100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 91 - A Roadmap With Three R’s

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As we head towards the end of the 100 Days of Steem project we have begun to refocus our thoughts on the bigger picture.

The 100 Days project has allowed us to explore and test new ideas and structures that haven’t been tried on Steem before.

The project has also provided a most valuable interface to interact with and get to know the community.

For the past 3 months we have been collecting, collating and synthesizing all this information and insight to help us build a framework for what comes next.

A Roadmap with Three R’s

There is a common, and not unreasonable, expectation for organisations like Steemit to lay out future plans in the form of a Roadmap.

Indeed Steemit, Inc has produced a Roadmap in the past.

But Roadmaps can be difficult. So much can change that can affect even the best made plans - technology, the marketplace, the business environment, regulations, the economy… Predicting what is going to happen in the wider world for the next few years is fraught with difficulty.

It is certainly still on our agenda to produce another roadmap but before we move towards the specifics of targets and timescales we want to examine and confirm some of our core operating principles.

What is special for Steem, and what differentiates it from other blockchains, is that it is a social technology.

Steem is a blockchain to be used in a social setting with a community of real people around it.

The community has always been at the heart of Steem.

One of the most powerful outcomes of The 100 Days of Steem project, and in particular The Diary Game, has been the re-emergence of a strong, vibrant, multilingual community.

This new community is made up of real people with real lives and real passion for the world of Steem.

It is building, cherishing, nurturing and growing this community that we want to put at the heart of what comes next.

To achieve this we believe three key elements will be vital…

  • Recruitment
  • Retention
  • Reward


One of the things that has been demonstrated very clearly by The Diary Game is the power of incentivized recruitment by personal invitation.

We think this can be readily scaled up to become a core recruitment method to grow the Steem community.

A first test of this will be in Season 2 of The Diary Game.


Keeping people active on Steem has historically been difficult.

An expanding package of enhancements to the incentivized recruitment system, the development of communities, the introduction of team activities, the expansion of challenges and games, and a focused community curation program should go a long way to a much improved retention rate on the platform.


Fairness of rewards distribution has always been an issue of contention on Steem.

The presence of certain routes to bypass the primary concept of Proof of Brain continues to be an irritant to much of the community.

Resolving this issue remains firmly on the agenda.

In the meantime the Community Curator project, alongside the games and challenges run by @steemitblog, will continue to strive to be exemplars of how Proof of Brain curation should be carried out.

There is still considerable work to be done in formulating the full Roadmap.

We thought it useful in the meantime to share our commitment to the three R’s at the core of our future thinking.

Your thoughts and comments as ever are most welcome.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

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Notes from the Community...

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The @steemingcurators has published their latest Showcase of some of the best content creators on Steem…

Gifs4Steem Contest

@stephenkendal has posted a reminder about his #gifs4steem contest with 35 SBD in prizes...

All the rewards from this post go to support the work of @fundacorazon in Venezuela and @thegreens in Cameroon.



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Glad people are Telling the truth about #steem and #stinc today. Justin Sun has ruined a good thing here.

People waking up to this is a good thing.

Is there something other then his acquisition and subsequent theft of peoples steem going on? I don't come on steemit much anymore.


Since I have been at Steemit, it is the first time that so many projects have been presented that are open to different types of creators and that include even the smallest ones, something that previously if you did not pay bidbots you were not valued or at least it was with difficulty, now there is a real valuation of real people to content creators who are really striving to be better and better, so far we continue to work as a team to grow the platform together, the three rs involves users, communities and steemit, it is simply because the Users are in charge of RECRUITING, or at least the greatest weight of this falls on them. The community is in charge of RETENING through the challenges, the activities, the challenges and contests that they carry out to be attractive to the users who come day by day to steemit, but also the users who we invite must take care of educating and teaching those new to adapt quickly, because there is no use inviting a new person and letting the communities retain him, if they have no idea what the communities are, or that they are labels or other things, they quickly get frustrated and Iran. and finally the REWARDS of which we see the example through mainly Steemit that has given more value to this platform and of course all those sponsors and other communities that have had the power to value and support users in this way.

