Application for SIZ IT-Tech Course|| 4 weeks With Cybersecurity and Ethical hacking || @safarizwan

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Hello !
My name is Safa Rizwan. I am a second year student of Computer System Engineering in Ned University of Engineering and Technology.
Course Details :
In SIZ community I want to start a IT tech course about 4 weeks Course on Cybersecurity and ethical hacking and most frequenyly used terminologies used in this field.
Outcomes :
This course helps people to understand what really cybersecurity and why ethical hacking is done to make check security issues. People will able to understands its types and importance as well.
Outline of Course :
Week 01
•Ethical Hacking
•Difference between both
•Types of Ethical Hacking
•Career Opportunities
•Cyber Security Facts
Week 02
•Four important security elements
•Ethical Hacking Terminologies
•Common methods of hacking(viruses or malwares)
•Penetration Test
•Types of penetration test
Week 03
•Hacking lab
•Operating system (OS)
•Virtualization and Virtual Machine
•Scripting languages
Week 04
•Linux and Kali
•Basics of linus commands

Also links will also provided so that if anyone wants to download Oracle(virtual machine) and Kali linus. He can do it easily.
Hope people will like this course and take part in it.
Special Thanks to, for guiding and providing a beneficial platform
Application for SIZ IT-Tech Course

 2 months ago 

Course Approved.

You can start posting your lectures.

Thank you so much.

 2 months ago 

Good one application for SIZ demand driven course my best wishes for you thanks.


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