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No. 521



Hello my dear Steemians and Art Fans,


This is a project to support young artists of traditional Art and photography on Steem.




Welcome to our selection and we are happy to present you another bunch of outstanding posts and beautiful Visual Artworks. For us it is every day a discovery day, to find a new user who probably just started and need a bit of guidance and push from our side. The same time we are keeping an eye on our older users who we are following for very long time. It is a pleasure that we have such good community and it is always nice to read your comments.

Once again reminder use the tags correctly such as #steemexclusive only if your post is done on Steemit and not the same one on for example Hive. Tags #100, #75 or #5050 only to use if you are Powering up: 100% of your payout, 75% of your payout or 50% of your payout accordingly.


Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen's song for Ukraine with new lyrics, 2022

Song for Ukraine, 2022. I know that I'm more known for funnier songs, but with recent events, it's hard to find humour. I played with the lyrics of Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah' yesterday - all about trying to find joy in the midst of all this, then recorded it with my guitar this morning. Ukraine is very much in my heart at this time. This song is for all unwittingly caught in the conflict there.

Shirley Șerban


Be creative and we will there to give you support and advise, with help of the Steemit team we are providing continuous support to Visual Art creator nominating them for @booming support. We thank @steemcurator01 account for supporting our curation and our Artists.





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Today's selected Artist


The essence of nature | Watercolor Drawing By @oscurocactus





Trenner groß.png


The Destination| Watercolor painting| by @artographer





Trenner groß.png


"G-Man's eyes" (original sketch on a craft paper) by @summonerrk





Trenner groß.png


PORTRAIT OF MARILYN MONROE | done with 100% graphite by @tempestinyang





Trenner groß.png


Village of dreamy colors By @jorgevandeperre





Trenner groß.png


Hoopoe - Abubilla By @arcoiris





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WHEEL OF MISFORTUNE: one of the black arcana by @damoclesart





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That Little Smile - Digital Drawing by: @maxwellmarcusart





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Dibujo de Ave en Vuelo by: @marcocosta





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Mulyaka Sings His Yoga Song by @ronthroop






Your contribution would greatly appreciated,Sincerely,

@stef1 and @myskye



@art-venture Power Up snapshot



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Glad you like the selected works.

thanks for the support art venture :D

the strains of the acoustic guitar sound very touching, the chords sound minor, that's just my guess. beautiful song.

Congratulations to the artists chosen this week. everything looks diverse and very interesting.

Glad you listen to video too, thank you for supportive words :)

Nice to see my work featured in this week's Magazine. Thank you.

You have done such expressive face features, very good work :)

Always a big thank you for taking the time to look at our work!

Thank you too Ron, glad to include you :)

 5 months ago 

Почему я думаю про Новый Год... :)

Да мне тоже сразу Новый Год вспомнился :)

 5 months ago 


Thank you so much art-venture for the mention.
Thanks for the support. I appreciate your effort and encouragement.

It is a pleasure to display such beautiful works like your :)

 5 months ago 

Beautiful Song for Ukraine played with the lyrics of Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah' full of emotion. Thank you for including my painting once again in your magazine. By the way, a great selection.

Thank you too for visiting our Magazine, the song is something that has both its beautiful melody but also it transmits kindness and peace.

 5 months ago 

Greetings friends, thanks for sharing these great works of the community. Thanks for sharing this song. A big hug.

I am glad you listened to Video and it is great to see you among our loyal followers :)

Hermosa selección, muy espeecialmente encantado con el trabajo de @jorgevandeperre y @arcoiris

Thank you Adrian for nice words :)

 5 months ago 

Thank you,I'm very happy you liked my drawing,

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