Long live STEEM! 😎

Very much in line with our thoughts.

Thank you for your support.

The Steemit Team

Just Curious why you are not down voting other post promoters. Such as the entire trending page.

It is easy money! Just comment on Diary Games posts before @steemcurator01 arrives to vote and you could be selected to get a $10 upvote.

It is not easy, posting a blog takes less time, and posting 20 comments or more takes 4 hours time, because before commenting we need to read the blog each time.

The second point is that due to convergent linear reward the 10% upvote is not $10, rather $7.55(however, with 100% upvote it is $100). But still, worth engaging with that prize. I am not complaining. Just putting forth the fact.

Definitely, the simple challenges like #thediarygame not only brought real people to this social domain but also engagement, which was missing earlier. Not to forget this also lowers the barrier to entry.

Retention has been a problem in the past. You may notice an influx of bloggers during the next bull run, but the community does not live like that. Regardless of what the market sentiment is, the blockchain turns over its page every day and people live that page every day. Put simply, the initiatives periodically can make it alive.

The next big problem could be if the number of participants gets bigger how would you scale. Let's say you have 2000 participants and submissions each day. Curation may be an issue to handle such a larger number of entries. So that is one area to work out.

So one fo the solution can be a collaboration with different communities to whom you have delegated your SP and tasked them to a coordinated curation for the initiatives like this.

Some people may not be celebrity kinda to bring new people in huge numbers, so the point system will not be encouraging for them as they can't win. So it would be better to fix an upvote or steem reward for bringing each new people. To prevent abuse you can define a cool off period of 15 days activity of the newcomer to be eligible for the award to the recruiter. This is just my opinion.

before commenting we need to read the blog each time.

This is just right and with every text, for which he usually takes a lot of effort, intended by the author, by the blogger!
How sad would it be if we would write only for (high) votes and not for readers anymore?!

Saya setuju dengan anda, sebisa mungkin semua yang terlibat dan memiliki kualitas mendapatkan reward yang memadai. Karena ada juga kualitas postingannya rendah tetapi mendapatkan upvote yang besar. Seharusnya ada keadilan dalam distribusi upvote. Harus sesuai dengan kualitas penulisannya dan juga orisinil. Orang-orang yang anda delegasikan SP harus adil dalam mengkuratori para penulis. Jangan sampai ada yang menguntungkan pihak-pihak yang tidak berkualitas. Semoga ini mendapatkan perhatian dari anda @steemitblog.

Hey @steemcurator01,

Hindi translation is ready:-100 दिन STEEM : दिन 91 - A Roadmap With Three R’s




post promoters

one more promoter join the list with over 1350 followers which will make the translation more reaching to Indian post promoters have more than 3k followers

List of promoters:-
@rajan1995 &

These are the list of beneficiaries which are increasing day by day

Now one upvote Ian more valuable hope my work will get somebody upvote


I absolutely ❤️ it.!!

Loving this new drive and I looking forward to going on this journey with you.

Thanks for promoting #gifs4steem I really appreciate it.

You guys are truly rock'in it now.!!

Stephen x

I have joined the diary game sir. I hope you will see it. Thank you.

Hi @steemitblog

I want to say that I am impressed with the success of the diary game ideas. The game gained great popularity and attracted an extensive mass of new participants, as well as returned many platform veterans. However, I noticed that not everyone is ready to write long texts and take selfies. Someone is shy, someone does not possess the skill of transmitting their thoughts through text. For example, I invited @nklm. But unfortunately I see that he is not ready to publicly talk about himself. It,s strange, I know his magnificent texts on the Russian platform
I would like to propose you the idea of ​​an even simpler idea how to attract a large number of participants. This game is called "Photo of the Day"
I will explain briefly the essence of the idea. It is not new, but it makes sense to use it.
Any participant posts in the anchor post any any number of new photos just taken on any topic, any camera or smartphone.
At the end of the day, as a result of a plebiscite, the winner is determined who receives your 100% upvote.
Believe me, the hype will be huge!
Interesting advertising slogans for other networks are possible:

"$ 100 for one photo!"
"Every day $ 100"

I could take up the organization.

