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Steem Infinity Zone (SIZ) has redefined the community purpose so that we have more focus on the content being created. SIZ will be focusing on Educating through Tutorials and Valuable Courses. In this regard, we want to clear few things regarding the Demand Driven Short Courses that will be the unique concept started by SIZ management. We will also guide you on how to apply for IT-Tech Courses and start posting valuable lectures in SIZ.


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The Concept of Demand Driven Courses

In simple words, people have different skillsets and knowledgebase in the field of IT/Tech which is very vast and there is the demand for that skill or knowledge. So we want to use this concept to help many people at steemit blockchain.

If you have IT-Tech skillset or great knowledge of important and valuable areas in this category that you think will be required by other people, you can start your own 4 week short course in SIZ Community.

In order to avoid random courses being started by so many people, SIZ management has decided to invite applications for these Demand Driven Courses.

We will review every application and approve those courses that will be useful for the community. In this way, we will have valuable courses published in an organized way.

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How to Apply for SIZ Approved Demand Driven Courses

If you want to start your short course in SIZ community, you should make a post and provide the following information.

  • A summary of your experience about the IT and Technology skills or professional degree.

  • The course name you want to start and what benefit it will provide to the community for example "4 Week Course on Adobe Illustrator"

  • An outline or description of topics you will be covering in 4 Week Course

  • Your application Title should include "Application for SIZ IT-Tech Course"

  • You must include the tag #application4sizcourse and (your country name tag) so that we will not miss your application.

  • You should add the link to your application in the comments section of this post.

  • There is no deadline to submit your application and SIZ management will start approving the valuable courses ASAP so that you can start posting your lecture.

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Approval of Your Demand Driven Courses

SIZ management will review your application and if your course is good enough, it will be approved and your will be informed by Admin approval comment in your application post.

You can start posting the lectures after getting approval by SIZ management. You should only post 1 lecture in a week with this title format given below;


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We are looking forward to receive some great applications from SIZ members. Let's start something great that will provide value to steemit ecosystem and make SIZ stand out in terms of providing skills and knowledge.

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Decision on Already Running Courses

  • The people running courses in IT-Tech field can continue their courses or they can apply for new course as well.

  • The people who are running course on different subjects should wind up their course in their next post so that we can finish all the random content and start focusing on the IT/Tech courses.

  • The deadline to wind up your already running courses is 12 September 2021. After that all the course posts other than IT/Tech will be muted without warnings.

  • This decision is taken in the best interest of the community to make it better and content centered. We expect cooperation from our respectable members.

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Let’s add value to make A Better Steem Ecosystem for everyone

Steem Infinity Zone Team
@cryptokraze | @vvarishayy | @suboohi | @arie.steem | @qasimwaqar


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 last year 

Information technology is a very good and big field in our world.
And now SIZ is start with is aims to educate and improve peoples with out limit by the help of smart courses.
I am very excited to see a fantastic course which start a honorable peoples in our community.
My best wishes for everyone .
Guys let's start your courses and educate peoples with your knowledge and experience in IT and Technology.

Best of luck Steem Infinity zone.
You start a very good work for educate peoples.

Steem infinity zone is the best way to share our knowledge and learn about more knowledge.

Cc, @cryptokraze
Regards, Faran

 last year (edited)

My application post link is below:
Application for SIZ IT-Tech Course

Its fantastic that this platform is bringing courses opportunity for those who want to learn new and creative things @siz-official

 last year 

Thank you for sharing guidelines and it would be great for our community. I will apply for this course soon. I hope my course will be helpful for everyone.

 last year (edited)

Thanks u so much @siz-official and Sir @ cryptokraze for providing complete guidance and full's very interesting and very good initiative of SIZ.its will increase our community Reputation among other communities because IT is a very valuable subject and very demanding skill .I have a lot of knowledge in the field of Information technology.i Will write my application and starts my lectures after approving my will provide an opportunity to all steemians to learn new and Very valuable IT skills .
I will post my application soon.InshaAllah

 last year 

Information technology is Nice Course and we need it in all areas of life. Thanks for bringing this up @Siz-official it will definitely add value to the community and #steemit as a whole.

 last year 
Thank you very much sir @cryptokraze and #siz-official you provide us with very good information at every step and show us a straight path. The subject you have chosen in terms of IT is very strong, because of this our community will get good and very strong support and the other community should also take the name of our community as good and good performance.
I want to thank you again for showing us a very good and suitable platform for us to learn knowledge and gain a lot of knowledge.
 last year 

It course started siz- official very good step
My favorite topic definitely posted different IT fields & tutorial .

