Hurray!!! Fur-friends Community is Back and better - Introduce your Pet and share in our 100 Steem Give-away

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With big smiles on our face, we are excited to announce that Fur-friends community is back, better and stronger. We started this community for pet lovers about 6 months ago. Along the way, we encountered some difficulties and stopped all activity here. However, this community still has a big place in the heart of pet-lovers on Steemit. Some have continued to encourage us to revive the community - and finally, that is what we are doing now with a bang!!

To learn about Fur-friends, check the links below:

About Fur-friends


We want to Start Verifying all members - Total Prize 100 Steem

We want to start in a more organized way. So we will require all members of the fur-friends community to be verified before we can support them. We have made a guide on how to properly introduce your yourself and your pet to this community. Check out this post:

How to Introduce and Verify your pet on the community

We will send 5 Steem each to the First 20 Persons to complete their verification.

We will also send 2 steem each to anyone that invites their friend to join the community and complete their verification

Note: Kindly drop the link of you verification Post as a comment on this post. You can tag and invite your friends to join us. Once each of your invitees complete their verification, you receive 2 steem per person invited.


After the Verification, what Next?

After the verification, you are free to start publishing original posts about your pets in this community. We will soon make a publication with post ideas you can make about your pets.

We will also run weekly contests to give you something to look forward to and a prize to win. We want to share experiences and tips that we have acquired through living with our pets and raising them. These could be useful to pet lovers from around the world.


Additional Team members

The founder of this community is @focusnow. Together with @ngoenyi, they have run the community for sometime. Now, we have bigger plans to reach out to pet lovers all over Steemit and bring them here. We expect a bigger workload. As a result, we will add @samuel20 and @ninapenda to the team as moderators. They will assist with various work required to keep the community activity and alive.

We hope that all will work together towards achieving a noble goal in fur-friends.



It is with great excitement that we make this announcement. We regret not having been active for some time now. However, we can only change the present and not the past. We are going to launch a big campaign to bring in more pet lovers from round the world into Steemit and our community. Our goal remains to build the largest database of pet-lovers on the Steem blockchain. Together we can!!!!

cc: @steemitblog, @ngoenyi, @curatorcat, @kbv.animalwelf, @haidee, @vcclothing, @georgia11, @ultratrain, @alegnita,


Written by: @focusnow
For: @fur-friends

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 last year 

Thank you for introducing your pet to us. You have been verified. @marajah. We have sent 5 steem to you. Congratulations

 last year 

Wow, it is going to be awesome. By pets will be introduced in a short while. Thank you @fur-friends for coming back

Thank you so much @ngoenyi. How is Lola and the rest of you pet family doing today. I heard the faamily has grown right?

@fur-friends we work together to achieve together. We are stronger together.

This feels amazing, I am happy to part of this great community.

Thank you @fur-friends

Thanks for that. We are looking forward to see your pets too. Or that of your neighbors. @ninapenda

Thanks for applying. We will soon complete your verification. A message will be dropped in your introduction post once we are through. @ngozi996

 last year 

Wow this is great.Glad to see that @fur-friends is back.

Let's grow the community together.

We share do that together. Hoping to see your pets soon. Thank you for accepting to work with us. @samuel20

@aleravago. Gracias por aplicar. Estamos haciendo tu verificación ahora.

 last year 

Hi @aleravago,

Thank you for identifying with us in the @fur-friends Community.

We are hoping to see more posts from you as often as possible.


This is awesome and I can see the reason why my bosses have so busy lately, I am glad that @fur-friends is back and this time more unique

Sure. We would be glad to work together and make it awesome this time around. Congratulations. @benson6

Thank you so much for applying. We have verified you and sent 5 Steem @patience90

 last year 

Thank you @fur-friends

 last year 

Very glad to see this community come back to life! Things were going so well for a while... and then everything seemed to just fade away.

Looking forward to more!


We are back. Thanks for your motivation and sticking around. We are here to stay. Great things will happen again. @curatorcat

Thank you for applying. We will soon complete your verification. @josepha

Congrats on your wonderful effort and hard work! So glad my fat cats could find a friendly and warm place here.
Thanks for all your good work and stubbornness! LoL


Thanks too for liking this project. We cant wait to meet you cats. They must be lovely. @kaminchan

Thanks for your entry. We have verified it. @ngoenyi

 last year 

Wow, thank you so much

Wow!!!.. a pet community. This is amazing. Although I don't have a pet of my own but I will like to introduce my friend @omoolodunn to Introduce her dog. The dog is very cute

That would be amazing. Once she does the post and completes her verification, we will send 2 Steem to you. @mistural. We reward you 2 Steem for each friend referred,.

Wow 2 Steem.. I will surely persuade her to do so.

Thank you so much

Alright. Thanks too for promoting our community. We are on the lookout for pet owners everywhere.

 last year (edited)

It is so interesting to be part of this community.

Here is my entry

I invite @peachyladiva, @treasure203 and @hannah01 to be part of this community.

 last year (edited)
 last year 

@yulirosario27 Thank you for introducing Tigrito to the community

 last year 

Tigrito and I will make a great team to make good posts in the community God willing.

 last year 

Most definitely @yulirosario27 continue to post original contents on @fur-friends

 last year 

Hi @fariasrouse,

I have dropped a comment on your post.pls kindly check it.

 last year 

Thank you for introducing your pet to us. We will verify it and send your prize @rose-o

 last year 

Thank you so much

 last year 
 last year 

Hello admin @fur-friends please kindly verify me in the community so that I can make my post.

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