StepN Game Review./ Part 03.

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Assalamu Alaikum. Hope everyone is well. I am very well by the grace of Allah. Today I am going to reveal StepN Game part three to you. I have already revealed two parts to you.

We have already seen that the web three point zero world is gaining a lot of popularity in the NFT and gaming community. There are many stories behind gaining this popularity. We think about the community before we invest our capital in anything. Because if the community is bad then we have the maximum chance of losing.

Our main reasons for investing in StepN are twofold.

★By investing in this community we get an NFT. The NF we will get which is nowhere else in the world. We can sell this NFT in the marketplace whenever we want.

★The NFT we are buying is Move to Un NFT. This NFT programming is done in such a way that you can earn by playing games.

So we have an NFT first. Secondly, we are getting an opportunity to earn without leaving that one.


First of all we need to know how strong the community is and will the community be sustainable?

There are two types of people in this world, good and bad. Some will say good to good and some will say bad to bad. There are also those who will say good to bad and bad to good. We have to analyze ourselves without listening to others. Many talk about the financial sustainability of this game. I think it all depends on the community owner whether or not this game exists

Because it is a centralized platform. The owner of this community can end it now if he wants and he can keep it for a long time if he wants. But I think the game play of this community is very beautiful. Because of its beauty, it has gained so much popularity with everyone and everyone has become addicted to it.


If we recall the first popular game Axis Infinity, we can see that they were not able to sustain the meteoric rise. This Axis Infinity game has a lot of history. The Philippines and Venezuela had the highest number of players in Axis Infinity games. Philippines and Venezuela are developing countries. Most of the youth in the Philippines were invested in this sport or this game. Axis Infiniti was one of their main sources of income when the Covid pandemic hit. But due to some errors, the game crashed a lot in the market place. Due to the crash, the game lost a lot of popularity.

Anyway, we remember the Sky Mavis game. It is developed from a Vietnamese gaming studio. Around October, the $150 million funding round was valued at $3 billion. But by the end of November, more than eighty percent of their tokens had lost their value. The company dropped from $754 million to just $5 million. So we have to take a little ricks in the internet or virtual world. If you don't take risk then I suggest you stay far away from this virtual world.


The reason why StepN is so popular. Rich countries such as Japan, the United States and Europe have the highest number of users. So investors came very early in this game. Because most of the players in this game are rich countries. But due to some errors this game lost some popularity.

Token system.

We all know that StepN solona is controlled by Blockchain technology. This game is basically a move-to-un programming game. To play this game you need to buy NFT. NFTs are for shoes. By buying the NFT of this shoe you have to run for a certain period of time. You have to run out of energy within the specified time and within 24 hours your energy will be fully replenished again. Once the energy is fully replenished, you have to run again, and so on every day.

Depleting the energy of this shoe will give you two coins. GST and GMT are two of their community coins. If you want you can take payment with solona coin. The utility coin of this community is GST and the governance coin of this community is GMT.


Basically this game is made to keep the human body fit. Because people are getting lazy as time goes by. So if you buy this shoe or NFT you have to run for a certain time. By exercising, you are earning money on one side and your body is benefiting on the other side.

There are many people who do not like this game. They do not consider this game as a running app. But time will tell how this game really is. Here I can't call this game good and neither can you. Because it all depends on the owner of the community.

I discussed many things about this game. But there is one thing that you really want to discuss. So now let's talk about the game mode.


The game application has three modes. These mods are used to make users participate rudely, earn money. So now we will know about these three modes.

Solo Mode: In this mode you have to earn by running alone. Users should not just run in one place or in one place. He has to run through different places. A user's income depends on two things. on the rarity/characteristics of the sneakers they own and their level of physical activity.

Marathon Mode: This game has a system to compete with other players. There are monthly and weekly marathon competitions. But if you want to compete in marathon, you have to register separately. Once registered you have to compete or race with other players weekly and monthly. If you participate in these weekly or monthly contests, you will earn something separately. If you win this competition then you will be rewarded with good amount.

Background Mode: There are other ways to earn from this game. Users can earn by keeping their app on. With at least one pair of sneakers in inventory. But you can earn GST coins only here. Steps gained in background mode will not reduce the endurance of walking, jogging sneakers. This is a good point.

So friends, I have finished here today. Apologies for the long post. Everyone stay well stay healthy and take care of yourself. See you again in a new post. God is Hafez.


I am Md. Ebrahim Islam Nahid. Everyone calls me Nahid. I am Bangladeshi. I am an Electrical Engineer. I love reading books, writing and creating new things. I try to express myself and evaluate the opinions of others.


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I have seen in the last market cycle in Solano Network which was called step and earn I think if I'm not mistaken. Initially that project got quite a fantastic hype in the market and people were able to earn a lot by walking and doing physical activities. It looks like a similar concept where I think again when the market is getting better it can get more hype in the market and you never know if this can turn out to be promising project.

Stepn's project seems very powerful, I hope their coin has the ability to perform great in the future

Almost looking this is more of an nft than a game, since it offers even investment opportunity, well as always you have done justice to this review despite being the third part

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