of Visual Art post.

I hope that you all have seen the post about the Identity Fraud case, please take time and visit this post for your own education. If you have no account on Hive or Blurt with your username it is good to create it so that you have booked the name and nobody can create an account using your username from Steemit.




Be creative and we will there to give you support and advise, with help of the Steemit team we are providing continuous support to Visual Art creator nominating them for @booming support. We thank @steemcurator01 account for supporting our curation and our Artists.





Trenner groß.png


Today's selected Artist


Unnamed portrait By @ultravioletmag





Trenner groß.png


Ascension. by





Trenner groß.png


The Edge of Spring by @jmkartworks





Trenner groß.png


Drawing a portrait (315) by @alkor





Trenner groß.png


Dibujo de Tengen Uzui By @juliocesardraw





Trenner groß.png


Sketch - portrait By @jorgevandeperre





Trenner groß.png


Mysterious church in the mist by @fumansiu





Trenner groß.png


Watercolor Painting & Poetry: Stop & Look Around by: @manisha.jain9





Trenner groß.png


인어 여왕 - Queen mermaid capture and angry - Original character design. by: @gooze





Trenner groß.png


Portrait of a beautiful African woman! by @promisearts






Your contribution would greatly appreciated,Sincerely,

@stef1 and @myskye



@art-venture Power Up snapshot



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If you would like to delegate to the Art-Venture Project you can do so by clicking on the following links:

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our Supporters

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 5 months ago 

Да... отличная работа, я было подумал, что это фото. Мастер реализма, однако)

 5 months ago 

Congratulations my friends! Thanks art-venture!

Congratulations to all winners

Hi @art-venture

Do you want to join any community curators team?? If you are willing to join you can contact me on discord ashkhan#8433

Hi @ashkhan, you have already asked me I am @stef1 and @myskye are behind @art-venture Project, so no time and other commitment.

Congratulations to those selected, success to all!

Thank you for visiting our Magazine :)

very interesting choice

Thank you for visiting :)

You're welcome 😊

que buenos trabajos, quisiera alguna vez estar en esta maravillosa revista presentando mis dibujos

 5 months ago 

Thank you @art-venture, and congratulations to all!

 5 months ago 

Very beautiful selection. I am honored to be included, thank you very much!

Thank you for stopping by Jorge, glad you like our selection :)

Hi @art-venture
Great collection as always
I like the work of
@ultravioletmag&@promisearts, the best

Thank you @crafter, it is a pleasure to hear from you, yes the works are really nice :)

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