Hi @mister-omortson

Your idea is great but requires all images to be checked

Какая замечательная реакция среди голосующих , особено тех у кого вообще нет блогов ))))))

Any initiative that enhances photography is fine. good idea...

Agree with the 3R's hope we will get the desirable results. Thank you for sharing with us what your team has in mind and working on right now. STEEM on!

This post about the 3 R's shows more professionalism and being on the right track than anything I saw the old steemit crew produce. Now we are all hoping you can deliver on them and help us turn Steem into something really special!

Basically what I was thinking. Has anyone here ever mentioned the word "retention" before? Previous leadership sure didn't care about it.

I'm still pretty skeptical of Steem on a number of levels, but there's been a lot of progress lately that I would never have expected a year ago.

I see @steemitblog is still ignoring me from the Andrarchy era. @steemcurator01 if you're watching maybe clear the account's old ignores?

Confused? Why do you say we are ignoring you?

Long long ago (just before HF20) when Andrarchy was running the Steemitblog account, he muted me for pointing out something inconvenient about the experiment they were running by dropping resource credits on the population without any testing. @steemitblog still has me on its mute list from then; I guess it doesn't matter on Steemit, but it means my comments here don't show up on Steempeak. (Presumably someone logged into that account wouldn't see them on Steemit either, but on Peak it's everyone.)


There are only two other users on that account's ignore list, one of whom is @sunlit7 who I expect Andrew found similarly annoying for posting legitimate criticism; I don't know the other one.

Hi Tim, found that now - unmuted you!

I didn't even know he muted me, I've had problems on that site trying to leave comments. Maybe now they will unmute me now they have all left.

Nice to see you back around.

tcpolymath is like me in that we tend to point things out when we see them. The old crew did not like criticism and LOVED flagging ... They are still wondering why they failed to moon steem -not kidding-

I wondered why I have a problem on Steem Peak, how about unmuting me also now that those guys are gone.

What progress?

Probably the two biggest additions are that Steemit is rewarding legitimate content with their stake and communicating regularly, and the powerdown time has been cut more than 2/3. Both of those are independently immense improvements, even if they way we got here was troubling.

Also the dev team that made two disastrous hardforks has moved on, quite a few habitual abusers (in the human sense) went with them, and the culture of downvoting as a form of political harassment has been greatly reduced (except on one topic, unfortunately).

It remains to be seen whether the new Steemit can put together a dev team that can pull things forward, won't be in complete denial about the real problems with steemd's design, or can do anything about preventing personal abuse and harassment on a more systematic level. But so far there's been quite a bit of quiet good mixed in with the drama, which is a step up from the previous two years.

This is actually the kind of social network the world needs and this explains why i have pledged to work on the 3Rs by recruiting 150 Cameroonians to Steemit and then supporting them to grow. The entire Steemit Team is a true source of inspiration having soo much value for her community. #ProudSteemian.

Me parece excelente establecer una nueva hoja de ruta, en el mes de marzo establecí una hoja de ruta, pero por la falta de Steem Power no la llegué a ejecutar, las hojas de rutas siempre hay que actualizarlas y eso es lo que realizaré. Estoy muy de acuerdo con las 3 R, los nuevos usuarios son el futuro de Steem Blockchain, en ellos nos tenemos que enfocar.

Sorry, that post does not qualify as an entry for The Diary Game - it is not about your daily life activities.

I understand. I've done 2 new posts in the right way.

Disculpe @steemcurator01, no entiendo el juego del diario no se trata de plasmar lo de tus actividades diarias?, pregunto porque ya lo he publicado 4 dias seguidos incluyendo la introduccion al juego y quiero saber si lo estoy haciendo mal. Soy nuevo en la plataforma

There is no need to give a screenshot. Of course you will get votes. You have contacted the right place. If they have time, they will vote for you. @mimma

Okay, That's my mistake. Next time I'm not share screenshot here.

Road map is very good and certainly opens market opportunities so that it can make transactions with steem, where everything can be accepted by all levels of society ranging from the lowest economy to the very top, a matter that sometimes does not enter the human mind but can be accepted by all groups starting from young people to parents.