This is a welcome and nice initiative, I believe this will add value to our group great community and #steemit

 last year 

I want to be part of this new theme !
I want to educate people about mental health! It's an amazing way to show our skills . Thanks @siz-official for this amazing opportunity.

 last year 

Thanks for the guidance. I can't apply for this right now but will soon be part of it. Thanks alot @siz-official

 last year 

Its good step, and in this world of information and technology we can not live without proper knowlege, IT is needed in daily tasks of life, many of us donot know about the basci of IT, this course will help them in learning well

 last year 

Great initiative from you @cryptokraze highly appreciated. I am also excited to post my course in community because of my my FYP i am but busy these days but i have set my time table from on and i'll make sure to post 1 lec in a week usually on weekend.
Lot of support and power to community☺

 last year 

It's very good decision Infact I was thinking about IT as well but I am not professional in IT but again crytokraze come up with another interesting topic now this not only about good environment of our community but I am going to learn alot.........About IT because I think there are so many IT expert in our community.

 last year 

Good again with high appreciatable approach. I will apply InshAllah
Thank you SIZ for a great initiative again for us. Its very important for us as we all are learner.

That's is a great initiative. Now members will definitely get filtered and valuable lectures. Thanks for that

It will get better with time and more valuable.

 last year 

I will be sharing regarding IT because now it's the demand of society that we should know basiz knowledge about IT.

@cryptokraze always take extra ordinary steps for community members and progress of this community.Now in this way everything will looks organized and better if sharing the same topic but different experts and new technology uses.

 last year 

@cryptokraze brings another thrilling topic for learners I hope that learning new skills is great key towards success this step is not only for siz strongly but for me.I am on the way to learn about.

 last year 

Glad to know about new upcoming learning topic.I have also how and Know in field of IT. After completing 1st course, Also would like to apply and share my experience with you. Best of luck to all participants too Thanks🌼

Thank you so much @siz-official for this great step , In this way we can learn more knowledge about IT .It's great initiative

 last year 

Hey, respected @cryptocraze. I have applied for IT-tech courses
My Application for IT-Tech Course

nice to see this sort of contest I am coming for this one,

 last year 

It's pretty good. It will be very beneficial for all of us to have a brief and specific knowledge about different fields of IT.
Very good for skilled person to show their best. Good initiative 👏

 last year 

Hello Everyone!
Hope everyone is doing well!
thank you So much @siz-official and @cryptokraze For providing Such great opportunity,
Here is my Application Kindly Approve this.

 last year 

Hello Dear... @siz-official team And @cryptokraze Status of My Application is Still Pending , Kindly approve it, so i can post in community..


 last year 

Its very amazing. In this way we will show our skill. And I really want to do something about my skill. And I also want to share with all my steemian fellows that they can learn . And I want to learn in very easy method. That every one can understand easily.... I want to say bundle of thanks to @cryptokraze for this amazing idea.

Regards: @arinaz08

 last year 

It's amazing sir @cryptokraze for educate peoples by the smart courses.
And i am very excited to start my course in our community.
Because before my exams is near and start so, I never give my time to steemit but now I'm back and active.
And today i will write my application for SIZ Demand Driven Courses.
I hope you see my application and guide me.

Here is my application.

My Application of start smart course in our community.

Looks like I am coming back to start a course here.

 last year 

Can I apply for a course on artificial intelligence?

 last year (edited)

Hello, this is the link to my course application.

Application for SIZ IT-Tech Course

 last year 

This is really great. I can learn new IT staff across the world

 last year 
 last year 

Greetings @siz-official @cryptokraze
I am really happy to see that SIZ is fully rested IT courses that will encourage the community members to show their skills and ideas and learn other skills and get more knowledge about Technology. If I can be a mentor of this community like them then no one will be as lucky as me.


My application for Search Engine Optimization Course..

 last year 

Amazing 🤩

Hello, here is my application

 last year 

Hi sir @cryptokraze, I applied to teach an iOS-Windows Operation course here . I hope you review and approve my application

 last year 

Application to teach a demand driven course in the SIZ Community

Here is the link of my application post:
Application for SIZ Tech IT course

 last year 

very informative

Here is my course application I want to share my skills with my Steemians friends and fellows. Respected admin @crtptokraze kindly approve my application.

Course Application Link

 last year (edited)


Please this is almost 2 weeks now and my courses haven’t be approved. Can you please help me out.

My Application
Application for SIZ IT-Tech Course || Windows Operations || 20% post payout to @sizofficial

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