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Hello Steemians!

Hope all friends are doing well and enjoying their lives. This is a great opportunity for us as a president to share our thoughts. I am very grateful to the community organization that allowed us to see how we can fix our country and what are the gaps that we can address.

@rumaisha, @arinaz08, and @ewela here is the link to the contest for joining. Please must join.

So Let's Start:

If you were the president of your country, what would be your top three priorities and why?

As a president, there are many things I want to fix. But according to the rules of the contest, I will tell you about only three things. Because we are given a circle we have to stay within it and explain ourselves here.

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As a president, my priority would be to eliminate bribery in our country. Because of bribery, many people are entitled but do not get their rights.

Because in today's government institutions, whenever there are any vacancy issues, only bribed people are recruited for these vacancies. Because those who are our officers or whoever is working in this organization, take bribes from people and hire them. Although they are not capable of this thing nor do they have full access to that set. But the disadvantage is that those who are educated, who are entitled, who are capable of this set, are left behind in this world. Because they don't have bribes they see their success in front of them but cannot achieve it.


The second priority will be my health because health is a thousand blessings. Only if our health is good, we will be able to perform our work properly. For this, in those areas where health facilities are not available, I will set up clinics, hospitals, and many such camps, where they can get their treatment for free. runs Those who pay bribes are treated first. And who is poor and cannot get their treatment with money. Many lose their lives due to not getting their treatment. In these institutions, I will abolish bribery and treat everyone according to their right. So that everyone can recover and enjoy their lives.


The third priority will be my education because only by getting an education we can conquer this world. There are many areas in our country where children do not go to any school college or university to get an education. Because there is a lack of education and there is also a lack of educational institutions. And if there are educational institutions, they are not given education according to their right. Because the teachers there are not very qualified and they do not have much knowledge. But they are kept there because of bribes. They are earning their haram earnings. I will popularize education in these areas and throughout the country and provide free education.

As president, what specific steps would you take to improve education and healthcare systems in your country?

As I mentioned in the first question, my top three priorities include health and education, which I want to improve.



  • I will first publicize educational institutions to improve the education system in my country. I will open educational institutions in every area where there has been no institution before. Besides, I will hire qualified teachers in every institution and they will be paid full salary according to their rights. So that they teach children with their entertainment and make them successful.

  • In addition, I will promote practical work in every school, in every college, and every university. Because what we can learn in practical life we cannot learn from book activities. When we do something with our own hands, we have more information about it.

  • Also I will arrange scholarships for qualified children. Every year the children will get a stipend based on their merit. Thus every child will try his best to achieve these goals and will succeed by working hard with his heart and soul. This is a good way to motivate the child.



  • Similarly, new hospitals and clinics will be organized in every corner of the country where there are people to take care of their health. Which will be made officially and there will be free treatment and free medicine. And all kinds of tests can be done here.

  • Highly professional doctors will be hired in the hospitals built by the government. Which will be famous according to their specialty. And they will be paid their full salary so that they come on time and treat their patients.

  • Even in government hospitals, people treat their acquaintances first. But it will not happen as people will be treated according to their numbers as they come.

As a president, what challenges you could face in improving the overall condition of your country?

As everyone knows there are many difficulties to be faced in this political life. Because everyone thinks they are the same. Because many people are corrupt, they don't work at all. They mislead the people just to get their votes and take over their power. But do not meet their needs so the first problem will be that people will consider us corrupt and liars. Because they know that they are only talking about dirty talk.

When you are on the right path, many of your enemies become your first friends. As soon as you speak the truth, your friends will become your enemies. Because they are used to eating haram we get more haram which has a very short shelf life. But the halal we earn is less but it is blessed.


As a president, you have to charge social media. Because every little thing is magnified on social media. There will be many people speaking against you on social media and you have to bear them too. There are very few people who will speak for you.

Sometimes you have a very low budget and you have to do a lot of work, so you have to manage even in these difficult situations.

As the President you have to tolerate the opposition because the biggest problem they create against you is because they have lost their power. They will magnify every little thing you say.

Would you do something new to write the history of your country? What will it be?

I will do my best for my country to see it succeed. And I will assume such power that people will later remember me with good words and remember my deeds.

I will stop online piracy in my country because many online works started in our country which other countries have banned. Because people started working here in a wrong way. People started hacking other accounts here due to which other people suffered a lot and lost all their assets. Therefore, I will stop those things that hackers sitting in Pakistan and harming the people of Pakistan, I will eliminate them. And I will eliminate them by all means so that the people of Pakistan can earn money easily by sitting at home. And they don't have to face much trouble.