@vlad2004 пожалуйста, бросайте ссылки на дневниковые записи, которые steemcurator01 не проголосовал за них к 6-му дню, или если это ваше первое сообщение на #thediarygame. Это не запись в #thediarygame. Спасибо за сотрудничество.

@vlad2004 пожалуйста, бросайте ссылки на дневниковые записи, которые steemcurator01 не проголосовал за них к 6-му дню, или если это ваше первое сообщение на #thediarygame. Это не запись в #thediarygame. Спасибо за сотрудничество.

Thank you for the excellent markdown employed and a stylishly done post. May those @fundacorazon (fundoflove?) and the friends in Cameroon all get a boost.

Amezing pleform

Can I bring ur attention to my 5th day old article @steemitblog :


What ever you guys are trying to say, i dont get it

@steemitblog @steemcurator01 thank you so much for your amazing work for Steem.

Hello @steemitblog. These are important points in a roadmap. Good job. These will go a long way in bringing on more people to the blockchain and making them stay. Well done.

Please, my this is me post has not been visited. Here is the link... https://steemit.com/hive-122035/@tolustx/this-is-me-or-my-introductory-post-for-the-diary-game

I will delete this the post is visited. Thanks

Hi brother. I follow you. Thank you.

Hello. I am new here on steemit. I have been introduced by @fycee here and really enjoying this a lot. I wanted to join in the diary game too.

Long live steemit.


Hola me haría feliz que leyeran y votarán por mi diario ✨💕🙏

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its amazing lol)))

My post is 6th day already. Kindly @steemitblog could take a look :


Sorry for the delay, now all voted up to date.

This is me, @ecodesigns; a textile recycling and fashion designing hub that is training women and girls for free: https://steemit.com/the100daysofsteem/@ecodesigns/this-is-me-ecodesigns-from-bamenda-cameroon

Hola buenas noches!! Me parece que están haciendo un excelente trabajo, el juego del DIARIO ha sido todo un éxito y sé que muchas más personas se animarán a participar en él..!!

Quería realizar una pregunta aún se puede hacer la postulación para los asistentes del diario o ya se cerraron las vacantes?? Gracias!! :)

amigos de @steemitblog por aquí dejo mi link de mi publicación el el diario de juego pendientes para que lean mi publicación gracias. ..https://steemit.com/the100daysofsteem/@edgargonzalez/the-diary-game-dia-viernes-03-07-2020-dia-de-moler-cana

I think the three R's synthesize perfectly all the work of these three months that has given lots of good results. Projects are now in a consolidation phase and all the activities by the Steemit Team growing in participants and organizers. Definitely will be interesting the implementation of the second round of activities after the 100 days!
Lots of joyful work and great perspectives. Apps, communities, witnesses, stakeholders and authors and even markets seem to be doing great work along with Steemit. That by itself is an awesome achievement.

Congratulations on the work and looking forward for a bright future!!

Best regards for the Steemit Team!!

Greetings @steemcurator01,this is my first diary post which hasn't been upvoted and its now 5days.kindly find time to check it out.thanks


I hope our community curators will get to work soon, because it seems the steem system had slow down a little starting from the new month of July.

  • Note all of my diary post and other post had not been curated at all, and i hope other members are facing the same problem of curation. @steemcurator01

i'm new here please i need support please @eladpp


I love the 3 Rs. Brilliant!

Seriously this is a simple culture building tool, I'm really glad you found someone who knew and implemented it, it is tried, tested and works.

New here... Have read about steem on some interesting plaform like publishox and the rest, would love to understand this community and what it stands better

Kind reminder...this diary will end in 21 hours...and still not voted


Sorry for the delay, now all voted.

And congratulations on the new job with Foxconn

It's Introductory Post for The Diary Game of my friend, you did not look it for 6 days


I have written this comment, because my friend does not have enough Steem Power to write this comment herself.

i felt exactly the same way. this place has gone insane and is lowering the bar day by day to sheer unbelieably incredible lows!! <3