Result Announcement Of Contest Best Diary Game Of The Week

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Hello Everyone!!!

A warm greeting to the whole steemit for pakistan family. We are very pleased to be here as the official country community, Pakistan. Also, we are here to support all our pakistani users and now this we announced the results of Weekly contest Best week diary from steem for pakistan community.

Winners of the Contest week#2

Here this is the winner of our weekly contest. Congratulations friends and thank you so much for your attention.

1st@mohammadfaisallinkbooming vote
2nd@successjohlinkbooming vote
3rd@ayesha0345linkbooming vote




50 SP100 SP500 SP1000 SP1500 SP2000 SP
2500 SP3000 SP3500 SP4000 SP4500 SP5000 SP

Upvoted! Thank you for supporting witness @jswit.

 9 months ago 

Congratulations to all the winners ☺️


Your post has been successfully curated by @o1eh at 50%.

Thank you for your committed efforts, we urge you to do more and keep posting high quality contests for a chance to earn valuable upvotes from our team of curators and why not be selected for an additional upvote in the weekly list of Top Contests.

 9 months ago 

Wow I am grateful seeing my post as one of the selected post, congratulations to we all.

Congratulations to the winners

 9 months ago 

Hello dear team! All the winners have received their rewards (booming vote) at their winning posts but I haven't received.

Cc:- @suboohi

 9 months ago 

You have received 2 booming votes this week, according to steemit team instructions I can't send yours for booming, we will send your link after 1 ar 2 days. Don't worry you will get vote

 9 months ago 

Thank you for the clearance 😊

 9 months ago 

Hi @suboohi sorry for the inconvenience but I haven't received my winning reward yet of the contest best diary of the week. And my post is going to be expired.

 9 months ago 

You have still 2 booming votes in checking tools, if your post has been expired I will send your any new post as winner reward

 9 months ago 

I have only 1 vote from Steem for Pakistan at my 6 days old post. I am not getting you.

 9 months ago (edited)

Make new post, if I send this can't be voted by booming because of 6thday old. So make new I will send it, tomorrow you will get InshaAllah

 9 months ago 

My discord id
suboohi #9678 you may contact

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