It is a big problem for girls in our country Pakistan that they cannot get jobs anywhere after getting their education. Because their families take them to school but do not let them go for jobs anywhere near or far. Because our society is like that, we don't have any kind of security. So if we get a breakthrough in online work, every woman who is afraid to leave home can work from home.

As a president, I hope that if I overcome such tasks and master this online work, people will remember me on good terms.

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This is my point of view as a president and I would like to improve these things. I hope you guys liked my theory and enjoyed reading my article. Thank you all for stopping by Allah Hafiz.

Regards: @ahsansharif

 2 months ago 

Your dedication to eliminating bribery, improving healthcare, and enhancing education in your country is commendable. Your focus on providing equal opportunities for all citizens, regardless of their socioeconomic status, reflects a true commitment to fairness and progress. Overcoming challenges such as corruption and social media criticism requires resilience and determination, qualities you clearly possess. Your vision to empower women through online work demonstrates forward-thinking leadership.

 2 months ago 

Thank you very much for spending your valuable time on my post. And you have given me valuable feedback. As I notice you have seen all my points that I want to change. Thank you very much if all these points are set then our country will develop day by day. And we will be in a higher position, God willing.

 2 months ago 

Hey, I like your blog, especially the part where you mentioned about healthcare.

 2 months ago 

Thank you so much for loving my article as being a president. Yes healthcare is a main factor to need to be modified.

 2 months ago 

Hello @ahsansharif I really appreciate your entry it is so wonderful, becoming a president have to do with so many responsibility, you have to make sure your people is feeding clothing and other more. More knowledge and wisdom my friend.

 2 months ago 

I have mentioned earlier that being the President comes with a lot of responsibility. Sometimes our budget is low and we have to do more work. So we have to run our country with all aspects. Thank you for the great feedback here, I will definitely be organizing people's thoughts on feeding clothing here.

 2 months ago 

@ahsansharif how increase CSI voting suggest me

 2 months ago 

Vote others post to increase CSI. Its depends on your voting strategy. Keep voting

 2 months ago 

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Thank you so much @uzma4882 for your great support and for handling steemcurator06 account.

Hello @ahsansharif

Just as a president what you thought of your expression is very different and very different which is great to know as you said if I were the president I would eliminate bribery from the country.
You have rightly said that bribery is an act that is a hindrance to every work, as if any jobs come in the country, what do officers do, they take bribes and give jobs to people who are not even entitled to it. And those who are highly educated people with degrees are being pushed around looking for jobs. Despite being registered, they have no employment.

And I am very happy to know your opinion on the rest of the issues as you said that first the health department should be improved and the educational issues should be improved because both are the departments which are mandatory for any country. It should be worked out that all matters will be seen later.

 2 months ago 

I am very grateful to you for taking your valuable time to go over my post and giving good feedback. You are noticing the right point because in our country bribes and health department as well as education department which is a government department are very much bribed. So it is very important to control them.

Yes, it is absolutely necessary to control all these things like health issues, education issues, security issues and other issues which are a threat to the country. If you want the development and welfare of your country.

 2 months ago 

Absolute, as a president it's difficult for me but I tried my best to achieve if I am. stay blessed

 2 months ago 

You shared a good quality post by highlighting the problems of our society. As you said you'll eliminate bribery which is a big problem, it transfers right of a person to other. Moreover, health and education is big problem for Pakistan; graduated people are not employed after completion of study and in the health side hospitals are not clean and having poor quality treatment.

  • best of luck and have a good day
 2 months ago 

I am very grateful to you for taking your valuable time on my post and noticing all my points and I would like to correct these points as soon as possible. I wish you all the best

 2 months ago 

Ahsansharif, your focus on eradicating bribery, improving healthcare, and enhancing education in Pakistan is commendable. Implementing practical educational strategies and ensuring free healthcare access for all are crucial steps. Overcoming corruption and managing social media criticism are significant challenges, but your determination to bring positive change is inspiring.

I have one question though, how do you intend to do all this with your country's debt.

 2 months ago 

Managing this with your debt is very difficult. But I would like to adopt little by little every department in which I would like to do my work. Because the more I have a budget, the more I spend on it, the more I can't spend. And I will assure the people that all their affairs concerning them will be done well.

 2 months ago 

Thank you for your answer

 2 months ago 

You always welcome brother

Becoming a president is a very big task which I am sure you can overcome and stop the bribery in your country, sir. I like the development you want to bring to your country. I wish you success.

 2 months ago 

Thank you so much for your valuable feedback. I'm glad to see that love my opinions. I wish you success too. Stay happy

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