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RE: SEC-S17 /W2| "What if you were the president of your country?"

in Steem For Pakistan3 months ago

Hello @ahsansharif I really appreciate your entry it is so wonderful, becoming a president have to do with so many responsibility, you have to make sure your people is feeding clothing and other more. More knowledge and wisdom my friend.

 3 months ago 

I have mentioned earlier that being the President comes with a lot of responsibility. Sometimes our budget is low and we have to do more work. So we have to run our country with all aspects. Thank you for the great feedback here, I will definitely be organizing people's thoughts on feeding clothing here.

 3 months ago 

@ahsansharif how increase CSI voting suggest me

 3 months ago 

Vote others post to increase CSI. Its depends on your voting strategy. Keep voting

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