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Greetings to my Dear Iron Chef Family!💫

Today we are happy for the 53 wonderful, witty and delicious entries that were present in this round 🌟, so before I continue I want to thank you all, because the total success of this round we owe to you! 💫

We achieved the goal, we relaxed, had fun and presented wonderful cocktail creations in the best Steemit IronChef style! 👩🏼‍🍳🍹

I am proud because we keep growing in quality and that is simply wonderful, thank you for contributing day by day with the growth of SIC, this is just the beginning and we are going for more!

Thank you to everyone who participated! I would like to reward each of you if it were up to me, but this is impossible for me, I thank each of you for your excellent entries, you are all winners!

Many entries were nominated for booming support that they did get + now we will give away 44 STEEM to the top 7 entries!
If you haven't had a chance to see all the great entries, I invite you to support them in the Steemit-Ironchef Community.

7th Position

In the seventh position we have a participant who for the first time is in the winner's table in Steemit Iron Chef, showing us part of her country's culture with very healthy cocktail. Congratulations @bdwomen!


Tokma & Husk Colon Cleanse cocktails by @bdwomen

You earn 2 STEEM and 1 League Points!

6th Position

In the sixth position we have another participant who joins the Ironchef winners chart, she is @yri02 who presented us with a beautiful cocktail, with a touch of natural mint great and very colorful, a different and fun option to enjoy a wonderful cocktail without alcohol! Congratulations!


Pineapple and Mint Cocktail🍹by @yri02

Earn 3 STEEM Points and 2 League Points

5th Position

In the fifth position we have an IronChef very constant her participations, who makes us fall in love with a tropical, colorful and really wonderful cocktail! Congratulations @jorqui!


Tropical Fruit Passion Cocktail 🍹🍒. by @jorqui.

You earn 4 STEEM Points and 3 League Points

4th Position

For the fourth position we have a bold, colorful and refreshing cocktail! A simply spectacular version of the mojito with watermelon. Congratulations @edwardjnarvaez!


Watermelon Mojito 🍉 by @edwardwardjnarvaez

You earn 5 STEEM Points and 4 League Points

Third position

In the third position we have a participant who despite indicating that he does not consume alcohol gave us a perfect and subtle presentation of a "Screwdriver Cocktail" in the best SIC style. Congratulations @edgargonzalez!


¡Cóctel destornillador!🍹🍹por @edgargonzalez.

You earn 7 STEEM Points and 5 League Points

Second position

In the second position we have the spectacular @joelqui, who surprises and enamors us with the subtlety of a wonderful cocktail, tropical, by the sea with a beautiful sunset in the background! Simply Spectacular! Congratulations!


🍹Cóctel Tropical Beach 🌊 @joelqui.

You earn 8 STEEM Points and 6 League Points

First position

And for the third time occupying the first position of the Ironchef winners table we have our friend @roquiro, who used all the elements in his favor to create a wonderful cocktail, with the perfect combination of color, flavor and environment! This Orange Blue Cocktail 🍹🌅 😎 is fantastic no doubt created in the best Steemit Iron Chef style! Congratulations!!!


Cocktail Orange Blue 🍹🌅 😎.

You earn 15 STEEM Points and 10 League Points

SIC Act 2 League!

The format is completely different for this second act ... only the top 7 will earn points for the league .... So everyone can raise their entry level if they want to be in the top 25 of the league !!!!!

Below are the standings after the end of Round 06!!! We still have 09 more rounds to go.


Special Thanks and Thoughts!

We can't stop thinking and thinking about the amazing people who are providing the SIC Community with great support since we started a few months ago.

We were selected for the great support package from the Steemit team so we can accelerate our growth, thank you so much!

The support is given to SIC since day 1 is simply amazing and the success of our contest is largely due to @steemcurator01 ; we can't argue about this, it's simple, so thank you so much, whoever you are!
On behalf of all the Steemit Iron Chef food lovers, thanks to you ... we all have a lot of fun every week organizing and participating in SIC 2021!
Special thanks to @pennsif , for sharing the contest post every week to attract more participants and spread the words further in SIC. thanks, buddy!

And the support from time to time from @steemchiller - Steem Dev, it's much appreciated!!! Thanks a lot, buddy!

And last but not least.... thank you so much to everyone who participated, supported, and donated to the contest!

So here we are dear friends, 6 rounds completed for the 2nd act of SIC 2021 ....

Check out the 7th round theme in the link below from @elianisa09 and also don't forget that you can participate in our daily Foodcolorchallenge hosted by @sanuri and in our new contest "Traditional Cooking Challenge (TCC)" hosted by @kashvibhagya!

Also, the "Create a logo for foodcolorchallenge" contest is active, so don't miss the opportunity to participate, enjoy and win great prizes together with us in the best SIC style!

Here you can see the details of Round 07:

SIC Round 07 by @elianisa09

Thank you @progressivechef and @steemit-ironchef for the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful team and for making all these contests possible at SIC!

We still have many surprises on the way dear Ironchefs and I hope to count again with your support and excellent content! So see you soon!

I declare officially closed round 6 of Act 2 of #Steemit Ironchef, I am very happy for this experience and thank you all for your support!

Blessings! 🙏

@marcelys1 💫



I thank everyone who visits, reads and supports us! 👍

20% of the proceeds from this Post will go to @steemit-ironchef in support of growing and strengthening the Steemit Iron Chef community!

Thank you for your visit! See you soon!💫🥂

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@marcelys1 bendecido día, gran concurso, excelente la organización, buen trabajo, felicitaciones y la selección de los ganadores espectacular. La presentación de todos fue preciosa.Lluvia de bendiciones, que continúen los éxitos.Salud 👏👏👏👏👏🍾🥂

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Muchas gracias por participar y por este comentario! Espero que siga compartiendo contenido de calidad en SIC y divirtiéndose junto a nosotros! Saludos! 💫
Salud! 🥂

Felicidades a los ganadores de esta ronda merecido premio!! Como también felicito a todos los participantes!
Gracias @marcelys1 por haber promovido est.concurso y que haya terminado con éxito.

Feliz día!!! Feliz domingo!!

 last month 

Hola amiga @elianisa09! Muchas gracias!!! Te deseo mucha suerte en tu ronda! Bendiciones amiga! 💫

Felicidades @bdwomen, @yri02, @roquiro, @joelqui, @edgargonzalez, @edwardwardjnarvaez, jorqui. Buen trabajo [email protected] de hierro

Felicidades a todos excelente cócteles nos deleitaron!

Una ronda increíble, que difícil elección, muy merecido a los ganadores muchas felicidades 👏👏👏

 last month 

Gracias amiga bella! Realmente todas las entradas fueron Geniales! 💖

Excelente Elección amiga, en realidad las entradas en general estuvieron muy buenas, creo que el nivel de participación mejora cada día y eso es maravilloso.

Felicidades a Todos los Ganadores. Éxitos para las siguientes Rondas.

 last month 

Gracias amiga bella! Fue muy muy muy difícil elegir! Todos presentaron entradas maravillosas 🌟💫