Banking and Finance Three R’s Contest: Ten (10) SBD in Prizes/ finished!

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Banking and Finance Three R’s Contest: Ten (10) SBD in Prizes

The contest is finished!
The winner of two SBD was @thegreens

This contest celebrates our community membership reaching 400 members!


The contest focuses on the Three R’s outlined in @steemitblog post Link


Using the Steem Instant Signups described at this Link

You have to complete the Three R’s


First, Recruit one new person using Steem Instant Sign-ups [Link](Steemit Instant Sign-ups are now possible!)


Second, Retention
Help them complete their #introduceyourself post and have them thank you in the post.
Help them start the daily diary game and have them thank you in the post.


Third, Rewards: Post links to these achievements in a comment below.


Complete all three tasks and be one of the first Ten to post your links in the comments and win one (1) SBD

The Contest runs for 7 days


You have to be a Community Member to Win, so subscribe! Link

If there are 20 Entries I will increase prize money to Twenty (20) SBD!

Let’s Go Banking and Finance Community!




6 Days ago, we organized a Steemit training:

From the training, we have been able to recruit 02 Steemians who have published their introductory posts with our support and mentorship;

We are also currently working on the introductory posts for @njiatanga and assisting two other Steemians to create their accounts and publish their introductory posts this weekend.

Glad to know of this community @shortsegments and will definitely share a blog about Steemit Njangi, a new concept we are working on to support and empower Steemians to grow on the blockchain.

Hi @thegreens your entry is noted, welcome to the contest, please join this Community and please look at the Community called Steemit Explained as a resource. Link


Great job organizing the Steemit Training in your Community!

You won two prizes! Two SBD was transferred to your account.

This is awesome 👏🏻 and thanks 🙏! More recruits on the way.

Congratulations @eii, you successfuly trended the post shared by @shortsegments!
@shortsegments will receive 0.03906600 TRDO & @eii will get 0.02604400 TRDO curation in 3 Days from Post Created Date!

"Call TRDO, Your Comment Worth Something!"

To view or trade TRDO go to
Join TRDO Discord Channel or Join TRDO Web Site

i really want to participate in this contest that i have been waiting to be posted, and i have alreasdy sent the invite link for sign-up in order to to be able to participate.

Good Job!

i am still waiting for the contest just be a winner.

Congratulations @shortsegments, your post successfully recieved 0.039066 TRDO from below listed TRENDO callers:

@eii earned : 0.026044 TRDO curation

To view or trade TRDO go to
Join TRDO Discord Channel or Join TRDO Web Site

Contest Interim Results:
This entry runs a Steem Backed Dollar or SBD for @thegreens



This entry runs another Steem Backed Dollar or SBD for @thegreens



The winner @thegreens was sent Two SBD!




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